Happy with your Transformer Infinity purchase? Your Reviews and Testimonials.

One thing has become clear to me. Thanks to a great number of generous visitors to this site, we’ve really become community driven. All your comments and advice during the quest to buy a Transformer Infinity has been amazing to see. I’m grateful that’s for sure!

So now that we’re finally getting our Infinity tablets, why not share your reviews? You can leave a comment here or feel free to send me an email with your review. Is it the best tablet on the market? Do you have any tips for setting it up and getting the most from your TF700? If you love it, let everyone know what you love. Let this be our Transformer TF700 user’s guide and reviews.

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96 Responses to Happy with your Transformer Infinity purchase? Your Reviews and Testimonials.

  1. Eric says:

    I am eagerly awaiting my TF700. I did receive today a keyboard dock with Customer P/N: TF700T-DOCK-GR. However, the Model listed on the back of the box and the back of the Dock itself says “TF201″. I was wondering if anyone out there has actually received a TF700 dock, or if everyone is simply getting a TF201 with a new label on the box instead?

    • Jack says:

      I ordered a tf700 dock and received a dock marked tf700/tf600 on the box.
      Inside on the back of the dock it was marked Pad Tf201. It works great. The only thing out of the ordinary is the latch on the docking mechanism sticks.
      Hey guys, buy a tf201 dock and save yourself $50. I tried my wireless mouse receiver in the usb port. It worked instantly
      This tablet exceeds all my expectations.

  2. Asfand says:

    I have received my TF700T 64gb Gray tablet from B&H today. I had already purchased the TF201 keyboard dock from best buy last friday. I am actually writing this from my docked Asus infinity tablet! This tablet is amazing, I have nearly bought all of the tegra 3 enhanced games, I have already ran a bunch of tasked simultaneously, tested the browser which is fast and amazing, Asus has gotten hardware specs to be perfect on this tablet, Google has made an amazing well done Android OS that is a billion times better than honeycomb OS and actually works! The TF201 dock looks as if it was made for this tablet, the gray TF201 keyboard dock and my gray TF700T tablet are 100% color match! And actually fits PERFECTLY together not even a millimeter off on alignment when closed. Keyboard is super easy and fast to type on! I have been using remote desktop on this tablet to a virtual windows 7 desktop I have running at a server in my house and it makes for a perfect laptop! No complaints! Make sure you upgrade your firmware when you first power your tablet on, also charge the tablet as mine came with only 8% battery. I have never been so satisfied with an android tablet in my life, this is my 4th tablet, and if you include phones my 7th android device…

    – Asfand

    • admin says:

      Sweet! I’m drooling thanks to that review. Considering you’ve had other tablets (3!) it means a lot in what you’re saying. Thanks for posting!

    • LeeFluff says:

      looking at the the TF201-DOCK-GR and the TF700-DOCK-GR
      both are exactly the same external dimensions and weight, but the OLDer keyboard for the Prime has 22WH battery, whereas the NEWer one for the Infinity only has a 19.5WH Battery.

      If there truly is no other differences, then can anyone think of a reason I shouldn’t just get the TF201-DOCK-GR from BHPhoto for US111, instead of US$149?

      • whaaa says:

        From what I read, the only difference I have heard is that the new dock is not backwards compatible with the prime, but the prime dock is forwards compatible with the infinity… so… now that I think about it I really have no idea why I went with the new dock… the old dock sounds better- why did they create a brand new slightly worse dock that costs more?? haha

        There MUST be something… why else would they make the battery smaller if not to accommodate something else?… no idea but really I can’t think of any reason you shouldn’t : / Until we get someone to do a better comparison it looks like your assessment is accurate

      • whaaa says:

        One situation that someone I spoke to brought up is that since the newer dock has a newer firmware version, it may have fixed some bugs or issues that the old dock had? He was saying he heard of a similar situation with another product where people with the old dock had to physically mail the dock in to get the firmware update because there was no self-service way to upgrade.

        So it’s possible you’re paying the extra money to get some sort of fixes or performance enhancements that the old dock doesn’t have, and that you couldn’t get without mailing in? Just speculation, I don’t know if any actual problems that the old dock had, but I never owned a prime.

        • admin says:

          Very interesting point whaaa. You may really be onto something there. I’ll see if I can find any “official” statement from Asus on this. I’m sure they will need to address this situation as more and more people get their tablets and more people get confused.

        • Asfand says:

          When you first dock the TF201 with the tablet, you are prompted for this new firmware version, so the fixes are applied at that moment.

          • whaaa says:

            interesting, you’re sure it wasn’t just the tablet update? If the tablet can install firmware on the dock, then that is pretty lame that we’d basically be paying more for a dock where the only difference is a smaller batery : (

      • shamad1 says:

        In one of the Asus videos with the interviews with the product designers, one of them was talking about how they adjusted the design of the dock for the infinity to achieve a better physical balance. However, I don’t recall which video that was, and who knows if they actually implemented the changes in the production products. Maybe they just thought about it but left the dock as-is.

        My dock from Office Depot should arrive today and I’ll post the details.

        • admin says:

          Brilliant post! I think you nailed it here with that observation from that video. I don’t recall that from the video but it could very well make sense. The smaller battery in the TF700 keyboard was done for a balance improvement. I can believe that. If not, it makes no sense for them to have the smaller battery on the newer tablet. With that said has anyone confirmed the size of the battery in the ones shipped as TF700 docks but with the label on the dock itself as being TF201?

          No doubt this story gets more bizarre. This was a great point you made and I’m glad you posted that. Let’s see what Asus says!

          • shamad1 says:

            Yeah, I was surprised nobody mentioned that already. I feel bad leaving it hanging with a [citation needed], so maybe I can find that video and provide a link. :-)

          • VRS says:

            I had a Prime which I returned due to the signal issues.

            I noticed that if I pushed the screen (Tablet) father back while it was connected to the dock that it would tip over. So it does not seem to make sense to me that they would lighten the weight of the dock for a better balance? Just saying.

        • whaaa says:

          yeah you could be right. Didn’t someone around here also mention that they said they were going to fix some track pad issues? after they mentioned that I did remember reading it somewhere (but Im’ not sure if the fixes/improvements were done in firmware or physically.

          • VRS says:

            Just picked my Tablet and Dock at Bestbuy. Interesting that on the back of the dock it states that it is a model TF201. On the back of the Box the label reads Model:TF201 Mobile Docking, but below the P/N code it reads TF700T – Dock – GR.

            I think(s) Asus needs to get it’s stuff together, from the model numbers on the product and box to their ability to deliver their products more professionaly. When Apple releases their products they set a time and typically have customers lined up at the door. With Asus it seems to have been lots of smoke and mirrors with no clear idea as to what they were up to. Granted, Apple is a much larger company with experience and more assets to manufacture and deliver. But if Asus truly wants to play with the big boys they need to figure out how to smooth their image and enhance their ability to make their products pop. The days of garage geekdom has long passed and end users expect more from leading producers.

            That said, I see the TF700 as a more innovative product with more connectivity than the Apple. After 30+ years in IT as a system engineer/IT director I have never been a fan of Apple’s closed systems.

            Good luck to everyone with their Infinity – looks like an excellent machine and cannot wait till mine is charged up to dive in.

            Thanks for all the feedback here, it is truly is helpful.

          • callen says:

            Just got my infinity and dock today, ordered from J&R.com. Noticed the same thing as VRS, the package for the dock shows Model TF201 Mobile Dock but also has TF700T-Dock-GR also listed. The tablet sees the dock as the 201 as well, kind of strange. It didn’t ask or try to update any firmware when first connected either so it may be a model 201 hardware with 700 firmware updated.

  3. Johnny says:

    Got mine in today from Amazon. will be a few weeks it looks like before they ship my dock. Anyway, Im pleased. Its my first tablet. Was not impressed with previous android tablets and I wont buy apple stuff. It looks great. feels great. the screen is gorgeous. Some issues with third party software. Ive had some freezing and crashes with certain things. More of an issue with the app devs than with android.
    The battery life is ok. Im not jumping up and down about it, but its decent.
    The wifi seems to be fine. Signal strength matches what my laptop is getting so it looks like they solved that issue. Going to get a repeater in the house to boost strength some more.
    sucks that firefox does not work with ICS yet. Chrome is ok, but there is no bookmark bar in the mobile version. and the bookmark layout is not impressing me.
    Just going to hope firefox gets updated for ICS soon. using xmarks, I can keep it synced with all my other devices running firefox. (tried firefox sync. messy).
    Thats the only thing Im not happy with.
    That aside, this one is a sure winner.

  4. whaaa says:

    I didn’t get much time to play with it today, but I got both the 64gb + dock and so far I’m really digging it. For the hardware at least they slammed it out of the park- using it docked is amazing- I never had the prime so this is my first experience with that. it feels very sturdy and well designed didn’t feel flimsy to me at all, I could really type and navigate around easily.

    This is my first time going back to an android tablet after the first time I bought a tablet. Had an iPad 2 and bought a XOOM hoping to replace it, but that was a terrible experience and it went right back (that was also when Android was still lacking daily used apps for me like netflix and hulu+). Once ICS worked out a lot of the kinks I saw in honeycomb though I was itching to try the next high end tablet with it, so here we are.

    Now that the ‘app gap’ has narrowed a lot (although it’s still there), I’m liking the experience much better. The navigation of the OS etc is much better suited to a tablet than the stretched out phone style of iOS, but that’s been true since honeycomb. The difference is now the experience is a lot better with the kinks worked out; it’s very smooth. The screen is gorgeous, and I like the 16:10 aspect ratio, although it does feel a little weird coming from the 4:3 ipad. I think it’s better but it will take some getting used to in portrait mode, haha.

    For my disappointments… I think it’s mostly 3rd party stuff. Netflix needs to increase their damn video quality- I need to do a comparison with my iPad2 or an iPad3, but I feel like the quality looks better on them… H+ looked pretty good, but in general they need to stream higher quality HD to mobile devices at least when they’re on wifi. Also, the Netflix UI is pretty slow and jittery… out of the box it is HORRENDOUS- it’s almost unusable, but I found a tip that if you turn on ‘force gpu rendering’ it’s much better. Still not smooth though.
    Also, I think they might still have some performance issues with ICS on tablet- maybe just me, but I was getting a few of those “X has stopped respoinding- do you want to close” messages. When I said “wait” it usually came back to being fine quickly after that, and I do sometimes get those on my phone, but not too often. I was surprised to see a few so soon after playing with it. Google play was slowing down on me pretty hard, but I think that’s because I was installing like ALL my apps at once, lol.

    Anyway, I’m hoping the performance issues are just some start up problems and it starts to taper off. The app gap for native tablet apps is definitely still there and sucks a little, but overall I am VERY happy with this compared to the iPad, because the improvements over honeycomb are good enough that to me there aren’t any trade-offs big enough to keep me away from the OS, and taking advantage of what androids best strength has always been- the openness of the platform. Being able to do that on a tablet with a smooth solid UI experience is what I’ve been waiting for, and I’m pretty sure I finally got it!

    • Asfand says:

      I too had the same issues with the netflix app, it takes a few secs to render video and the app UI is jittery, but thats the Netflix app devs issue, facebook app as usual is horrible, facebook app devs cant get anything right..

      • Dreane says:

        I am finding that some apps are crashing. Words with friends crashes upon opening. Zynga Poker crashes. Anyone know why this is happening?

        • shamad1 says:

          I haven’t been able to launch some apps as well, including Draw Something. Just crashed right back to the home screen. I also notice that some apps show menu bars really small, so my guess is it may have something to do with the screen resolution.

  5. Matt says:

    Out of the box did an 8 hour charge to 100%
    Then did a super power use session with everything on and regular ips on all the way……i got 4 hours and 20 minutes before i was down to 0. Now this was the initial charge which is notoriously bad so i will report tomorrows finding’s on life.

    Whaaa already spoke a lot of truth above..
    Netflix app horrrrible glitchy slowness with crap HD…where is our 1080???

    I unlike some have had no crashes or non responsiveness. I’ve downed a ton of apps and I even downloaded a torrent with torrent lite with ease.

    Great wifi and gps reception so far!!

    Dolphin browser for pad is the best tablet web app so far…..we really need a nice list of some great optimized apps.

  6. nick says:

    Everything is fantastic, although I can’t seem to get the vibrate on touch or keypad to work. I have checked the selection boxes in settings under Sound, Security, and the default Asus keyboard settings. Anyone else having similar issues or know what I’m missing?

    Sent a message to Asus and they said to make sure firmware is updated (which it is and did automatically) or to try and do an OS reset. Before I go ahead and reset all of my apps and data after just setting them up I wanted to check and see if anyone else is having similar issues.


    • whaaa says:

      mine vibrates on touch of the home/menu buttons etc, but it’s pretty light. I don’t think it does on (touch) keypress though. It did after I installed thumb keyboard and turned the haptic feedback on, but I turned it back off cuz I personally don’t like it- and I assume it has an effect on battery performance.

    • shamad1 says:

      I think mine is working. Actually kind of confused me for a minute wondering if it was just my imagination or if something was vibrating when I was typing. I’m probably too new to Android to say if it’s working properly, but it’s definitely doing something.

  7. Matt says:

    I can confirm a similar issue with “no” vibration on the asus keyboard despite having it set correctly.

    I have sound and vibration turned all the way up and its suuuuuuper quiet and barely vibrates if not at all.

    If i switch to android keyboard settings and go to advanced settings i can turn vibration and sound extremely loud……..but android has no t9 trace option and asus keyboard does so that is kind of a deal breaker.

    I notice the asus tiny vibration more on delete and spacebar but its still almost non existent…….let me know if you reset

    • whaaa says:

      I use thumb keyboard when undocked anyway, I feel like it’s by far the easies to use, especially in landscape mode. One thing that I noticed that’s kind of annoying though, is when you re-dock it it says you should switch back to asus keyboard mode to be ‘consistent’ with the dock. I haven’t tried using the dock without doing it yet, so maybe it’s not that big of a deal, but that will be pretty annoging if I have to switch the keyboard style to be what I want every single time I dock/undock…

      could be that ASUS keyboard is mainly just meant to be used in conjunction wtih the dock, so it’s not meant to vibrate?

    • nick says:

      OK….did the reset (which would have been a lot easier if I hadn’t had it completely set up the way I wanted it first). For some reason the Google backup/restore didn’t work….the internal App Backup program kind of worked.

      Anyways, I am now noticing a very slight vibration when typing with the Asus keyboard now, but honestly it is so light I swear it could just be in my head. No vibration when touching the pad to select anything, or with the home screen or back buttons. I will reply back to Asus and see what they say….hopefully will be something picked up in a firmware update.

      Let me know if anyone else figures anything out. Other than that I love it!

  8. shamad1 says:

    I’m at work today so don’t have much time, but here’s a quick post with my first impressions. I received my gray 64GB TF700T from Amazon yesterday, and so far I’m very happy with the purchase. This is my first Android device and replaces an EP121 that I had used previously. The EP121 was great, but had three major shortcomings: size, battery life, and lack of keyboard. I use the tablet as a secondary device, and for my needs the TF700T seems much better suited.

    Overall, I’m very impressed with the device so far. This is definitely a power user’s tablet compared to my wife’s iPad 2. Multi-tasking has worked perfectly and I love the ability to customize just about everything. As with Asfand, I have a home server set up with a virtual Windows 7 machine and remote desktop works great for anything that I can’t do natively on Android. (though I’ve had some challenges setting the right resolution for Splashtop – might try another Remote Desktop client)

    Wifi has worked great so far, and I get solid GPS reception even just sitting on the couch inside my house.

    I charged the battery before using, and so far on Power Saving mode installing and testing apps, I seem to be getting a good 6 or 7 hours of battery life with screen at half brightness.

    I’m not sure why people complain about lack of apps on Android, because so far I’ve found everything I need. I even dialed in to a Webex yesterday for work and it worked great. I see this being a good option for personal productivity, work, and play all combined into one.

    I’ve owned a lot of computing devices over the years, and overall I’m very impressed with what Asus has managed to pack into such a small device. So far I’m loving it!

    • Asfand says:

      Hey Shamad1, I am using a VMware ESXi 5 server running a windows 7 VM, I use Vmware View app in conjunction with a VMware View server which uses PCOIP instead of normal TCP/IP RDP technology, it works flawlessly, its hella expensive but a good free solution you can use Pocket Cloud PC app for android and it will match your screens resolution on your tablet, its awesome! TeamViewer works good too, but I also upgraded to pocket cloud pc pro for 14.99 through the google play app store and it is even better with added functionality such as a RD Gateway. Give pocket cloud pc app a try if your tech savvy with port forwarding rules to your home network, for an easier solution try TeamViewer its free, you have to install the client on your windows 7 machine and then the free app on your tablet and sign in and walah! it just works! You can FTP files back and forth in Team Viewer as well!

      • shamad1 says:

        Awesome, thanks for the tips. I actually use ESXi 5 as well on a low-power whitebox, which could be the subject of a whole other thread. :-) Will check it out.

  9. Debbie says:

    Does anyone know how to keep the screen from auto-rotating while using video chat? Trying to use ooVoo, but can’t lock the screen in a horizontal position. If you turn the screen to see the person you are talking to, then you are vertical on their view of you from the front facing camera. Does not display the incoming calling in a horizontal format, only vertical. First tablet, new user, please any help would be appreciated.

    • whaaa says:

      did you try the general auto-rotate on/off. If you open the settings you see a bar of toggles (‘lit up’ means on, dark means off) I’m no tlooking at it now, but there are various ones for wifi, bluetooth etc. when you tap them it tells you what they do. The auto-rotate one looks like a tilted rectangle with curved arrows around the sides of it

      Turn it to the orientation you want, then turn that off, it should work unless your app overrides it somehow.

  10. Debbie says:

    I think the app is over riding it…. Just hard to do a video chat with either the viewer or viewee at right angles to each other. ooVoo is compatiable with the ASUS Transformer Prime with Android Honeycomb. Maybe they will have a firmware update for the Infinity with the Android Ice Cream Sandwich soon. If that is the issue.

  11. LeeFluff says:

    ok – I’ve taken the plunge.
    I ordered the TF700T, and the TF201-DOCK both in Grey.
    They should get to New Zealand before I am on Holiday (in a weeks time) so I’ll let you all know if my experience matches Asfand’s.
    Pretty excited – first tablet purchase (not counting my iPhone4)

    on a side note… I’m still waiting for the UX21A to come out… my lady wants a small (“13 inches is WAY too Big!”) Windows-ready Laptop with a 256GB SSD and quick-start, with a minimum battery life of 5 hours (Who says women aren’t high-maintenance!)

    • admin says:

      Hi Lee. I’m quite curious about you getting one shipped to New Zealand. Was that from B&H? Do you recommend doing it for folks in Australia instead of waiting out the release date there? I notice that there aren’t a lot of Amazon type retailers who ship to your area or am I wrong on that? Just curious. Thanks for posting and visiting the site!

      • Arne says:

        Hi Admin,

        Don’t wait for the Australian release.. Word is that it will cost $999 here.. As usual we Aussies get ripped off.. Thank goodness we are able to buy online.. and we don’t get to pay the GST by doing so..

        • Leefluff says:

          Here in NZ we often pay twice on middle men.
          Supplies are generally distributed via Australia and then NZ so our toys come quite late and always Over priced.

          At the moment the NZ dollar is extremely strong so consumers buying overseas are taking the chance of difficulty in support and warranty issues for a significant saving of as much as 30 to 40%. The warranty is international but return through a retailer not an option.

          I have heard rumour that Asus’ after sales support is incredibly bad anyway so I figured what the heck

          I bought from b and h photo and the shipping was honestly very reasonable at US$61 for the pair to NZ.

          It is a bit of a risk. But I get a toy about 2 months earlier and save some money. I just hope I don’t regret it.

          • David says:

            Got mine from B&H photo as well. Good service – promptly dispatched. UPS US$61 for the pair. Took longer to clear customs than to get from New York to Auckland, good progress tracking. Got hit for $189 GST and customs clearance fees.

  12. papichulo says:

    Can anyone recommend the best games that take advantage of the high resolution screen and the best apps for the infinity? Pretty new in the android world and would like to get an idea…thanks!

  13. rolias says:

    B&H simultaneously announced the TF700 docking station is ‘now in stock’ and that the TF201 docking station is ‘discontinued’ and no longer available.
    Clearly they are now selling the same keyboard for $40 more. Bloody crooks.

    • Leefluff says:

      Well. I read that a few people had received their combined orders with a dock that had ambiguous labelling. So b and h wouldn’t be the first
      If what you say is true then Im doubly lucky.

  14. Debbie says:

    My local Bestbuy has the TF201 dock back in-stock today. Ordered it Thursday from the warehouse (not in-stock locally at the time) with free shipping because I was afraid it was going to be discontinued, once they got the TF700T docks in stock. The TF201 dock is still on sale for $99.99 probably till Saturday. New sales usually start on Sundays. Hopefully this helps anyone still needing a dock for their new TF700T tablet.

  15. Bill Severance says:

    Received by 64GB Gray TF700 from B and H on Friday only 3 days after ordering. I’m very impressed so far particularly with the screen resolution, brightness and rendering speed when browsing. Very good WiFi (n) and GPS signal strength. All of my Android phone (Droid 2x) applications automatically downloaded and my calendar sync’d as soon as I entered by existing gmail account info. Looking for the dock ordered at the same time to next week – it appears that B and H is starting to ship them.

  16. whaaa says:

    I really hope that during the lifetime of this generation of tablets, developers start getting their stuff together as far as tablet optimization/native tablet apps go. There’s a lot to love about the Infinity, but at the same time I’m getting a lot of flashbacks of why I returned my Xoom in the first few weeks.

    To be fair, with the Xoom, a lot more of it was rooted in actual faults of the OS. In this case, I think the infinity as a product (hardware and OS) are perfectly fine; but because the device is nothing without the apps, using it has been a bit painful. For applications that run fine on my galaxy nexus, I am getting poor performance (skips in scrolling/transitions, having to do some gestures multiple time to see if the app is just frozen for a few seconds etc…sometimes it’s a small performance jitter and control comes back to me in a second or so, sometimes I get the “force stop/wait” dialog, and others the app just froze and I have to back out and kill it. I even had to totally reboot once. When it happens in apps like the dolphin browser it’s a huge pain because that’s an app I use frequently. (I did notice one thing on a hardware note though, does anyone else see this ‘grid’ of light dots on the screen when it’s held in direct sunlight at certain angles? I can’t remember if iPad had that or not, it’s definitely notceable in certain lighting conditions though)

    I still need to experiment with a broader range of apps, but whenever this happens (even the small performance jitters when scrolling a page that doesn’t go totally smoothly), it just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. To think that I paid this much money, and the device has decent ram and a Tegra 3 quad core processor, and I can’t get uniformly smooth scrolling in EVERY app really disappoints me…that shouldn’t even be a question.

    I think about my iPad where no matter what I’m doing the UI is as smooth as butter, all video plays perfectly (oh yeah, even non-hd video seemed to skip a bit when played directly from an SD card in the dock) etc and wonder if I want to go back to it…. But then I think of all the awesome things the openness of the android platform lets you do that I would have to give up, and how that’s why I ditched it in the first place. As much as I hate Apple’s choice to be so restrictive, it seems that there’s at least something to be said for it… they have control over almost every aspect of their product, starting with virtually every step of the supply chain, OS, and pretty tight grip on the App experience, and that all leads to a great deal of optimization and smoothness in the user experience. With Android, we get very little restriction on what we can do, but lots of different entities coming together to create the final product can lead to a ‘disjointed’ final presentation.

    I definitely still value the ability to have ultimate control over my device the most; , I just wish it didn’t have to feel like a choice of giving up other things to get that.

    • whaaa says:

      Ok, I finally got around to doing one thing where I figured the infinity would really shine, and got…decent results. I put an 8gb 1080p movie on there (running from the dock sd card). This time the movie actually ran smoothly, so I might have had some other problems with the last video I checked…but the picture was STUNNING…absolutely amazing, so that’s good. And great that I could load it straight on instead of having to do some kind of conversion like with iPad… But…NO SOUND! This was an mkv file. Not sure what the codec was, I might need to look for some new codecs to install, but stock player, mx player, and mobo player all couldn’t play sound. It seems like with mx player there was an option to select audio track, and it was on the wrong one, but when I selected the right one, it would never stay selected.

      Finally got the advice to dl BSPlayer, and that worked. BSPlayer interface sure is ugly though… and the free version has ads so… this one was kind of a bittersweet victory : /

  17. Elischeo Vera says:

    Recieved my Asus Infinity tf700t on Tuesday this week. It is very attractive and the screen and resoultion is fantastic. Two things I’m not happy about is 1, when downloading the browser virtually comes to a halt. Can not open apps or do anything till download is complete. Second, after the dock and pad where both 100% charged I had put it in my case in the morning and at 5:00 that afternoon when I went to use it, both battery’s were completley drained. What is with that? Has anyone else had this issue? Hopefully there will be a fix soon for the lag and battery draining. I read on another site that the prime and others had the same problem with the battery draining when the pad is docked. That is not acceptable. Asus you need to address this soon or you will have a lot of unhappy customers returning there pads before the time expires to return them. I may be one of them!

    • RTFM says:

      i’d wait a bit longer before complaining about the battery issue… it CLEARLY states in the manual that it takes a few charge/discharge cycles before the battery is at full capacity.

  18. Darwin says:

    In order to make the key press louder you have to go to the advanced settings. Set the level all the way to the right. The vibrate has a setting as well. Increase the ml.

  19. papichulo says:

    On the bottom left corner of the TF700 when I press my fingers I feel a ‘cracking’ sound. As if the screen is not 100% attached per se. Has anyone noticed that? I went to a Best Buy and checked out a TF300 (no infinity there yet) and noticed something similar. Could be something that happens with all Asus tablets?..

    • whaaa says:

      I haven’t, but I have noticed a few spots of of that edge light bleeding that was happening with some iPads a while back. Only really noticeable when the screen is totally black, so I think i’m too lazy to be anal about it and try to exchange, haha..

      But no, haven’t had any issue with the screen sturdiness anywhere on the pad.

    • shamad1 says:

      Mine has a mild “cracking” sound as you described, but I wouldn’t have noticed unless I had been reading the online forums. IMO, it’s pretty much a non-issue and doesn’t seem to affect the functionality at all. I really have to listen closely to even notice it at all.

      • papichulo says:

        Thanks, yes it doesn’t affect functionality at all. Just wanted to know if others had the same thing happening. I see I’m not alone…

  20. VRS says:

    Does anyone know if Asus has posted for download the “ASUS Pad PC Suite?” I can find it under the TF201 but not the TF700??? Thanks

    • VRS says:

      Answer my own question – if you want the “Asus Pad PC Suite” for the Infinity you can simply download it from the TF201 downloads. Asus tech support says it is the same software…guess they are too busy to list under the TF700 downloads…..go figure.

  21. callen says:

    I just got my tablet and dock in today from J&R.com and so far i’m loving it. This is my first full android tablet so it will take some getting used to it. I bought a kindle fire earlier this year mainly as an e-reader and temp tablet solution but i have been disappointed with it’s performance. This is a major step up in many ways.
    The tablet docks very smoothly, and it feels stable and tight. The screen is awesome, very bright when needed and hd is great, I’ve been waiting for a suitable full hd tablet. I also despise apple products and this appears to be the best tablet out to rival the new ipad. I can’t see much use for it but i like the 8MP rear and 2MP front cameras. The keyboard is layed out pretty well, about the same as a typical netbook. The built-in web browser is ok, fast and responsive but i will try a few others to compare. Wifi and GPS work very well now with strong signals on both, the plastic strip appears to have solved the problem. I really want to try some games to get a feel for the tegra 3 performance. Overall the infinity is fast unless you have alot of apps downloading, this may be due to balanced mode rather than performance mode. No major complaints yet, just a few minor things. I am very happy i waited for this tablet, hopefully it won’t let me down later.

  22. Jon says:

    I found this on amazon in reply to someone getting the TF201 dock labeled as a TF700.

    “I apologize for the issues you have had with the TF700 dock. The docking station for the TF700 and the TF201 are exactly the same in terms to size and weight. The newer TF700 dock does have a smaller battery though. If you have an older TF201 docking station, just update the dock’s firmware and the keyboard will work fine with the newer TF700 Transformer Infinity. “

  23. VRS says:

    Another tidbit on the labeling of the Infinity Docking station. This morning I noticed the inclosed user’s manual with the Docking station is labeled “Transformer Prime.” Asus certainly has something screwy here, with the back of box being listed as both a TF201 and TF700 Dock.

    That being said the Dock works fine after the first 10 hours of use.

    • rolias says:

      This is what B&H have to say: Double edge answer…Still not revealing which keyboard it is….

      “The keyboard you would be getting for $150.00 would be the one for the TF700 not for the TF201.”

      Please let us know if there is anything else we can assist you with.

      Thank you, we appreciate your business.

      B&H Photo Video and Pro Audio
      The Professional’s Source.
      E-Mail Sales Department

      • VRS says:

        Best Buy is selling the TF700 keyboard/dock for $159, while the MSRP is $149 and other vendors I have seen are selling at $149.

        I went ahead and ordered mine at Best Buy at $159, but upon delivery called their customer service and had them issue me a $10 credit.

      • whaaa says:

        this issue has been solved for a while now, those saying the TF700 dock still has the same model # are correct. If you buy the TF700 dock, expect to get a model T201- the difference will be that you’ll already have the latest firmware on it, and the slightly smaller battery. It’s possible that there are some fixes for trackpad issues too, I haven’t seen any confirmation of that yet.

        The reason you see those weird things on the box (like t201 looking box with stickers on it that reference the T700 dock part no, etc) is because clearly they just recycled all the packing materials and slapped some stickers on them, lol.

        But seriosuly guys- if you freak out over the model #, and get a customer service rep that doesn’t know what their doing and offers to let you return it for a new one etc- all you’ll be doing is wasting your own time and getting less time to use your docked infinity. No matter how many times you return it, that 201 dock is always the one that will get; that is the infinity dock.

        • VRS says:

          That was my take on it…recycled labels. They still need to put some polish on their apple (bun intended.)

          Can understand the manuals and boxes being recycled…but the labels reading both TF201 and TF700 is quite silly…..

  24. Stacy says:

    I have a Nexus 7 running Jelly Bean and I feel that it much faster and smoother than ICS running on the TF700T. Can’t wait for the JB update!

  25. Simon says:

    Hi, I’m just wondering how other people are getting on with charging the tablet from their laptops? I have a pretty new HP I7 laptop with USB3 ports and when I plug the tablet in, even when it is completely shutdown I don’t get the little green charging light on the tablet. It charges fine from the wall charger but not sure it is charging from my laptop. Also seems to be a major fault of the product that you can’t charge it from your laptop while it is on….

  26. VRS says:

    Netflix – Have read from others that the Netflix APP is a joke. Also that movies were not running smoothly.

    I totally agree that the APP leaves much to be desired, it is jerky and slow to respond, a painful experience.

    I did run one HD movie to test it and it ran smooth in HD mode. Looked great. I would suggest that you have a 802.11 n wireless router.

    Think I will send some feedback to Netflix to work on their APP code.

    • VRS says:

      I did contact Netflix concerning their Android App. They will take a look at it and hopefully we will get a new and improved version…..

      • whaaa says:

        not sure if you saw this yet, but if you haven’t already, go to settings->developer settings, and change it to ‘force gpu rendering’ (or something like that, can’t remember exactly at the moment). That makes it WAY better than it is if you’re running it just out of the box.

        Netflix is still a little jerky on the menus, definitely not smooth, but lightyears better.

  27. Misael says:

    Canadian Pre-order now available at Memory Express:


  28. Zangalewa says:

    Hey Ladies and Gentlemen!!
    Does anyone know why the Infinity Champagne Gold is taking so long to be sold? It is only on pre-order!

  29. mike says:

    Wait for the tf700 dock. There are 2 different docks. I bought a “tf700″ dock from B and H photo, only to discover as many other have,that the dock had a tf201 manual, sticker on box that said “compatible with tf700, Sticker on back of tablet (very small print) that says tf201, and here is the kicker, when I go into settings, and hit “about tablet” it shows the dock as a tf201. Think about it, their are only two stores that are supposedly selling the dock for the tf700. Why would they get it months before anyone else? Before I had checked the settings in the tablet, I called ASUS and gave them my serial number, and they told me that it must be a packing error and my dock is a tf700. A packageing error would NOT make the dock electronically read as a tf201!! I called them back, and they said its possible that some tf201’s, got firmware updates and are SOMEHOW were being sold as tf700. My guesss is that they are trying to unload an excess of 201 docks, hoping nobody will notice. OK, the docks work, but somewhere I read that they fixed some sensitivty issues with the track pad for the tf700 and I’d guess that it is possible that their are other differences. I’d be willing to bet that when stores such as Amazon start shipping, that it will be a different pad and that when you check “about tablet” in settings, that it will say you have a tf700 dock.

  30. matt says:

    Received the 32gb tab on Monday. After a few hours of light use a line developed width wise across the entire screen. Thus it’s already been returned. Sucks!

    Overall the tablet is nice but i consistently ran into web browser crashes. A little frustrating. Scrolling pages was very choppy too. I have also had the browser lock up completely to the point that it refused any wifI signal, even outside of the browser. Example, I could get the browser to close but other apps that relied on wifI stopped working. Showed a solid signal though. A forced reboot was the only fix. Lastly the rendering of images takes a long time even in performance mode. That was really surprising to me. Figured with all this power it would handle pictures easily.

    Here’s to hoping I got a demon!

  31. VRS says:

    ASUS Sync – That is a difficult program to get running, due to lack of documentation. I have read many comments on the web that people cannot get the program to sync up their Pad and PC. After looking long and hard at the program I was finally able to sort out the puzzle last night.

    It is suppose to sync Outlook contacts and calendar with the the tablet. I ran the sync and cannot figure out where it sent my Outlook contact data.

    Asus needs to address its lack of documenation with the Transformer as well as step up its web site support. It seems to me that Asus is strong in the delevelopment side of hardware but has not caught onto providing the other side of the coin…explaining to the average person how to use their products.

    That said, the sync is cool in that you can access your data storage folders on the tablet after getting it hooked up. Makes for easy transfer of data without popping SD cards back and forth.

    • VRS says:

      Funny, I posted the above comment on ASUS Facebook site. Within a moment someone deleted it. Tried several times to post the comment, and every time it was deleted within a a few seconds.

      Must be into censorship…

  32. Justin says:

    Just wanted to let people know who might be shopping for accessories for their new TF700s:

    1) The ASUS Male Micro HDMI to Female VGA Adapter for ASUS Eee Pad TF201 & TF300 (I ordered mine from B&H for $24) is compatible. I purchased the Pad for doing interactive teaching using a projector so this was a needed accessory. I was a bit concerned that this model might not be compatible with the TF700, but it works great right out of the box. Wish the cord was a bit longer, but so be it.

    2) Personally, I had a mixed outcome from my experience with the Skinomi skins. I ordered the screen protector/’natural wood’ skin combination. The screen protector cut-outs are well-spaced, although the skin itself is somewhat undersized (it covers the capacitive part of the screen but does not extend to the edges of the device). Yes, it was a bit frightening to see large bubbles appear after taking exquisite care to follow the instructions – but 48 hours later they had completely disappeared and I am very happy. Patience is the watchword. Strange phenomenon: while wearing polarized sunglasses, the screen is visible in landscape mode but disappears completely if rotated to portrait mode.

    On the other hand, I would not recommend the ‘natural wood’ backing skin for a few reasons. Pattern and design? Very realistic. Execution? Irritatingly imprecise. The cutouts along the margins are off by a mm or so (making it impossible to line up the power button/led/volume rocker), and the skin does not wrap well around the margins of the tablet (the ‘tabs’ meant to wrap around the corners don’t really stick well, even after applying heat per the directions). I may have had unrealistic expectations of the ability for a skin to smoothly wrap corners/edges and precisely match the contours, but I’m not as impressed as I wanted to be.

    • admin says:

      Hi thanks for your great write up! Very helpful. I’m in the process of getting a couple Zagg products so I can see how it might compare to what you experience with Skinomi. I think everyone should consider that there are what they call “HD” type skins/screen protectors. Zagg wise, they say they are thinner and have better clarity than normal skin/protectors. I haven’t looked at what other companies are doing in that regard. I just know that for my Galaxy S3 phone, I’m paying a premium for the HD screen protector rather than getting the non HD one for less money.

      Thanks for visiting the site and posting!

  33. Amber says:

    Finally got my gold infinity!

    I ordered it from Best Buy on Sunday, because it seems amazon isn’t going to get it for a little longer. I used ship to store and it arrived Thursday, which thankfully was way earlier than the expected time. My clear skinomi skins should be here today, as well as my prime dock! The only problem I had with Best Buy was that they have a horrible ‘order status’ page that never changed throughout the whole process, and when I arrived to pick it up because I was sent an e-mail, they couldn’t find it because it was still on the truck 2 hours later.

    BUT I have it, I love it, and I can’t wait to get a skin on it so I can take it out of the plastic and show it off :)

    • admin says:

      Really glad to hear you finally got your illusive gold Infinity. I’d love to hear how you make out with skinomi skins and the Prime dock. I see that Best Buy has that Tf201 dock for $99. Pretty sweet savings!

  34. whaaa says:

    Anyone with lingering questions on the whole dock issue, get ready to be pissed off…

    Check out this link that was just posted from the amazon discussion above:

    Someone finally cracked the docks open and did a comparison… hardware is identical. Same hardware, and we’ve already seen they both have the same firmware (after the original 201 pulls down the update)… that seals it, they are selling the same dock at 2 different prices.

    • whaaa says:

      everyone should go to the ASUS and ASUS North America facebook pages and post that link, or comment if you see it posted! I’m posting it in several areas on both of those pages, but I bet anything they will be down within minutes or seconds. They need to respond to this though!

      • admin says:

        whaaa, nice to see you back! An amazing find. I’m a bit stunned by this, but eventually somebody was going to crack these open and have a look. This is quite an incredible side story that simply isn’t going away. Thanks again for posting that!

  35. whaaa says:

    np. It’s unfortunate that ASUS didn’t just come clean about it from the beginning, and be fair about the pricing here. The Infinity is a great product, and I will definitely be enjoying it on my upcoming trip to japan (especially on that long plane ride!), but this issue has really put a black mark on what should have been their best release. For a product that is easily the best android tablet out now, they should have really made a better effort to give everyone an excellent customer experience.

    • admin says:

      Hey perhaps you can help this guy out. I haven’t heard of issues, but speak of the devil. Check it out, hopefully somebody can offer a suggestion here:

      It’s the newest post so just sort by “newest first”. They are having problems updating the TF201 dock with their TF700.

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  37. Garondes says:

    I’ll start off by saying sorry to the infinity fans out there because I’m about to get critical, please bare in mind that this is within the context of being a fan, within reason of android. I have been researching which tablet to buy for a good while now and after all the fantastic reviews finally settled on the infinity. I received the 64GB version about a week ago, and was very happy to have this great looking piece of kit in my hands, after charging it I began to play around with it but during the set up process I noticed a slight clicking when I pressed with a little force on the right hand side of the bezel about 1/2 way down, on closer inspection the screen was very slightly raised having come away slightly from the main body. I subsequently sent it back and got a replacement 2 days ago, last night I was going through the set up process once again which went well, I then began to download apps such as BBCIPlayer, Sky go,Love Film and Netflix. Bbciplayer looked terrible, frequently pixelating, skygo isn’t supported and neither is love film. With Netflix the UI stuttered significantly, the movies however rendered ok but not with the sharpness I would have excpected. Sitting in the chair nearby in the lounge was my wife who has the iPad 2, all the above are supported and work without issue and with excellent clarity, bbc iplayer was perfect and the resolution of both love film and netflix looked great. Many may fairly argue that this is an issue with the apps rather than the Infinity itself but at the end of the day I want something that just works and works well with whatever I put on it. I don’t like the fact that you have to work within Apples eco system and suffer some of IOSs limitations which is why I was desperately looking for a viable alternative but for me this
    unfortunately isn’t it. I think that after all I’ll accept those limitations and get the IPad 3.

    • admin says:

      Hello and thanks very much for your informative review. It’s good to get your honest thoughts and if it didn’t meet your expectations, it’s good to have that opinion here.

      Did you have an issues with the return? Fast or slow? Does the replacement have any issues with the bezel? Just curious. Thanks again for posting and visiting the site.

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