Release date for Asus MeMO 370t getting clearer

370t tablet

With all the talk about the Transformer Infinity TF700, it seems the tech world has almost forgotten about the mystery around the MeMO 370T. With a story from today, the plot thickens.

Apparently the upcoming Google tablet has been “co-developed” with Asus. It’s been speculated that the tablet in question is a version of the MeMO 370T. What we can take from this story is a release date for the MeMO 370T if in fact there ever will be an Asus branded 370T tablet. The Google tablet is set to start shipping some time in June with a release to market in July. It would see logical to think that if Asus is going to have their own model that it would be able to ship around the same time.

Release date is one thing but in the story is nothing specific about a 7-inch Asus tablet or even the name MeMO 370T. In other words it’s still unclear how the co-branding will work. In the same story they mention that Asus will be releasing a 7-inch tablet along with Samsung and Acer in Q2 2012. Are they talking about the co-branded Google/Asus tablet? I hope this suspense ends soon. Will there or won’t there be a MeMO 370T?

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