Update coming to Transformer Pad Prime TF201

Update: Here is an official list of changes and features added to the Transformer Pad TF201.

  • Press-able notification in Lock screen
  • Check reminders or unread email notifications even when the screen is locked
  • Upgrade Vibe from v1.0 to v2.0 with corresponding MyLibrary and MyCloud versions
  • Improved Vibe 2.0 user interface and access to more media content
  • Supports for USB to LAN cable (UX series accessory)
  • Camera firmware updates
  • Ad hoc mode support (Ad hoc mode was supported in HoneyComb but this is the first time it is released in ICS)
  • Latin America & West Balkan KB IME support
  • Enabled battery/power profiles
  • New display modes for HDMI outputs – Scale mode and Crop mode
  • System bar lock functions
  • User can choose to lock the system bar when playing games to prevent accidental activation of the system bar.

Update: This update is starting Thursday March 29. The firmware will be updated to An interesting feature addition is the support of a USB adapter Ethernet port. Dealing with lousy wifi? This may give you a more solid option. It it will be possible to control notifications (unread mails, etc. …) directly from the screen lock, Play Store, Play Books, Play Music, and Play Movies apps, Asus Vibe has been updated to version 2.0, and more versatility when HDMI out to HDTV such as changing perspectives.

It’s official and it’s coming any day according to Asus and their facebook page. There is a Transformer Prime firmware update which is promising new features. The quote from the Asus Facebook post is this:

“Awesome new features coming in the next Transformer Prime firmware update. Stay tuned!”

We know some people out there are going to be relieved to hear fixes may be coming! We will post any details when we hear.

See post on Asus Facebook page here.

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