Asus tablets at Computex 2012 – Rumors and News Updates

asus tablet computex

Breaking News Update June 4, 2012: The Asus presentation at Computex 2012 in underway. Here is a summary of the breaking Asus tablet news from the show.

  • Asus Transformer AiO – An all-in-one Transformer tablet which dual boots either Windows 8 or Android operating systems. If you want a big tablet then look no further. The Asus AiO tablet is a whopping 18.4-inches big! We have a new page here.
  • Asus Tablet 600 Transformer, Windows 8 RT, Powered by Nvidia Tegra 3, 10.1-inch 1366 x 768 Super IPS+ panel with 2GB of RAM, rear 8-megapixel camera with an LED flash, 2MP front facing camera. Weighs only 520g. More details here.
  • Asus Tablet 810 Transformer – it’s 11.6-inches, will use the next generation of Atom processors and will use Windows 8 OS. We have more details here.
  • Asus Transformer Book – World’s thinnest and lightest Core i7 tablet in a Transformer with Windows 8. These new Transformer models run the full power Core processors as opposed to ARM based processors. We have a page here.
  • Asus TaiChi – a unique dual screen laptop with display on the top and bottom of the lid. You have to see it to believe it. We have a page here.

Photos of Computex 2012 Asus Tablets:

coming soon!

New Asus Teaser Trailers:

All in One is no longer in one

When two sides units

Asus is the kind of company that likes to make a big splash. In my opinion, some of their unveils are equally exciting to anything that Apple has done in the past. In fact the innovation that Asus has shown in the tablet space puts them in a more exciting category than Apple in my opinion. Asus doesn’t play it safe. Last year at Computex 2011 they unveiled the Padfone. Since we are a few days away from June 5-9 it has me thinking what Asus has up their sleeve for us this time.

This post will be updated as various rumors come up. For now I’ll give a few of my hopes and please add your wish list in the comment section.

I think it’s pretty safe to say that the Transformer Infinity 700 will be showing up at Computex 2012. With the release date imminent, how could Asus not show it off? Perhaps it’s already official so they won’t so much showcase it at Computex 2012. I’m sure it will be there but perhaps not on center stage. At the very least I’m expecting more accurate or actual official release dates for the Infinity 700. Aside from being on display I don’t see a big splash happening. The cat is already out of the bag regarding the Transformer Infinity and Asus wants us to be impressed right?

So what about that 7-inch Asus MeMO model which was going to be priced at $249? Do you think they could be showing that off again? Perhaps. But remember Asus already unveiled that at CES 2012 so really it’s not a mystery. The only mystery about the MeMO 370 is whether it will actually come to market or not. As you may remember, the MeMO 370 is the rumored model for the Google tablet. It’s still unclear whether it will come out or not as just a Google product or if Asus will still have their 370 MeMO along side the Google tablet version. So at Computex 2012 it’s possible we may find the answer to the possible release or non release of the MeMO 370 tablet. There may be another wrinkle to the story. Google I/O conference is at the end of June and rumors suggest that’s when they will show off this 7-inch tablet with a budget price. If that’s true, then how could Asus possible show off the MeMO 370 at Computex 2012? I don’t think they would want to do that. I wonder if the release of the MeMO 370T has been buried simply because of the Google timelines.

So with all this said, I’m seriously thinking about Windows 8 tablets from Asus and whether Computex 2012 would be the place for them to unveil upcoming models. I am personally very excited about Windows 8 tablets even though there isn’t a great app selection yet. I’m sure that will grow very quickly and you can’t really count out Microsoft considering how integrated the Windows OS is in most businesses and home users. So a Windows 8 Asus tablet at Computex 2012 is far fetched? Not as much as you might think.

The rumor on Digitimes from May 25 suggests that Acer will be showcasing Windows 8 tablets at Computex 2012. If Acer is going to do it I can’t see how Asus won’t be able to do the same. There aren’t a lot of shows for Asus to make a big splash or unveils through the summer and the release date of Windows 8 is Fall 2012. Time is tight for the companies to get the consumers excited. I’m waiting for Monday to see if Asus starts with some teasers about Computex 2012. They’ve done that in the past shows. They shows some photo teasers or release a video teaser.

So what Windows 8 Asus tablets do you want to see? How about an update Asus Slate? I think that’s a certainty but will it be ready for Computex 2012 unveiling? How about a Windows 8 Transformer? That’s a sure thing but perhaps it’s not quite ready for an unveil at this point. I’ve heard rumors of an Asus Ultrabook convertable tablet type Transformer recently. Perhaps an Ultrabook Transformer is coming at Computex 2012. It’s fun to guess! What’s on your wishlist? Do you think Asus will make a big splash at Computex 2012 or do you think they will be modest at this show?

Update 1: Well it’s May 28th and what has Asus done? Yes there is a video teaser just released! It’s clear there is a new Asus Transformer model coming and I put my money on at least one unveiling. Expect there to be an Ultrabook Zenbook Transformer showcased at Computex 2012. The question is whether there will be more. When they say “next transformations” that’s plural right? The trailer mentions cloud computing but I’m not sure if that’s related to tablets or netbooks (Eee PC models) or new laptops. I’m hoping that in addition to an Ultrabook Zenbook Transformer, Asus shows us a Slate Transformer with Windows 8 operating system. What now? You have to wait until May 31st for Asus to unveil 3 more teasers. Let’s hope for some leaks in the meantime!

new asus tablet[official Asus Computex 2012 Teaser Page]

[official Computex website]

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4 Responses to Asus tablets at Computex 2012 – Rumors and News Updates

  1. David says:

    The new videos are there and it looks like it might be some sort of dual-boot with Windows and Android…

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  3. B.O.H. says:

    I hope AiO will have active digitiser support on-board, cos if not then it is waste of a material for such a big useless LCD!

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