4G and not 3G Asus Transformer TF300T passes through FCC

This story broke yesterday so apologies for not being on top of this. We pride ourselves on being closest to breaking news regarding Asus tablets. With that out of the way, a 4G Transformer TF300TL has passed through the FCC in the United States.

I have been asked many times whether Asus will release a 3G version of the Tranformer Infinity and the Transformer TF300T. My answer has been pretty standard. I’ve seen Asus stick to the European market and Asia for their 3G enabled tablets. To see the TF300TL show up at the FCC is very promising. I personally can’t say that this means it’s for sure hitting store shelves or not. It certainly looks quite possible. For those of you with fingers crossed for a 4G Transformer Infinity? You may be in luck. Again I’m not ready to say 100% that it’s coming to market. It simply looks a lot more promising a possibility as of today with the FCC news. Stay tuned for more details as they emerge.

Engadget breaks down the technical details rather well. They indicate that the frequencies of the TF300TL show it to be set for AT&T networks. Technically speaking it has the 850MHz and 1,900MHz frequencies needed for the HSPA 3G and it has the 700MHz and 1,700MHz frequencies for 4G LTE.

4g asus transformer tf300

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One Response to 4G and not 3G Asus Transformer TF300T passes through FCC

  1. Arjun says:

    Knowing that the 4G model is is a dual core s4 processor does not get me really excited as the entry of the quad core Tegra processor. Wish they would hurry up and release the tf700 already this is getting really irritating. Toshiba is already taking per orders for their A700

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