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Eee Pad Transformer Prime TF201

asus transformer pad prime tf201There is a lot of buzz about the next generation Transformer Prime, which is the Transformer Infinity 700. At this point even the Infinity is getting slightly dated and the prices are dropping! A great time to buy one. The Transformer Prime TF201 is still being sold, however the supply is dwindling fast and the prices and not exactly getting cheaper as you might hope. As supply lessens, the prices go up. Fear not because the new version, the Transformer Infinity TF700 takes everything the Prime did and improves upon it. Most reviewers loved the Asus Prime and is still highly regarded as being one of the best Android tablets. If you're looking to buy one, Asus appears to be reducing shipments. With that said, you can still find them available to buy in most countries.

In the USA, has the Asus Transformer Prime TF201 available here as well most stores have stock available. We have listings on our buying guide pag for more details regarding world wide availability. It appears most online retailers have the Transformer Prime in stock. We have noticed that not all countries or retailers have the full selection and or have the Transformer keyboard dock in stock.

Official Asus Transformer Prime Specifications:

  • tf201 transformer pad from asusDisplay details: 10.1-inch LED backlit screen with Super IPS+, 1280 x 800 resolution screen, 10 finger multi-touch, and made of Corning Gorilla Glass
  • ships with Android 3.2 Honeycomb operating system. It is upgradable to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.
  • The processor is the newest Nvidia Tegra 3 which is Quad-core and is clocked at 1.3 GHz. The Asus Prime is the first tablet on the market to ship with the new Tegra 3 processor.
  • Comes with 1 GB of memory
  • 32GB or 64GB storage (note there is no 16GB model available like the original Asus Transformer)
  • The Asus Transformer Prime is much slimmer and lighter than the original Transformer. The Prime weighs 586grams, in comparison to 675grams for the original Transformer model. The thickness is just 8.3mm in comparison to the original Transformer which is a whopping 12.95mm thick.
  • Battery life for the Prime TF201 is said to be 12 hours and is 18 hours when using the keyboard dock. As with most manufacturer battery life specifications, these numbers are under ideal conditions. Expect real life battery times to be a couple hours less than advertised.
  • it has a 1.2MP front facing camera and a 8MP rear facing camera. The rear facing camera is a big step up for tablets. These are a few key improvements with the Transformer Prime camera: fast shutter speed, dynamic auto focus, touch focus, LED flash, F2.4 aperture, back-illuminated CMOS sensor, color enhancement 30%, depth of field effect, full HD 1080P video recording.
  • New and improved sound with Supreme Sound which is ASUS SonicMaster Technology. The Asus TF201 Prime has 6% larger speakers than the original tablet.
  • The new tablet comes loaded with some great apps which include: Polaris Office, MyCloud, File Manager, @Vibe Music, ASUS Webstorage, MyLibrary, ASUS Sync, SuperNote, App Locker, ASUS Launcher, App Backup
  • Sensors include: G-Sensor, Light Sensor, Gyroscope, E-Compass, GPS
  • Official colors: Amethyst Gray and Champagne Gold
  • Price is $499 for the 32GB model and $599 for the 64GB model. The new keyboard dock sells for $149.

asus transformer 2


Asus Transformer Prime Tablet Photos:

asus transformer 2 multiple views
Here are a few views of the Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime aka Asus Transformer 2
This is the gray color model, although it doesn't appear as a typical gray.


transformer tf201
Another set of photos of the Eee Pad Transformer Prime.
This set shows a clear image of the chiclet keyboard and touchpad. Prime it is!
This model is the gold color version.


Eee Pad Transformer Prime News Updates:

December 7, 2011 - The pre-order status of the Asus Transformer Prime has ceased by the looks of things. The retailers who were offering pre orders, have now pulled those pages. It would appear that the units that were available have been claimed. It would seem that there is a supply issue. We've seen the pre order page state that it would be shipping the end of January 2012. In that case, it seems retailers are waiting for firm numbers from Asus before putting those pre order pages back up. Don't worry, we're watching this closely. If you hear or see anything regarding online retailers with active pre-order pages, please contact us with the details. The tips are appreciated and we'll pass those along to our readers.

November 22 - The official Transformer Prime product page is now up on the Asus website. Check it out here.

November 11 - If you are looking for a hands-on Asus Transformer TF201 review, there are some folks lucky enough to get their hands on one. Check it out at ZTOD (translated).

November 9 - Official details have been released along with some juicy new photos! Tons of content coming up late today.

eee pad transformer prime

November 8 - Breaking news as reported by Digitimes about the Transformer Prime. The release date has been pushed back from November 9 to December. The story suggests that a decision to have Android 4.0 instead of 3.2 has been the cause of the delay. Android 4.0 appears to need some added time to the release date. It appears that Google is offering assistance to Asus in hopes of having the Eee Pad Transformer to be the first tablet featuring Android 4.0 version. Read more at Digitimes.

October 20 - Updated: You can check out an official Asus page. Yes, that's going to be the official name and therefore we have our newest member of the Asus tablet family! As they say, this is going to be the first tablet with the next generation Tegra 3 processor which is quad core!

Wow, this moved fast! It has been unveiled today by Jonney Shih of Asus. It's going to be called the Asus Transformer Prime. The official announcement and launch will be on November 9/11. So right now, the naming is confusing. Is this the actual Transformer 2 or is it a different line simply named Transformer Prime? Is this new tablet even part of the Eee Pad family? Stay tuned as we sort this thing out.

TF201 Specs:

  • Tegra 3 - quad core processor
  • 10.1-inch display
  • mini HDMI
  • USB ports
  • 14.5 hour battery or 16.5 hours when docked
  • 8.3mm thick
  • built with aluminum

A video of the Asus Transformer Prime TF201:

(skip to the middle or 6:00 minute point of the video where they unveil the new Transformer)


October 19 - Asus - The Next Transformation (the current Asus teaser slogan)

Sure there have been rumors. We've seen them, we've analyzed them and we almost disregarded them. But now things have changed. The Asus Transformer is real and it's coming sooner than you think. There is no release date, but with the teasers coming out today, our best guess is a November release date. Perhaps pre orders will start with a late November 2011 or early December 2011 release date. It's clear though that the Transformer Prime is coming before Christmas.

What we think the Asus Transformer 2 (Prime TF201) is going to look like?

Check the photos below and the video so you can get your own impressions of this next generation Eee Pad Transformer. We think based on images so far, there are safe assumptions. In no particular order:

  • the new Transformer dock is much thinner. We think the "hump" or hinge will be all but gone. We say this because based on screenshots below, you can see there is a bigger bezel on the Transformer Prime tablet that allows it to sit much lower when docked. We think this design will smooth out the hinge making it an almost seamless union between the tablet and keyboard dock.
  • it appears that grey and gold are going to be the colors offered. This is based on a website that posted a product page for a Transformer TF201. The video shows what appears to be a grey model.
  • the build quality seems far more impressive on the new Transformer Eee Pad. It doesn't appear to be plastic and as a result, it may be at a premium price.
  • the Transformer Prime TF201 seems to have a tapered design or shape. There is a new Sony table that has a substantial taper design, and the new Asus Transformer seems to have a much more modest taper but it does seem to have one. Refer to the screenshot below and see for yourself. We believe a slight taper to the design means a much nicer and sleeker looking package when docked.

That's what Asus is unveiling for now and you can see it on the Official Asus Facebook page. You better check so you will believe us! Ah, but we're not done. How about an official video teaser that's just been released? Here it is:



Photos of the Transformer Prime:

This photo reveals quite a lot about the build quality of the Transformer Prime.
The live product page rumor indicated a grey or gold model.
Judging by this photo, we feel that this is the grey tablet.


asus transformer 2

One thing is certain based on this side image of the Transformer 2. It's very thin!
It's remarkable when you consider the difference between this and the original.
To get this thin, we don't expect the price to be cheap. It just seems like
a higher quality build, making it more expensive than the original Transformer.


transformer 2

Here is the best and most telling photos of the Transformer 2.
Look how thin this new kock is! Amazing!
You can clearly see just how thin the tablet is going to be.
Excited yet? We sure are!





prime from asus