Best Transformer Infinity Cases and Accessories – Reviews – Buying Guide

A lot of us are just now receiving our Transformer Infinity TF700 tablets. Some may have ordered with a case, other may not have. Sorting through the accessories can be a bit overwhelming to say the least. With the popularity of the Transformer Infinity, expect the accessories to become plentiful and harder to choose from. This post is going to hopefully give you some ideas for what to buy for your Infinity that’s going to make it even better than it already is.

I hope this can also become a community driven post from all you Transformer Infinity owners. You can list some of your favorite accessories or ones that you regret buying. I think collectively we can get a great list of “must have” Transformer Infinity accessories.

Best Asus Transformer Infinity Case Ideas

Certainly there are a lot of options if you’re looking for a case that can fit your Infinity TF700 in the “netbook”mode. When you have the tablet docked in the keyboard, there are plenty of 10-inch case products that will do the job just fine. I will get to some of those a little later on.

Asus has created a number of their own official Transformer accessories and these go back to the original Transformer tablet. Asus has done a redesign and come up with a very interesting and somewhat confusing looking Transleeve Dual case. The fact is it’s very versatile and will work for pretty much any type of situation you might need. Some of the key features as listed by Asus include:

  • Dual-position multi-view ASUS Pad cover
  • Foldable design supports handheld video watching and ergonomic typing
  • Fixed-location position allows for wrist comfort without removing the Pad
  • Flexible and smart design fits ASUS Pad with or without the dock
  • Protective soft-touch polyester microfiber keeps items safe
  • Diverse range of colors offered to match your style and taste

asus infinity case

In case (no pun intended) you’re looking for a Transformer Infinity case that works without the keyboard dock, rooCASE make some great quality and popular cases. They come in a few colors including black, red and magenta. They have a couple varieties, which include a “multi-angle” folio case,  a “dual-axis” leather case, and an executive portfolio leather case. All these variants are for just the tablet portion of the Infinity TF700.

transformer tf700 infinity case accessories

Screen Protectors and Body Protectors

I am currently researching between Skinomi and Zagg screen and body protection. For those of you who want to keep your Infinity tablet free from bulk, a protective skin is your best option. There are many different companies like Gelaskins who offer up artistic skins. Those are cool but are not made of the same durable materials that go into Zagg products. The real difference aside from quality is that Zagg are transparent. They are a bit more challenging to place on your tablet but you can get full 100% coverage. I’ll have a bit more details and hands-on because I’m buying a Zagg screen protector for my tablet and smartphone. It would appear that the two best options are between Skinomi and Zagg. I’ll have more comparison information up soon. On a personal note the reason I’m preferring a skin is because the design of tablet and the feel of it remains pristine. You’re holding the hardware/tablet and not a rubber case etc.

Portable Speakers

I recently bought a small and light Bluetooth speaker and it’s amazing! I think having a wireless speaker for your Infinity tablet is almost a “must have” especially if you enjoy watching movies or listening to music in an environment outside of the home. This is to say that the audio from the tablet speakers is not excellent when you are in a big environment such as outdoors. A Bluetooth speaker can be setup easily, is small, and allows for a much more pleasant listening experience. I have bought the Monster ClarityHD speaker and will post some details in a mini review. So far this is the best investment I’ve made. The best part about a Bluetooth speaker is that you can use it on any Bluetooth device like a smartphone or laptop. You aren’t just limited to using it with your Transformer Infinity.

  • Ultra-compact, high performance Bluetooth speaker delivers best-in-class wireless stereo sound.
  • Optimized for Blackberry devices, smartphones, netbooks and notebook PCs.
  • Built-in mic with advanced noise cancellation enables clear wireless hands-free calling and conferencing.
  • Rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries power up to 5 hours of play time at full volume on a single charge.
  • Connects to iPod or any device with a 3.5 mm headphone port using a mini-jack cable (cable not included).

best portable speakers

Bluetooth Mouse (Wireless) vs. USB Mouse

If you’re like me, a trackpad works in small doses. If you need to get really productive or require very precise, repetitive work on your docked Transformer Infinity, then a Bluetooth mouse is a great investment. You may also simply not like using a trackpad. Not everyone has experience with the laptop style touchpad and perhaps it’s your first experience with one. You can either give it some time and learn how to use it better, or you may simply prefer to use a mouse instead. If a mouse means more enjoyment from your Infinity tablet then I say go for it!

I will strongly suggest looking at Bluetooth because there isn’t a surplus of USB ports on your Infinity dock and uses up a port for a mouse might leave you in bind later on.

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11 Responses to Best Transformer Infinity Cases and Accessories – Reviews – Buying Guide

  1. Eric says:

    This may be a stupid question, but do the Infinity and Prime have the same form-factor? That is, will cases and skins for the Prime fit the Infinity? They share the same dock, so I would assume so…

    I’m looking at the Skinomi skin for mine — 25% off with promo code “get25″ makes it tempting to buy the prime tablet/dock skin pack… if anyone thinks it will work with the Infinity…

    • Amber D says:

      It would for the most part, but if anything is off or moved as far as ports or buttons go, you would have to make a hole yourself and the per-existing one wouldn’t be covered. Skinomi and Zagg will have them coming out soon. Also, if you plan on getting the dock, make sure to get the dockable version of the protector, and not the tablet only version.

  2. matt says:

    Anyone have any reviews on cases?

    • admin says:

      Hi, thanks for posting. I’m in the middle of getting more cases on the page. I will focus on the best reviewed cases and the popular cases. Stay tuned for those if you can wait! Thanks for visiting the site.

  3. Stacy says:

    Zagg is running a BOGO sale on their website for Invisible Shields. I got a TF700T shield from Best Buy but have not put it on yet. I was told they would put it on for $14.99 and it is guarantee to be perfect. Think I might do that.

    When I looked online at Zagg, they did not have a shield for TF700T, only the Prime. I called and they said the one for Prime will fit TF700T. I asked why they don’t have on their website but have in a Best Buy store and was just told they have special contracts set up and the store may carry something they don’t have online. Strange, but oh well. They also said that if you get the Invisible Shield, it won’t fit if you have the dock and you have the cut the shield. Don’t have a dock so can’t picture what they mean. Anyone have any input on this?

    • Amber D says:

      They’re talking about the overlap part of the infinity and the dock. The part that goes into the dock wouldn’t fit properly with protectors and could leave nasty marks on the screen protector, so that part that overlaps doesn’t have a protector. It’s just cut differently to allow the infinity to dock without causing problems.

  4. papichulo says:

    Anyone knows a company that offers a clear polycarbonate/hard plastic protector for the back of the TF700? (there are tons of those for the iPad) The Zagg shields are hard to put on and over time deteriorate and come off, get bubbles, etc. Had that happened with a phone that had a Zagg shield. Thanks!

    • admin says:

      Hi, sorry for a late reply. I’m looking around from something like you’re asking, but it’s quite a difficult hunt so far. It does seem that the accessories are rolling out slowly. I’m sure this is going to increase in the very near future.

  5. Amber says:

    I want to try to take notes in class with my tablet. What does anyone suggest for a good stylus that works well and is easy to write with?

    • admin says:

      Hi. I’m looking around right now and wow there are some cheap options on Amazon. Some are $5 which is crazy to me. I’ll need to check in a bit more to see what’s good or not. I think beware of good reviews on products that sell for less than $10. That’s me though.

      • Amber says:

        That’s my problem, haha. I almost got one which was the rooCase or something, but then got worried and backed out from actually buying it. I don’t mind spending more if I will be able to comprehensively write with it.

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