Asus 810 tablet (Asus TF810) passes through the FCC

It’s a busy time for Asus and the FCC. The Asus 600 just passed through a day ago and now we have the Asus 810 before us. The official name of the 810 tablet is “Asus Tablet 810″. Although this is a Transformer, meaning it has a keyboard dock accessory, Asus has left the Windows 8 tablets with a different naming scheme. No mention of the Asus 810 as being part of the Transformer Pad family. As you can see from the label, this is the TF810C. The “TF” indicates it’s part of the Transformer series and the “C” indicated Intel Atom Clover Trail processor.

The Asus 810 tablet is 11.6-inches and uses an Intel Atom processor. It also features a Wacom digitizer pen. There aren’t many details from the FCC submission but the timing says it all. Expect the 810 to be part of the October Windows 8 launch. With the use of the Atom processor, this could be a cheap Windows 8 tablet although no official pricing has been announced.

asus tablet 810

asus 810 tablet transformer

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2 Responses to Asus 810 tablet (Asus TF810) passes through the FCC

  1. edward taylor says:

    When Will this tablet ship in the U.S.
    Wher can I get more information about the ft800c ?

  2. Rafael says:

    Seems to be perfect to run virtual instruments (VST) thru Win 8 and tablet size screen , to have soundfonts, VSTi, and legacy apps ‘on the go’. That wouldn’t be supported by Windows 8 RT, is it ?

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