What’s next for the Asus Transformer series in 2015

Thinner, lighter, faster. I would imagine those are safe bets for the 2015 Asus Transformer model. However, we haven’t seen much and we haven’t heard a lot of rumors to this point. So what’s Asus going to do?

I imagine we will see an even cheaper price point this year. I am expecting to see an ultra premium model that takes a run at the iPad Air 2 type of specs, and there should also be a more typical featured Transformer at a more reasonable price point.

It’s hard to imagine a drastic change to the Transformer series. A stylus would be a nice value, but that’s left for Windows tablets. Asus will always be able to improve the thinness, weight and speed. In 2015, this should be no different. What are you hoping to see in the 2015 Transformer?


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Digitimes.com reports that Asus may be making Nexus 10 not Nexus 7

The trusted source for Asus news is Digitimes. They are reporting today that Asus have apparently lost the Nexus 7 partnership with Google, but are likely to get the Nexus 10 partnership instead. The article isn’t definitive regarding the Nexus 10 partnership but rumors have swirled in the past few months that Samsung was out and Asus was in. However there have also been many rumors that Asus is trying to prepare for the loss of the Nexus 7 partnership or Google partnership. So there have been some mixed messages out there.

Consider the mystery Asus TF502T which showed up at the FCC lately. The speculation has been that it’s the Nexus 10. It very well could be if you consider the timing of that submission which ties into a November release date. The fact is there has been no news in the past 6 months regarding a new 10-inch Transformer tablet aside from the new TF701T. When you look at the diagrams of the TF502T it does have some different features such as a flash on the rear camera and the speaker grills on the back appear much different than any current Asus design. However, on the FCC submission the Asus logo appears on the back which should be Nexus if in fact it’s a Nexus 10. Of course that’s a diagram and putting Nexus on that diagram would defeat the confidentiality requests regarding the TF502T submission.

But going back to this original article from Digitimes, here is the quote from their article:

“Although Asustek reportedly will lose orders for the next-generation Nexus 7, the company may receive next-generation Nexus 10 orders from Google instead.”

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Preview – Asus MeMO Pad Note

There are many tablets set to hit store shelves this fall 2013 from Asus. There is quite a long list! That said, we are still a bit puzzled at this recent TF502T which went through the FCC recently. We can only surmise that it’s a more budget friendly Transformer Pad and not this Nexus 10 which is quite a long shot.

So now we’re looking into that crystal ball and seeing what else might be coming. It’s basically October 2013 now, so is it too late for another tablet from Asus that we don’t know about? Likely. However we may be looking at 2014 right now.

Make no mistake about it, there will be a Asus MeMO Pad Note. How can we be so sure? It’s because Asus has already discussed it at their investors conference. This is where Asus basically spelt out their plans moving into 2014. Here is the slide that we’re referencing.


You can see FonePad (Note) which exists as the FonePad Note. Below that you can see MeMO Pad (Note). It makes sense because look at what Samsung has. They have a 10-inch Note tablet and Asus simply needs to compete and offer competition to Samsung in that space.

We will update this post will details, model numbers, and specs as they hopefully become available in the next couple of months.

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