Incredible Asus Transformer Infinity Promo Video Review – Making Of

transformer infinity

We hope this video doesn’t bite the dust like the Infinity hands-on videos from Richies Room. This new one is a real thing of beauty! It’s 8 minutes long in fact. This is more than just an Asus tablet promotional video. This video goes deep into the making of the Transformer Infinity unlike any other video you’ve likely seen for any tablet on the market. They break down the technical aspects of the Infinity like how the camera is better because they’ve added a 5th lense as opposed to 4 lenses on previous Transformer tablet generations. They talk about the materials in the design and how they maintained the amazing design, lightness and thinness. Asus also take in depth about the Super IPS+ display on the Transformer Infinity and how that is an incredible aspect of making this the “must have” tablet. Overall a fantastic video which may whet your appetite or it may frustrate you further because there is no release date right now that’s firm. If you want to trust my intuition, I think something is happening very very soon. I would check back with us late Sunday night or Monday to see if June 25th has added significance. For now check out this 8 minute review, preview, making of documentary of the Transformer Infinity because it may be a leaked video which may be taken down soon.

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