Asus Transformer Infinity 700 Preview Photo Gallery

With being so close to June and with the recent FCC submission of the Infinity 700, we thought a bit of eye candy is in order. There aren’t a great deal of high quality images of the Infinity just yet. We’ve found a few interesting looks that we hope get you excited about this Asus tablet. It would seem that the Transformer Infinity is the tablet a LOT of people are waiting for. Let’s hope for some juicy rumors starting next week! For now here are a few Infinity photos to enjoy!

asus tablet transformer infinity 700

transformer pad infinity 700 tablet

grey transformer infinity 700

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One Response to Asus Transformer Infinity 700 Preview Photo Gallery

  1. Abdoallah Sharaf says:

    i wanna to pre-order Asus Transformer Infinity 700 and what its exact release date

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