Asus Eee Pad Transformer 2 Product Page?


Well look what the internet dug up. Let’s explain this screenshot which we made up. We’ve posted here 2 listings from the website Lambda Tek which are for an Asus TF201 tablet. We should assume that these are a Transformer tablet. So this discovery deserves a bit more investigation. Let us try.

First there is no firm word from Asus that the naming of the next generation Transformer will be TF201. It’s only speculation from the internet. In this particular case, notice that one listing has Tegra 3 and one has Tegra 2. That makes no sense. Perhaps the Tegra 3 is just a misprint?

We can also see that the colors are Gold and Grey. Certainly those aren’t typical colors from Asus for any of their products. In that way, this is a bit puzzling.

So we hate to spoil the latest Asus Transformer 2 rumor, but we have to consider the product pages in question to be a little suspect. Sure Asus did mention last week about the possibility of having the next generation Transformer hitting the store before the end of 2011. We hope to see a couple more slip ups and leaks before we can assure you that it’s coming before the end of 2011. Trust us, we want it bad also!

Check for yourselves on Lambda Tek and see the listings. If they get taken down, then perhaps there is a bit more to this. Right now, it’s pure speculation.


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