Fix coming for Asus Transformer Pad Prime…again


asus transformer pad prime

This is most likely the best solution that Asus can have in dealing with connectivity issues with some of the Transformer Pad Prime TF201 models out there right now. They have tried a few solutions and now they are set to offer a free USB dongle. This is a new development and we don’t have official links just yet for those of you with the Transformer Pad Prime TF201 already. Just sleep better at night knowing a solution is coming in the form of hardware that should remedy any GPS issues that you might be dealing with.

Check back with us for updates!

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One Response to Fix coming for Asus Transformer Pad Prime…again

  1. Uzoma Nnadi says:

    Please I want to buy the Asus Infinity 700. My problem is that I wanted the tablet to have both wifi & 3G. The spec in the wifi infinity model is very good but lack of 3G is hindering me from buying Asus. I don’t like the spec of the 3G/4G model.
    Are you going to produce wifi +3G Asus tablet in the nearest future?

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