Asus Tablet 810 – Details, Price, Release Date, Where To Buy

asus 810 tablet transformer

Update 2: Yes! You can now pre order!

Update: July 30, 2012 – We’ve just see the Asus 810 pass through the FCC as the Asus TF810C. We have details here. This indicates that the Asus 810 will be available the day Windows 8 launches!

My head is spinning trying to keep track of all the tablets shown off by Asus at Computex 2012. I think I have a clearer picture now.

The Asus Tablet 810 is a Windows 8 Transformer model that will ship with the next generation of Intel Atom processor (X86 compatibility), Wacom digitizer with stylus input, 8.7mm thin, 11.6-inch screen (1366 x 768 resolution) with Super IPS+, 8MP rear camera with flash and it features a new design for the keyboard dock which has a hidden hinge. We don’t see Slate as part of the branding and we don’t see Transformer thus far in any mention. It’s officially the “Asus Tablet 810″. We haven’t seen any mention of the Asus 810 as being part of the Transformer series. Asus described this as a tablet with “mobile dock”. Who knows. By the time this tablet comes to market the naming could change.

asus 810

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17 Responses to Asus Tablet 810 – Details, Price, Release Date, Where To Buy

  1. B.O.H. says:

    if this one had 1920×1080 resolution then it would be “THE THING”, pitty, cos else it has everything one can think of in a such a small and light format…it even has active digitiser which is absolute “a must” in real tablet (finger cannot write you quick nitces, cannot draw with pressure sensitivity etc.), so BIG applause for the digitise rpen you included! just that small resolution of LCD, ah… :-(

    • admin says:

      I agree that the digitizer stylus is really where all tablets need to end up at. I think it’s the reason so many people enjoyed the Asus Slate EP121 and B121.

      • B.O.H. says:

        yes, actually I am from Sloakia and I really wanted to buy that SLATE but everytime I asked I was told that this model (EP121, I do not need that much expensive B121) is kind of “blind way” and they do not sel it in here, cos as you said – besides SAMSUNG SERIES 7 SLATE – only these two tablets are REAL TABLETS for me for their size (like 10″ or even smaller are useless here) and the active digitiser….can you found out if this model does supports it?

      • B.O.H. says:

        + sorry, forget my LAST QUESTION, I see this model supports active digitiser (I am quite messed up now as I comment on more your posts, you know, hehe)

  2. B.O.H. says:

    Also: what I don’t get is WHY THEY INCLUDED ONLY 2GB OF DDR??? Are they serious? Do they really think that adding some 2GB would rise the price tag so significantly high that it’d be a risk for them? Jesus… :-(((

    • pooty says:

      The 2GB RAM is the maximum, limited by the Intel ATOM processor. It’s rather pathetic if you ask me. I would hope some models are released with the dual core AMD C-series processor solutions, as those allow up to 4GB.

      • B.O.H. says:

        in fact, my only concern is the flawless functioning of the WACOM pen – if it’ll be sufficient then I do not care BUT if the low DDR will cause problems THEN I definitely see it as a big problem (see I am digital artist looking for a bigger tablet/slate with WACOM pen, so I hoped this one or Transformer Book 14″ is my hero but it seems like they do not add WACOM pen support….shame)

  3. Arjun says:

    Sadly though the specs look good, the amount of time the tablet/ultrabook runs is the real issue. Atom processor is relatively new and so to gauge real world usability an battery times would have to be assessed before I commit to this device. As it stands the transformer infinity has the best specs except the ram which I would have liked to see at 2 gigs to future proof it.

  4. B.O.H. says:

    Jesus Christ…I just saw on YoutTube video where some chinese presenter at Computex 2012 Taipei shows actual WACOM pen work on this one and the performance was oh so terrible – the lag was undescriptable and he only try to write the word “ASUS”, so what about actual painting on this would be then!!! :-((( Dissapiontment of the biggest kind here, really… :-( The Asus thinkink is far too strange, like: they add WACOM support to such a slow machine like this but they do not add it to their high end products like Transormer Book or Transformer AiO, or instead they add pen from shitty problematic N-trig to model Taichi?! Brain anyone?! :-(

    • Robin says:

      You could give us a link to that video. I’m not seeing it anywhere. I doubt it is that slow unless they haven’t calibrated it for the final product.

    • Robin says:

      Oh, if u mean this video

      then you don’t need to worry. He was using a note taking software made by asus for android that was probably quickly made to work with windows 8. The pen lag has little to do with cpu nowadays and is more reliant on how well programmed the application is. For example even on high end PCs there is still pen lag in older versions of photoshop but almost none in art rage.

      • admin says:

        Thanks for the additional information. A lot of people will appreciate this thanks.

      • B.O.H. says:

        :-) yes, that was the video I was talking about + hope you are right with the reason ;-)

      • Aronald Harper says:

        Yeah, it’s an android app originally. I currently use it on my Asus device. It was designed for using your finger, not for the digitizer pen. Really would have helped if they didn’t use it for a demo though. They should have used any other app for an example, you know, just to make it look good. SMH

    • leah says:

      Don’t blaspheme.

  5. dinesh says:

    can we installs c, c++, Java sdk for programming like PC on window tablet

  6. Dhruba thapa says:

    I want this tablet.i want just price.

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