Asus Slider Review and Hands-On


We’ve managed to find a lucky reviewer who has gotten some serious hands-on time with the Asus Slider tablet. Know about this Eee Pad model? The Asus Slider has the attached keyboard that “slides” out and tucks away under the tablet when not in use.

One thing worth noting is that the Slider comes with only one full size USB port. Additionally it does not have a trackpad or any sort of trackpad ball feature. Until you use the Asus Slider or until we have a lot more reviews of the Asus Slider we won’t know the inconvenience of having no trackpad and needing to touch the screen while using the keyboard. It’s really hard to say without some real time on the tablet to know if it’s a hassle or not. Most likely if you’re considering an Asus Eee Pad Slider, then you need to wait for those other reviews to come out or you need to consider the fact that a mouse may be a mandatory accessory for the Slider. The person doing the Asus Slider review does mention that the screen is close enough to the keyboard that going between typing and touching is quite intuitive and natural.

The other aspect that is noteworthy is the fact that there is tilt adjustment. Once you slide out the keyboard, that will be your viewing angle. Again, without more reviews it’s impossible to know if the lack of tilt will be an issue. I could see outdoor use being a bit frustrating because anytime I’ve used an netbook outside, I’m constantly having to either move or tilt the screen for the least glare possible.

The other interesting note from the Asus Slider review is that when in keyboard mode, the speakers sound less muffled. Interesting.

Read the Asus Slider review here and another summary review here. You can also check out our own Asus Eee Pad Slider page here.

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