Best Buy selling 64GB Transformer Infinity for $599 – Now Live

buy asus transformer infinity

Update: Asus officially announced a release date of July 16th in the USA. Stay tuned for pre order Infinity listings! If you’re wondering about the Transformer Prime dock and Transformer Infinity compatibility, here is what Asus says: ” The Transformer Pad Infinity mobile dock is compatible with Eee Pad Transformer Prime. (The Eee Pad Transformer Prime mobile dock is NOT compatible with Transformer Pad Infinity)”

My gut instincts told me that something was coming. Well it appears that instinct was correct. A big thanks to our loyal contributors Klas and Michael who gave us the heads up about Best Buy showing the Transformer Infinity page up live on A few new details in there, like the price of $599 for the tablet without a keyboard dock. The official product listing is: TF700T-C1-CG (CG means color of Champagne Gold)

UPDATE: Sorry folks. The page on has been taken down. Have no fear, we’re trying to track down all pre order options right now. Stay tuned for updates!

Check it out (while it lasts because I think Best Buy put it up before they were supposed to). It’s currently listed as “Sold Out Online”. This post will be updated when that status changes. I still think midnight tonight might see the pre orders of the Asus Infinity begin in the USA.

We also see that that wonderful Transformer Infinity keyboard dock is listed as backordered. It appears that Asus is more concerned about getting this tablet in your hands than waiting for the keyboard. Makes sense really. I’m sure most people will be happy with just getting the Infinity and waiting a week or two for the keyboard dock. We expect things to change a lot today so check with us for all the details regrading other online retailers.

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19 Responses to Best Buy selling 64GB Transformer Infinity for $599 – Now Live

  1. Carole says:

    The $599 price that Best Buy posted was actually for the 64gb.

    • admin says:

      Hi, big oooops. My excitement led to this you know… but yes thanks for the note. Now fixed site wide! Thanks for visiting!

  2. Lee says:

    Any word on the 3G or LTE version? If you buy the “T” model, any way to get it upgraded if 3G version released in U.S.?

    • admin says:

      Hi, thanks for commenting. As far as I know there would be no way to update the T model to a 3G or 4G LTE version. The 4G model will be the TF700KL. The issue with that model is that it has the Snapdragon processor which is suffering delays which is putting the 4G Infinity behind schedule. It’s expected to see a limited release when it eventually does come to market. In terms of the USA availability, it first would need to pass through the FCC. At that point it might take 4 weeks to hit store shelves. The TF700KL hasn’t passed through the FCC so it’s going to be a while for the USA unfortunately.

  3. Andrew says:

    The best buy website might open orders at midnight you said. East coast time so 9pm California time or 12 am California time? If you happen to know of course.

    • admin says:

      Hi. I’m going with my memory on this one, which isn’t always a good thing ;-), but last release it was PST at midnight. I believe the whole TF300T reviews starting populating the web around that time. If I go back even further to the TF101 I do recall being up at 12AM PST and that was the first of the posted pre order pages. I’m trying to give my best advice possible. It’s not 100% but I’m almost certain that I haven’t seen Asus products show up at 9pm PST in the past. But I tell you what. I’ll start peeking around at 9pm PST and see what’s up. I could see retailers/websites pushing the limits but most likely the last time zone to hit midnight would be the expectation from Asus. I think the owners get a spanking or something like that if they spill the beans early.

  4. Jan Vekemans says:

    3G or LTE or WiFi only is a moat discussion as the easier way into getting the best of both works is a MiFi device plus a quad core tablet with WiFi. Several MiFi devices are available which offer a good mix of connectivity with decent battery life. Using one of these is soooo simple and allows maximizing savings on comm costs while allowing you to b e available at all time. Added bonus is that it can connect to more than 1 device so you can take the data subscription off your phone and live with just 1 subscription for ALL data. As a MiFi is made to share there is also no issue with tethering costs etc.

  5. pignasus says:

    Official asus Infinity website states the opposite about keyboard dock compatibility as your update info.
    “The Eee Pad Transformer Prime mobile dock is not compatible with Transformer Pad Infinity.”

    • admin says:

      Thank you very much for posting that. I’ve corrected the instances on the site regarding the compatibility. Unfortunately I used information from a “supposed to be” trusted tech site regarding this. I’m glad to now have the correct information on the site thanks to your correction. Thanks for visiting the site.

      • pignasus says:

        You’re welcome :) Your site is the only reliable source for asus pads, so its my pleasure to contribute :)

  6. Klas says:

    Bestbuy has now removed both the dock for tf700 and the tablet =/

    • admin says:

      Hi. Thanks for the info. Page has been updated now. Okay Asus, we’ve seen the reviews, now where are the pre orders??

  7. Hi – Great site and solid information.

    I was wondering how you are able to get this info so fast? I set Google alerts for every combination of ‘asus transformer infinity tf700′ and although I get a lot of updates, I totally missed out on this short lived Best Buy offer. I’m also following Asus on facebook & twitter, but the information there is general at best.

    You should put a ‘subscribe to be notified when infinity is up for pre-order’ signup on your site! Send us all an alert the second it becomes available. I’ve been waiting so long for this tablet, I don’t want to miss out on the first round like so many Prime buyers did.

    • admin says:

      Hello! Thank you so much for your kind words. You helped me more than you realize. Due to a technical issue, our Twitter page has not been updated! This was a big mistake and thanks to your comment, we caught the mistake. So be assured on our Twitter that we will send regular updates. I really like your suggestion also in terms of a subscribe to be notified idea. Will work to implement that asap. Thanks for visiting the site and for your suggestions.

  8. VRS says:

    Had a thought on BestBuy putting the Infinity page up the other day ahead of schedule, then taking it down. BestBuy may have floated the page briefly to test the hits on the page and folks, like me, calling in to check the status.

    Wonder how many hits their site took at midnight that evening?

    Their intent could have been to gauge a stocking level for the release of the infinity. There are bean counters behind the scenes for sure.

    Hopefully BestBuy will order/stock enough to fulfill the intial orders!

    Just my two cents…..

    • admin says:

      Great point. I would agree that there was something a bit fishy about it. I don’t like being a guinea pig to be honest. Considering they haven’t had anything up for days now it does appear that was really just a feeler. I would imagine the hits to their page would have been incredible. Word spreads fast! I imagine Asus doesn’t like stores putting up pages like that too early and likely have set dates that retailers are supposed to stick with.

      Thanks for commenting and visiting the site!

  9. VRS says:

    Hopefully enough people bit on the page and created enough hits that BestBuy stocks enough to meet the intial demand!

    I was in China when I decided to buy a Tablet in Feburary, after reseraching I decided on the Prime. By the time I returned I found that the Prime basically could not be found. I ended up driving 90 miles to purchase one.

    After two weeks I returned the Prime due to the issues with the metal case blocking the wifi and GPS signals.

    I have been waiting patiently, as well as my five year old (Angry Birds) for the Infinity. If it was not for the keyboard and excellent tablet design I would have jumped ship and headed to Apple for a iPAd.

    Here’s hoping that Asus can deliver enough Infinity’s and BestBuy stocks enough to meet demand.

  10. Marie HANERKAM says:

    Will the 3g or lte model work with Verizon?

  11. VRS says:

    Was able to place an order for the Gray Infinity tablet this morning (7/17) on with a delivery date of July 23. Was not able to order the keyboard yet.

    Hopefully the wait was worth it…..

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