Asus Transformer TF300TG is 3G and TF300TL is LTE. Availability and pricing details!

We are just learning today that the TF300TG is going to be the model number/product number for the 3G enabled Transformer TF300T. People are asking about availability in North America and so far there is no indication that the Transformer Pad TF300TG will end up there. In the past, take the TF101G model which was the original 3G Transformer, it was limited to being released in Europe countries only. I would suspect the same to hold true with the TF300T. No official word one way or the other, but it’s my best guess in you live in North America.

What we do know now is that starting early May 2012, Germany will have the TF300TG available. We see from Asus that the TF300TG with UMTS will be 499 Euros (just the tablet) and will be 599 Euros (tablet + keyboard bundle).

Further to the TF300TG, we need to mention the LTE version which will be labeled as the TF300TL. Expect this release date to be later than the TF300TG. We are hearing (not official) that it will be coming in June or July. The price for the TF300TL is expected to be 629 Euros for the tablet + keyboard bundle and 529 Euros for just the tablet.

As more countries are officially announced as getting the 3G model TF300, we will post details on this page. Join our Twitter feed as those details will be tweeted!

[source: Asus Germany Facebook]

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4 Responses to Asus Transformer TF300TG is 3G and TF300TL is LTE. Availability and pricing details!

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  2. neneng says:

    When will the tf300 be released in indonesia. Will it have the 3G as well?

  3. Jason R says:

    As of this morning, there is a separate listing for the tf300tg on It claims the tablet could ship in 2-4 weeks.

  4. djv says:

    TF300TG available in Kenya, East africa @ US$ 800

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