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Asus Eee Pad Slate B121

Where can you buy? The fact is that Asus has moved into Windows 8 tablets. As a result the B121 is getting harder to find. That said, you can still find this online for a reasonable price but every day your options are getting fewer and fewer. You can get the 64GB model for around $1099 which is better than the original suggested retail price. The other model, the EP121 is much more rare to find. If you want a Windows 7 tablet, then the B121 is your best option right now. Asus still supports this tablet in that you can get more sylus nibs from the official Asus eStores in various countries.

The B121 is the business version of the EP121 tablet. There are some software additions that make this model the best option for those looking for a Windows based tablet model. You are going to hear this model referred to as the Asus Eee Slate B121 in a lot of places, although on the official Asus website, the B121 model is listed in the Eee Pad section. It's a bit confusing, but understand that the B121 is part of the Windows based Eee Pad family. To make is easy, just think Windows operating system Eee Pad's will have Slate in their product name.

EP121 VS B121

Since the two Windows based tablets are so similar, we thought as side by side comparison might be a good idea. Understand though, you aren't going to see many differences so there isn't a great deal to talk about regarding differences.

Think of the B121 as being the model built for business. You're going to pay more money to buy those extra security features.

One of the most substantial feature is the Computrace LoJack. To give an overview, essentially this is a paid subscription for a service which allow you via the LoJack software, to remotely locate, lock and delete the data on your B121 tablet. In addition they have a Theft Recovery Team that works to get your tablet back in your hands. You're looking at paying anywhere from $29 per year or $44 per year. If you get multiple years coverage you can save more. More details on the Computrace LoJack service here.

Asus is great at mentioning the various business uses for the B121. The multi-touch, high resolution display can be used as a self-service kiosk in the hospitality sector for example, in which customers can check-in, check out, make payments, and order in-room services all with simple fingertip control. A big feature is the Wacom Digitizer stylus which is a very accurate and precise input method which has pressure recognition. If you're in the design field it would be very usable.

You can view a few official Asus B121 pages here and here.

Specs comparison:

Features: Asus EP121 Asus B121
Price $1,099 (64GB) $1,399 (64GB)
Operating System Windows 7 Home Windows 7 Premium

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