Details on latest Asus Transformer and Asus Slider update


There was quite a substantial update to the family of Android based Eee Pad models.

First and foremost for many is finally an official Eee Pad Netflix app. Just enter your details of your current membership or sign up for a new Netflix account. Then you can enjoy streaming videos! There is another app in this update. The App Backup allows you to simply backup all the apps you’ve put on your Eee Pad and save it to a backup file. You can then transfer the data to a removable SD card for safe backup.

If you own the Eee Station keyboard dock there is some great news also. This new update includes a better battery management system. This means the keyboard dock for the Transformer will have a longer lasting batter. Pretty impressive and everyone is going to be happy with this news!

Here is a brief breakdown of what else is included in the Eee Pad update:

  • Better WiFi connectivity
  • Google Update: Books, Maps (location accuracy for transit navigation), Market (new tablet-friendly UI)
  • ASUS Sync (option to turn Sync on or off)
  • .Zip support for Email
  • MyNet for improved device search
  • Improved browser compatibility
  • Italian input method added
  • Supernote performance improvement
  • Polaris Office improved compatibility and large file loading

You can read more on Asus Campus Life.

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