Asus confirms Windows 8 tablets coming in Q3 2012

Some interesting news being reported from Digitimes regarding Asus. What has been officially said by CEO Jerry Shen is that indeed, Asus will be releasing a Windows 8 tablet in the third quarter of 2012. As we’ve talked about recently it will be interesting to see what Asus Pad will get the Windows 8 OS. What about a dual boot Asus Pad? Perhaps, but most likely not permitted by Windows. We do predict that the Slate series will be the designated Windows 8 Asus tablets. Nothing official on that, but just our guess.

The other interesting tidbit in this story is that Asus has a goal to be the largest Android tablet manufacturer in the second half of 2012. Sound lofty? Sure. But think about it. We’re about to see a global release of the new TF300T Transformer 300 Series, in June there will be the Transformer Infinity TF700T, and around the same time there most likely will be a 7-inch Asus tablet named the MeMO 370T. Although there were rumors that Asus wouldn’t release the 370T, I can’t imagine the company having this lofty goal without anticipating releasing their version of the MeMO 370T regardless if they build one for Google at the same time. Given those three stellar tablets, it’s certainly possible that Asus could take the Android tablet crown.

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  1. Indigo says:

    Any ideas about the dimensions of said windows-8 tablet?

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