J&R.com now taking pre orders on Transformer Infinity TF700

Update: Sorry folks, the J&R.com pre orders have now ceased. Only guessing, but perhaps their pre orders have all been taken up already. Stay tuned. Now looking for other pre order options and will update site asap!

We were waiting and waiting since the unveiling on Monday of the Infinity TF700 for pre orders to start. USA shoppers be happy! We can honestly say that J&R.com are currently taking pre orders for the two colors, Gray or Gold, of TF700 Infinity models. In addition to

having pre order availability for the tablet, they have pre orders for the Transformer Infinity keyboard docks in both colors also. You can order either the 64GB models for $599 USD or the 32GB models for $499 USD.

If you live in Canada, J&R.com also ship to Canada. You can check the shipping rates within the checkout to see what you will pay depending on where you live in Canada. We aren’t sure where Canada is in the availability order for getting the Transformer Infinity. It may be your best bet to get one from the USA from a retailer like J&R.com who are one of the only USA retailers to ship electronics to Canada.

We are expecting other online retailers to begin their Infinity pre orders but J&R beat them to it. Surprising considering that BestBuy.com had their product page up long before anyone else. We are still waiting on Amazon.com to start their pre order but when they do we will be posting the details.

Considering pre ordering the TF700 Infinity? We have links here (look to the top of this page on the right side) and on our main Transformer Infinity page located here. As more online retailers start their pre order rollouts, we will have those details also.

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23 Responses to J&R.com now taking pre orders on Transformer Infinity TF700

  1. ed says:

    By gold, you mean champagne?

    • admin says:

      Hi. Yes, technically Asus call that model Champagne Gold. You should see “CG” in the product model number listing. Thanks for visiting the site.

  2. kirk says:

    Would you recommend Pre-ordering from J&R now or wait for another online retailer?
    My concern is J&R may only get a few and I will have to wait forever for them to get more.Mean while other retailers have more in stock like a Best Buy or Amazon. I have been waiting for months and would like to have it as close to the 16th as possible. Your advice would be appreciated.

    • admin says:

      Hi. That’s an interesting question. I find it interesting that no other retailers like Amazon.com have put up a pre order page yet. I’m not sure how this works but I wonder if they have a set amount assured to be available and once those are pre ordered, they would take down the pre order option. If you email them they might be able to give you a more solid answer. I may email them also for clarification. Thanks for visiting the site.

  3. jose medina says:

    It’s either they have reached their limits on pre-orders. Or, there’s a delay with the Infinity roll-out, which would not be surprising. Which one of the two do you think it is? Thanks for any info….

    • admin says:

      Well I’m trying to remain optimistic. I will say in most instances after an announcement and rollout that Asus did last week, typically you want to start pre orders right away. That hasn’t happened. It’s very strange that J&R.com are the only ones who had something up. I wonder out loud whether other retailers are holding off because they need to get rid of remaining Transformer Prime inventory. That’s one theory. The other theory I had was that July 16th was only when you could pre order and not the date you could walk into a store to buy one. There have been enough delays on Asus tablets lately that put nothing out of the realm of possibilities. Be assured that when there are some other pre order options, we will have them posted here.

      Thanks for the comment and visiting the site.

  4. DW says:

    I preordered the TF700 32GB version with Keypad on Saturday and then sent an email asking J&R if the units would ship on the 16th. Here is the reply i got yesterday 7/2.. If i get an update i will let you guys know.

    From J&R….

    “Thank you for your inquiry. We are sorry for the delay in shipping the pre ordered Transformer pad and docking station. Unfortunately, we have not been given a shipment date. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.
    We truly appreciate the time you took to write to us and hope that we have addressed your concerns. If we may be of further assistance, please call us at 1(800) 426-6027 or 718-340-0397. Monday through Friday from 9am to 6pm Eastern, Saturday 9-5, or write to us again. “

    • Baxterman says:

      I managed to get my pre-order in to J&R – queried them today on when I will expect it and go this reply:

      Thank you for your inquiry.
      The release date from Asus for the ASU TF700TC1CG & the ASU TF700DOCKCG is July 15.
      We have all the other items on your order ready for shipping and will ship your order as soon as possible.

      Good news for me, good news for all!

  5. Calico says:

    Pre order up! [admin edit: link no longer active]

  6. haroway says:

    I pre-ordered a few days ago right before J&R’s link disappeared. My card was charged that day so I called a little while ago to check up on it. The response was that J&R was only allotted 200 units according to the rep only 59 pre-orders exsist. My order is in the system as of 3:02pm EST 07/04. He asked if I wished to purchase another. He also stated that J&R will ship all pre-orders on the 16th.

    • admin says:

      Thanks for posting that! I was thinking of asking if anyone did order and what they had to say. This is great information. Thanks for visiting the site!

  7. haroway says:

    You’re welcome. After a failed attempt at my first HD Android tablet being the Acer A700. I remember that ASUS had the Infinity on the way, so it was a no brainer. (I also own a TF101) My wife purchased the Acer A700 for my father’s day gift. The tablet was riddled with problems. Newegg looks like they played football with the box. Then to find it was buggy, crashing, lagging, overheating and generally no so much of an upgrade to me I requested an RMA. Doing the math plus better specs (and keyboard dock) make the Infinity the better choice all around. My wife not being that tech savvy tried :) thought that was the next best thing..

  8. Jack Powers says:

    I pre ordered the Asus Infinity on June 28th. They had a pending on the Visa card till yesterday then they pulled that and sent me an email saying that the tablet was not currenntly in stock and said they hope to have them shortly. They said this email was sent on all pre order items and no need to contact them.

    • ed says:

      I preordered on 6/30 and have received no such email. Their website says they do not charge cards or withdraw funds until they ship the order.

    • admin says:

      Hi thanks for your update on that situation! I have heard from a few different people that have pre ordered from J&R.com and perhaps they went beyond their allotment and have had to cancel some of the existing pre orders. It’s a bit confusing either way. I really hope (as most of you hope) that there isn’t another delay on the Infinity TF700. The only reason I bring that up is because the big retailers have still yet to put pre order pages. I’m sure part of that is because they need assurances on how many units they will be getting before they can possibly put them up for sale as pre orders. Stay tuned. Sorry I keep saying stay tuned but no choice right now…

  9. haroway says:

    There is so much confusing information. B&H has it up but auto-notify when in stock. It seems most retailers won’t get more than a couple of hundred units. I’m very shocked NewEgg & Tiger Direct are not in the game yet. I wouldn’t purchase anything from BestBuy for personal reasons. Plus they are on the out of business. Yes J&R took way too many per-orders because they knew this beast will sell!!!!

  10. Arjun says:

    On the Facebook site the question asked was, when can I pre-order the device? And the answer given was July 16th. J&R may have jumped the gun a bit or I would think they are not the only retailers for the product. Neither Amazon, Best Buy or Newegg had any pre-orders up and thats weird that only one retailer put it up. Best Buy had the page up pre-maturely. 8 days to release and still no pre-orders up. If by tomorrow pre-orders don’t go live, I can assume the product will be available by 1-2 weeks after the 16th.

    • admin says:

      This is fantastic information. Thank you for posting that. In the back of my mind when the July 16th date was announced, I wondered if that was only a date of pre order and not date of getting TF700 in hands. Thanks for the details and visiting the site!

  11. haroway says:

    I called J&R personally whomever was lucky enough is on the pre-order list will receive it. (unless ASUS themselves delays the product) According to several reps each credit card used were placed on hold for the said amount of the device or if you ordered both tablet and dock. J&R expects to have them in and shipped as of the 16th. This is a quote from several reps who scanned the system. They are STILL taking per-orders as of 1:21pm 7/7/2012 they have over 1,000 units orders as of today. Some will not be shipped on 16th to keep up with demand.

  12. jose says:

    This is from Asus customer service:

    “The July 16th is the date that it will be available. Simply put, that is the date where the resellers will be allow to sell them. We have a lot of resellers and if they want to do preorders, that is totally up to them. Some will have it available by then, some won’t. Resellers usually do preorders when they are 100% sure they will have enough to satisfy the preorders. If not, there will be a lot of angry customers.

    As of now, there shouldn’t be any delays to push that date back, but with electronics, you’ll never know.”

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