Brand new Transformer Infinity TF700 hands-on video review

The impending release of the TF700 Transformer Infinity is clear. How so? Check out this amazing look at the Infinity.

The first video is an unboxing of the Infinity. The review is of the Gray model and yes, it doesn’t really look gray. This guy does great unboxing videos. Rookies take notes! Who knows when you will be able to unbox your own Transformer Infinity. :-(

In the first portion of the second video, notice how incredibly thin and light it looks in the reviews hand. Pretty lucky guy there. I think you will enjoy the rundown on the features and looking at this impressive tablet. It pretty much looks like a winner especially when you consider the keyboard dock as part of the package which adds 6 hours of battery life and the ability to charge the tablet. You get to see a video game in action showing off the smooth graphics ability and a look at the SuperIPS+ display also. This reviewer is smiling at the end of the video and I can see why. Who wants one?

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2 Responses to Brand new Transformer Infinity TF700 hands-on video review

  1. Pascal says:

    I want one so bad, Asus needs to release them quick – Acer A700 looks interesting, too.

  2. Tom says:

    Um… Both videos now no longer work – “This video is private.”

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