Asus teaser suggests Eee Pad Transformer TF300


Watch this new teaser from Asus as they build up to the Mobile World Congress showcase. We’re pretty sure that it’s about the MeMO 173 model. How so? Painting on a canvas is so much like a stylus on tablet. Yes? Well sort of. You be the judge and if you disagree please post a comment!

Update: No! It’s not about the MeMO 173. It’s going to be the Asus Transformer TF300. We’ve discovered that the TF300 Transformer will be coming in 4 colors and they mention colors in the video and also mention “transformation”. It’s a new Transformer TF300 coming out to shock the world! I’m almost 100% certain of it…

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One Response to Asus teaser suggests Eee Pad Transformer TF300

  1. cham says:

    I really like this version since it is cheaper yet the specs are almost the same with Prime.

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