Richies Room Transformer Infinity videos taken down until June 25th

I just saw this. Those nice Transformer Infinity TF700 videos that we linked to? The ones with the iPad comparison, the TF700 unboxing and that elegant hands-on video? All removed by Richies Room. If you visit their site, this is what you will see:

“Thank you for visiting our page.

Our content regarding the ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity has been taken down

temporarily and will be re uploaded on the 25th of June.

Please return on this day.”

So what the heck does this mean? It says to me we are waiting another week before the Transformer Infinity hits the market. If it’s going to be like the TF300T, then the day the tablet is released you will see full-on reviews on the TF700T that the bigger sites have had in their possession for days or more. Perhaps Richie got a spanking from Asus? Whatever the case the videos are amazing and it’s too bad that they are no longer available. If anything take that date of June 25th as being significant. To me that’s when finally the Transformer Infinity TF700T will get the long awaited pre order and mass reviews on the web. It does make me wonder whether Asus is still tweaking it or they simply don’t want the competition to get a look at their tablet. Not sure. It’s strange for sure. If you have a theory, please mention in the comments. Nothing else to do so why not speculate? Who’s first?

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2 Responses to Richies Room Transformer Infinity videos taken down until June 25th

  1. Bob says:

    @AsusUK tweeted yesterday that the Transformer Infinity will not be available in the UK until August so don’t get too excited about the significance June 25th date.

  2. Wesley says:

    I think their going back and completely revamping the device. With the cheap price of the acer a700 which has almost the same specs as the infinity, they’ll have to lower the price. And with the surface tablet, they are also in trouble.

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