Asus MeMO 173 review from CNET Asia

It didn’t take long for news to break about the MeMO 173 being a real product release. Now we have a first real Eee Pad MeMO 173 review to read! Since the MeMO 173 appears to be an Asia only product (nothing to indicate a larger global release) it’s not surprising that CNET Asia got their hands on this for a review.

If you aren’t getting to their review, we can mention a few key points here.

  • the reviewer found that the stylus is well placed in the tablet for easy access.
  • the accuracy of the stylus is not excellent.
  • the MeMO 173 ships with the MeMIC handset.
  • the MeMIC and tablet can find each other with a buzzer alarm which you can activate if you find yourself without them together. Like a lost phone from the base you can trigger an alarm on the handset to find it.
  • it currently ships with Android 3.2 although ICS is coming at some point.
  • it’s thicker and heavier than other 7-inch tablets.

Well the review is more of an overview but what the heck. It’s something fresh and there aren’t any real hands-on reviews just yet. More coming I’m sure but for now check out the review (not exactly a full blown review) at CNET Asia here.

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