Asus Transformer Keyboard – TF300 Dock Station – Buying Guide

keyboard dock for the asus transformer tf300With the excitement building towards the Asus TF300 tablet release, why not discuss that keyboard dock that you’re going to want? We think it’s a good time! We’re going to get you excited and we will do a review here and comparison for the various Asus Transformer keyboard versions out there right now.

transformer pad keyboard redWe’ve only managed to get photos of the blue TF300 keyboard dock, but we will add the red and white models when we get some better looking images. For now enjoy what’s here.

We know the price for the TF300 Transformer Keyboard: $149 USD

The model number which you should be shopping for: TF300-DOCK-BL
Although the tablet is TF300T, expect to see the dock listing as just TF300-DOCK-BL. The BL is short for blue. The other colors, should you find them, will be WT for white and RD for red. It appears that blue will be the color of the intial release. We do not know when the other colors will be available.

First you will notice the photo of the side of the keyboard. Rather thin? Sure looks that way! Let’s do a comparison of thickness.


Asus Transformer TF101 Keyboard Dock thickness – 1.1″ inches

Asus Transformer Prime TF201 Keyboard Dock thickness – 0.41″ inches

Asus Transformer 300 Series TF300 Keyboard Dock thickness – 0.40″ inches

Thickness comparison winner: Asus Transformer TF300 Dock

Comment: Although the TF300 is apparently the “budget” model, it’s thinner than the already impressive Transformer Prime keyboard docking station. You could call it a draw, but we’re saying the TF300 is the winner by the slimmest of margins!


This should be interesting. If it’s thin it should be light also but let’s break down the comparison weight differences between the three current Transformer Keyboard docking stations.

Asus Transformer TF101 Keyboard weight – 1.41 LBS (640 grams)

Asus Transformer Prime TF201 Keyboard weight – 1.18 LBS (537 grams)

Asus Transformer 300 Series TF300 Keyboard weight – 1.20 LBS (546 grams)

Weight comparison winner: Asus Transformer Prime TF201 Keyboard Dock

Comment: The original TF101 Transformer keyboard is looking rather chunky in comparison to these new Transformer models. The Transformer Prime was able to shave off some weight to beat out the new TF300. It’s not a huge difference but enough to say the Prime is still a premium tablet combination.

Summary: Aside from the build materials (aluminum vs plastic), the new TF300 looks great. You’re getting the thinness and lightness of the Transformer Prime without the high price tag. Important to remember the price of all these keyboard docks starts at $149 USD, but you can now find the TF101 keyboard dock at around $110 USD. Remember though, these keyboard docking stations are not cross compatible!

More TF300T Keyboard Dock Station Images:

red keyboard dock for asus transformer padThe above images show off just how slender the TF300 dock is. Quite impressive! We think this design will put big pressure on the other tablet manufacturers. Based on these early images we think Asus is going to have another smashing success. The images above show off the red keyboard, along with side profile photo and rear profile image.

transformer tablet keyboard

white keyboard for the asus transformer tf300 tablet


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7 Responses to Asus Transformer Keyboard – TF300 Dock Station – Buying Guide

  1. Josh Smallwood says:

    thats the coolest one yet. i guess every apple comes out with an ipad asus is going to be there to beat them

  2. Small Joshwood says:

    That’s more like it. A transformer pad that’s actually affordable. Especially the 32GB version. You’re not exactly gonna find a cheaper quad-core tablet with 32GB of storage anytime soon lol. (link edited-mod)

  3. Thomas says:

    A really urgent question, do the keyboard-dock made for the TF101 also work with the TF300T pad?

  4. Phi says:

    I wonder if the black version of the TF-300 will look good with a white keyboard dock. The white dock looks very silvery, almost like a mac-book air.

  5. Rom says:

    I’m looking for an AZERTY version of the TF300 keyboard docking station.
    Do you know where I could finf that?

  6. Joseph says:

    I bought a Asus tf 700 of ebay the whole item was advertised as a Asus tf 700 . days after I noticed the docking station was fr a tf 300 .This is my first one does anyone know if I’ll have problems with this combination. Seem to B working OK , but this is my 1st . Thanks

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