Why Asus will make the Google Nexus 10 tablet

google nexus 10 tablet

Just a mock up image of what could be…

To be or not to be… that is the question…

We have just seen the unveiling of the 7-inch Nexus 7 tablet which is was made and designed by both Asus and Google. A story this week from Digitimes.com suggests that Google is already looking at suppliers for a 10-inch Nexus 10 tablet.

“Google also reportedly plans to launch a 10-inch tablet with touch panels to come from AU Optronics (AUO) and Wintek, making Wintek the largest touch panel supplier for Google, said the sources.” — Digitimes.com

I don’t think it’s a stretch to think that it’s going to happen. If you haven’t noticed there is a real shuffling and turmoil in the tablet market right now. It’s going in all sorts of different directions and one thing is for sure, a Nexus 10 would force the prices of 10-inch tablets down further. We will soon see the same effect in the 7-inch tablets thanks to the break even Nexus 7.

But I’m here to say why the Asus/Google partnership will likely move forward into a Nexus 10 tablet. Understand that I’m not privy to any inside information and this is strictly speculation on my part. It’s fun to speculate about these things! I have a few points which you can feel free to debate or criticize with the comments section below.

Firstly, Asus and Google worked together creating the Nexus 7 which most likely is going to be the best selling 7-inch tablet ever. It’s hard to imagine a tablet selling better when it’s got the marketing machine of Google and the cheap price of $199. Presuming there weren’t any hard feelings during the process of creating the Nexus 7, it’s safe to say it’s easier working with a partner you have had success with. Yes Google has worked with Samsung and smartphones and perhaps they could be a part of a Nexus 10 if Asus isn’t. For all we know, perhaps the Samsung and Google partnership didn’t go as well as desired and that’s why Asus got the nod for the Nexus 7. Who knows really.

Second, Asus doesn’t exactly have a tablet only 10-inch Android model. All of their 10-inch tablets are part of the Transformer series. In other words, Asus isn’t exactly going to be cutting their own line-up if they helped Google create a Nexus 10. It would be safe to say that the Nexus 10 would not be a Transformer model don’t you think?

Third, and you might find this a bit comical and that’s fine, but it just feels right! Check out this screenshot from the Asus official website which now sports it’s own “Nexus” category.

nexus 10

In that list you see “Nexus 7″. Doesn’t it just seem natural for a “Nexus 10″ to appear there also? To me it does. It feels empty without Asus adding another tablet in there.

It’s even possible that it is a two tablet deal. A 7-inch and a 10-inch Android tablet built with guidelines and specs as designated by Google. I tell you what would be strange. Having Asus build the 7-inch Nexus tablet and then have a completely different company build a Nexus 10 tablet. That’s not a brilliant move in my opinion. If you go with a different company for the Nexus 10 does that mean you aren’t satisfied with your Asus built Nexus 7? If it’s a good fit then run with it otherwise you will confuse the consumer and undermine your Nexus 7 tablet. If it’s so great why wouldn’t Asus build the 10-inch version? That’s my point.

This is just a fun discussion so please add your own thoughts. I’m not an insider! This is just commentary and opinion. There is no right or wrong.


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