Waiting to pre order the Transformer Infinity TF700? You’re not alone.

Note: Now that the official release date is upon us, this is now a post about where to buy a Transformer Infinity!

*New – Have you been lucky enough to receive your Transformer Infinity already? I’ve started a post which hopefully we can use for your reviews, testimonials, tips, complaints and everything else about your new tablet. Think of it as a Infinity Owner’s Guide discussion. You can join the discussion here.

Canada Update: Great news! We’ve just added a link [page top] (check our listing on the right side —>) to buy an Infinity TF700 in Canada. It’s first come, first serve and they will sell out just like in the USA. It’s an order now and will ship later but this is the BEST option if you live in Canada. We’ve just been notified by a couple of site visitors (thanks Patchan and Dauphin) that Future Shop and now Best Buy Canada is also taking pre orders. At this point it appears Canada will only be starting with the $499 32GB model in Gray. I haven’t seen any indications of the 64GB model making it to Canada during this first initial pre order phase.

USA Update: We’ve learned many details thanks to a lot of contributions from fantastic site visitors sharing via comments and emailing information:

  • *NEW – Have you been waiting for the Gold color Transformer Infinity TF700? We see some 32GB models IN STOCK at $499. These will be gone fast! Full details are here!
  • It appears that most USA online retailers are catching up with demand. You should be able to find the 32GB and 64GB models in most places now.
  • You should consider buying the cheaper TF201 Transformer Prime keyboard dock instead of the more expensive TF700 keyboard dock.
  • Amazon.com is shipping the 64GB Gray Infinity model and the 32GB Gray model. Check our listings which are at the top of the page [page top] and check the listings on the right side column —>
  • a lot of people are now enjoying their Transformer Infinity tablets and are posting questions, comments, reviews and tips here. We hope to hear some user reviews folks!
  • many people are ordering the cheaper TF201 Prime keyboard dock and reporting no issues and it is compatible.
  • Best Buy you can order online and pick up in store in 3-5 days (thanks Steff), J&R has stock and you can order via phone or in store, and various other online retailers are starting to show inventory of the Gray Transformer Infinity models.
  • a great tip from a contributor to the site Whaa, who offers this advice to anyone who ordered from Amazon initially and may have the outdated shipping date: “For people that placed their orders before the product page shipping dates updated (like I did) my date was still showing the original august date. I changed the shipping method to 2-day, then back to 1 day and the estimate updated to July 19th.”
  • Just now, Asus North America Facebook page discussion: Question-“Will the retailers be getting them in their stores or will they just be available on line???” Answer from Asus North America-“they should be in stores this week” followed by the question-“Do you know which stores?” which has not been answered yet by Asus. Draw your own conclusions. We will update the second we learn of retail outlets with Infinity tablets.
  • Big thanks to Asfand who has shared a few details in his quest for a Transformer Infinity. Monday morning he has called Best Buy and Office Depot and they both told him that the tablet won’t be in stores until next month. His order from Tiger Direct has an estimated delivery time of Tuesday July 24th. Thanks again Asfand. Everyone appreciates the extra details!
  • I must say again to each and every person posting in the comment section or sending updates via email. THANK YOU! Many many people are getting the information they need thanks to your updates.
  • Asus North America has officially stated the following: “…it launched on Sunday and seems to have sold out very quickly but more is on the way asap to the retailers”
  • if you’re looking for in-store availability we haven’t heard of any stores with stock.
  • it appears (not confirmed officially) that the Gold color is not widely available. We’ve been seeing Gray units shipping.
  • my personal feeling is that there isn’t a lot of supply out there and that possibly Asus is distributing their available supplies to smaller online retailers. In other words if you find them shipping now, like from TigerDirect.com, you might want to act fast. Amazon is showing a bizarre 3-4 weeks shipping date which hasn’t been confirmed nor denied as being accurate. Best Buy doesn’t even have product pages up or pre order pages. However we’ve seen stock (now sold out) from retailers like NewEgg, OfficeDepot and J&R.

Thanks to the many visitors/contributors to this site, we’ve been getting some information regarding pre orders in the USA for the Transformer Infinity. Please understand that it’s not a matter of ignoring news or links out there. It’s more a matter that the links and pre order pages simply don’t exists. Still. So yes we are constantly searching for news to update you on the when and where you can order or buy an Infinity TF700.

I will suggest however that the Gray model appears to be in the greatest supply. From what I’ve seen from other retailers online, it’s been the Gray model only. I will need to see available Gold models for sale before I change my mind on that.

UK Update: Thanks to Neil, we’ve just learned that UK Amazon.co.uk has a product page and yes, you can now order! It might be wise to get in now and buy it to ensure you’re not stuck in the back of the line. It will be interesting to see how long they keep up the add to cart button before they run out of supply! Let us know how you make out! Check links on our TF700 listings to the right side [ page up ] or look over —>

Canada Update: Official news via the North America Asus Facebook page. Quote: “Hey guys, Canada was delayed and wont be getting the Infinity until early August.” My comment that that is if you live in Canada you might be best off getting an Infinity Tf700 from a USA retailer like J&R who ships to Canada. The only question is when J&R will get them in stock. When they do, this will be updated.

Germany Update: Lucky for you, Amazon.de has been having In Stock units and have been shipping lately!

France Update: We are now seeing pre orders available at Amazon.fr but no shipping date is mentioned. Prices range from EUR 682 to 949 for a 32GB Infinity.

Ireland Update: Big thanks to one of our visitors Gareth for an update. He’s found Komplett.ie which currently have the Infinity available for pre-order. You can buy the 64GB model bundled with keyboard dock for €729. Delivery will be after July 24 and delivery (in Ireland) is included.

Australia Update: Thanks very much to DUTCH who commented about the story here which indicates a few key release date details for Australia. This isn’t rumor, the story comes from PC World Australia and the source of the information is an Asus spokesperson. First off, the release date is “up in the air” and August is the most likely month to see it for sale in Australia. There has been a pricing adjustment from what you may have initially understood. The price is going to be $999 which is the 64GB Transformer Infinity bundled with they keyboard dock. There will most likely not be a 32GB unless there is a strong market demand. Asus is not expected to be releasing a 3G/4G Transformer Infinity model in the Australian market.

Denmark Update: Big thanks to Mikkel for an excellent update send to us via email. A few retailers have been shipping Tranformer Infinity tablets already. From what he’s learned, there is a limited supply, but they have been around if you can find one. One retailer is reporting on their site that their next shipment of Infinity tablets is showing up July 25th.

France Update: We’re seeing a new listing on Amazon.fr although the price is not cheap. There appears to be some options in France right now for getting a Transformer Infinity but there is not many units circulating around the market just yet. You can get the TF700 64GB and keyboard dock bundle for EUR 795,02.

Previous Updates: The big breaking news is that Asus has officially confirmed that the release date is now one day earlier. That means July 15th. The only question is whether we will see Amazon.com and BestBuy.com put their listings up immediate at midnight on Saturday night. That’s a real possibility so check with us because we will be checking around for early ordering pages. I really appreciate the email updates regarding Office Depot. From what I can see, they don’t have the keyboard dock and only have a 32GB Gray model. It says 3-5 business days as an estimated delivery. I think we’re close enough to midnight Saturday night you might want to hold off until Amazon.com and Best Buy puts them up as they will have both colors, both in 32GB or 64GB and may even have a slightly reduced price. I just don’t think Asus is going to let some retailers ship before other retailers. The floodgates are about to open on Sunday so that’s another couple sleeps. Let your credit card rest until then! Nobody will ship on the weekend. We can discuss the deals here is any come up on Sunday!

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377 Responses to Waiting to pre order the Transformer Infinity TF700? You’re not alone.

  1. Somebody says:

    And about Brazil? Some information? And the 3G/4G model in Brazil? Thanks

  2. Arjun says:

    Heres the Facebook link http://www.facebook.com/asus.n.america

    Heres the conversation

    Amber Desjardin Now when can I pre-order and stop worrying about it?!
    Friday at 10:19am · 2

    ASUS North America ‎Ricky Dizzle Amber Desjardin – July 16th
    Friday at 10:21am · 3

    Hope this helps. I truly wish I am wrong as the waiting is ridiculous….

    • Arjun says:

      BTW expand the comments under the Transformer Infinity picture below the zen prime

    • admin says:

      Thanks very much for the link!

    • Amber D says:

      I like how they even tagged me in the post, and I didn’t see it until I came here and saw my name and got a little freaked out. But anyways, an actual date! Now I really can stop worrying about missing the pre-order :D

  3. Arjun says:

    Sales are up on for Transformer Infinity http://www.abt.com/product/62629/ASUS-TF700TB1GR.html

  4. Arjun says:

    srry meant preorder on Abt website

  5. Sage says:

    I just spoke with someone at Abt. The 7-10 days is NOT a guarantee it is an estimate. Also it’s businessdays, not regular days. So theoretically, including today, it wouldn’t be in stock until July 18th at the earliest. Below is the transcript of my chat:

    08:40:59 AM [Sage] Will the Asus Transformer Pad Infinity really be in stock in 7-10 days?
    08:41:12 AM [Megan M.] Welcome to Abt Live Chat.
    08:41:42 AM [Megan M.] Hi Tony- it’s an estimate, not a guarantee. We’re taking orders and will fill as received in the order placed
    08:42:16 AM [Sage] If I order the unit and it’s not in stock in 7-10 days can I get my money back?
    08:43:42 AM [Megan M.] We don’t charge you until it ships
    08:45:06 AM [Sage] So if it isn’t in stock until, say, July 20th I could cancel my order on July 19th?
    08:45:18 AM [Sage] and get a full refund?
    08:46:41 AM [Megan M.] We don’t charge the card unti the order ships- you can cancel the order anytime before shipement, and no charge will be applied to your card
    08:47:23 AM [Sage] OK and I will know when it ships by looking at my order on your site, right?
    08:47:46 AM [Megan M.] You’ll receive a tracking number when it ships
    08:48:28 AM [Sage] OK anything else I should know? Do you expect it to come in closer to 7 or closer to 10 days? Is it business days or regular days?
    08:48:57 AM [Megan M.] We don’t have the specific date yet, when we do, we’ll post the info on the site
    08:49:11 AM [Megan M.] You can also click the ‘email me’ link- to receive an email when they arrive here
    08:49:16 AM [Sage] OK thank you. Is it business days or regular days?
    08:49:33 AM [Megan M.] The estimate is business days
    08:49:43 AM [Sage] Thank you.

  6. Somebody says:

    And the 3G model?

  7. Debbie says:

    And now the ABT website is closed for pre-orders. I would like to get the TF700T for Christmas, will it be out by then?? LOL

  8. Joe says:

    First pre-order available from Adorama for USA.

    [admin edit: affiliate link removed]

    • admin says:

      Joe thanks for posting that. I removed your link because I don’t put other peoples affiliate codes on this site. I hope that makes sense to you. Thanks for visiting the site!

  9. Debbie says:

    Adorama’s website now says “Due to Manufacturers restrictions, we’re unable to sell this item online.”

  10. Steff says:

    Here’s what I know:
    I (pre) ordered and paid for TF700T+DOCK thru ABT on July 10th. Received confirmation of order and advised will ship within 7-10 days from release date (16th).
    Shortly after, pre-orders were no longer available.

    Subsequently received an email advising that the 700 Infinity dock was expected on schedule and would ship on schedule. The TABLET, however, would be available in “highly limited quantities” and as Sage indicated, would ship on a first-come-first serve basis once received by ASUS.
    In essence: All of the retailers that accepted preorders have sold out of (and beyond) their initial allocation and CANNOT really say, at this point, when Asus would provide more units.
    So you’re best off signing up for email alerts from various vendors to advise when in stock, then jump on it.

    Thought I had it…waiting again afterall :-0/

  11. Chris says:

    I ordered mine from abit when the link was about 5 hours old. Yesterday I got an email from them that said, “We are writing to let you know that we have been tentatively informed by Asus that your order for Asus Transformer Pad Infinity Tablet Model #TF700TC1GR will be filled in our first shipment of product. ”

    The word tentatively makes me think they don’t even know how many to expect for sure, which could end up being good or bad…..

  12. Debbie says:

    New release date according to ASUS North America is July 15. A day ahead of schedule. Yeah.

  13. Debbie says:

    Office Depot now shows in stock for 32GB.

  14. Steff says:

    I find the Office Depot deal suspect; altho they might very well be, they are not listed as authorized dealers for ASUS….hmmnn…gray market?
    THEIR SITE DOES STATE THAT ITEM IS IN STOCK & WILL SHIP IN 3-5 DAYS…has anyone actually ordered from them yet?
    Very curious~~~~

  15. ben says:

    Just Ordered mine from NewEgg. Current Status is Packaging:

    Your payment has been successfully processed and has passed Order Verification. Products are being collected in the warehouse and boxed for shipment or pick up. Please note that you may no longer make changes to your order.

  16. Steff says:

    Yeah…available all over the place now….have received notification from several sites on which I signed up for alerts when in stock. I agonized over whether or not to cancel the ABT order as they cannot offer an update on status before Monday, if then. Guess I’ll just wait and hope it isn’t too long…banking on maybe some preorders canceling thus opening up a slot for mine.

    So much for preordering, huh…be glad you didn’t “-/

  17. Gabriel says:

    It seems that tigerdirect.com/.ca is having some Infinity.
    However, for me, a Canadian, tigerdirect.ca price is a conversion of the USD + extra…
    I’ll need to wait again.

  18. matt says:

    Thank you so much for this website!! Your up to the minute reporting is very much appreciated. I called amazon and asked about the 1-2 month bullshit and they said they “think” this is a pre-order (but the call center is not in the US). I am going to order it anyway w/ the dock and If i can buy it somewhere else quicker I will just cancel.

    I also called office depot and they said this will be an online only item…however i doubt that as my local office depot gets every single damn tablet ever in store.

    • admin says:

      Hey thanks for that! I did call also and had a generic type conversation. In the past I called Amazon Canada regarding their shipping dates on new Asus tablet releases which was exactly the same as what’s happening on Amazon.com. I didn’t make any sense then and it doesn’t make any sense now. If Amazon can’t sell these now then I think this whole release date of July 15th is bunk. If the largest online retailer can’t get units then that’s not worthy of mentioning as a release date let along moving the date up one day.

      Either way, thanks for posting and visiting!

      • whaaa says:

        I think the release date is probably correct, but maybe that’s the date they are supposed to be ‘getting’ to retailers… You’d expect that online retailers would have been prepared though, and have full/accurate on product pages when they finally decided to put them up.

        My take on the Amazon thing is that you are correct- but the reason it doesn’t have a pre-order button is because we have passed the availability date (same reason anything on amazon would show shipping in that amount of time vs pre-order). I do have a feeling these will ship faster than stated though.

        • admin says:

          I hope you’re right! It’s quite the tease to say shop here, you go there and they say you will get it in 3-4 weeks. It’s Sunday and are the tech guys not working at Amazon.com or what?

          • Dreane says:

            Right, it’s no longer a pre-order when it is already released. It just becomes “not available” which is just as frustrating.

  19. matt says:

    Items Ordered Price
    1 of: Asus Transformer Infinity TF700T Mobile Docking – Amethyst Gray (TF700T-DOCK-GR) [Personal Computers]
    Condition: New
    Sold by: Amazon.com LLC
    – 1 item(s) Gift options: None

    1 of: ASUS TF700T-C1-GR 10.1-Inch Tablet (Gray) [Personal Computers]
    Condition: New
    Sold by: Amazon.com LLC
    – 1 item(s) Gift options: None

    Payment Information
    Item(s) Subtotal: $749.98
    Shipping & Handling: $9.29
    Total Before Tax: $759.27
    Estimated Tax To Be Collected: $0.00
    Grand Total: $759.27

    • admin says:

      Thank you!!! Please, I’m sure there are many many people who are wondering what the real situation is. If you have any updates or correspondence from Amazon, everyone would be grateful to know how you make out on this.

      • Dreane says:

        Do you know of any other stores besides Amazon that are selling it? I see that you have not added any other stores to your available list in the right-hand column. Is Amazon the only store that you are listing there? No, new news?

        • admin says:

          Hi thanks for posting. I’ve added Tiger Direct for now as they has a shipping date of 3-5 business days. I’m trying to keep up with the news and listings. I think the best way to describe this release so far is using the word “bananas”. But your point is taken and I’ll update this listing asap! Thanks for visiting the site!

          • Dreane says:

            I there any official word from Asus? Any explanation or word on exactly when they will be available? Sounds like they may have released it, but not shipped it. Does sound like cat and mouse…which can eventually backfire on them.

  20. klas says:

    and what about bestbuy.com, they dont have it online ?

  21. klas says:

    samething with walmart

  22. Toms says:

    Anything (mean website) that ships to Latvia? :)

  23. WeirdHarold says:

    Just a note on what you said about product availability from newegg, I ordered the 32Gig Gray one yesterday and it already says it’s in the Packaging stage. Also the email said they would do everything possible to ship it by 7-16. Don’t know if that’s true or not but that’s the info I have on my order at the moment, also they were listing them as IN STOCK till they sold out now it says auto notify.

  24. Pickle says:

    Talked to Amazon customer service, they said that this is a special order unit still and they don’t have it available in their fulfillment centers currently, thus the 3-4 week lead time is accurate. That’s at least the news from the call center, which may or may not know the 100% true story, but I’d be cautious ordering from Amazon right now given the delay…

  25. Duane says:

    I was lucky and got a 32gb gray tf700t at newegg.com yesterday. My order was declined at first because I entered the wrong card number. When I corrected it with the right one it was verifying until 10 minutes later when it was finally accepted. They must have had plenty of those in stock because all the other models were sold out. My current status says packaging also.

  26. Demika Hall says:

    Does anyone know if bestbuy will be selling this in the there store today, since the release date was moved to today?

  27. Dreane Swanson says:

    I just ordered my Champagne 64G on Amazon. It says “Delivery estimate:We’ll notify you via e-mail when we have an estimated delivery date for this item. It will ship separately. You can cancel at any time.
    1 “ASUS TF700T-C1-CG 10.1-Inch Tablet (Champagne)”
    Personal Computers; $599.99
    Usually ships in 1 to 2 months
    Sold by: Amazon.com

    Amazon did a credit card verification charge of $1 on my card, but that is all. They also have the champagne docking station listed but haven’t ordered that yet. Waiting to see how this goes.

  28. Duane says:

    I ordered the tf201 gray docking station from Amazon about a week ago for $109. I’m hoping it works with my gray tf700t like many reports that I’ve heard.

  29. Shayne says:

    I just called my local Best Buy and after several minutes of waiting (he seemed to be actually checking), I was told that they did not receive any. He said he attempted to see when they might get some but it’s not even listed in his inventory system.

    • stephanie says:

      I went in person yesterday and talked to somebody I know that works at Best Buy. He looked at their inventory on the computer and it didn’t show them as receiving an order until 7/21 at any Best Buys in south Florida.

      • admin says:

        Thanks for posting that! Certainly not a comforting situation developing regarding in-store availability anywhere and this also might explain why Best Buy still hasn’t got product pages up. I’m developing my own theory on this now.

  30. Dreane says:

    That is why I thought I better at least order one on Amazon. Like it says, I can always cancel if I find it elsewhere. I want the champagne color and that may be more limited at first. Is there a reason for waiting for the 4G version? I figure that this one can be bluetooth connected and so why spend the extra money for a 4G version, which will be released sometime in future months. Anyone else waiting for the 4G? Why?

    • admin says:

      I agree with the reason that waiting for 4G is not such a great idea. For anyone wondering, it appears the TF700 is in short supply. On top of that the S4 processor in the 4G TF700KL is in short supply. In addition to that, it first needs to pass through the FCC (which hasn’t happened yet) and then most times it takes at least a month before being sold in stores. Not being negative, just being realistic if anyone is holding out for that model. It’s going to be a while.

    • asus rocks says:

      same here.. just placed an order with amazon. not willing to spend tax+ shipping with tiger direct !! and I can cancel anytime with amazon.

      Shipping Method: FREE Super Saver Shipping
      Items: $499.99
      Shipping & Handling: $8.64
      Super Saver Discount: -$8.64
      Total Before Tax: $499.99
      Estimated Tax To Be Collected: $0.00
      Order Total: $499.99

      Delivery estimate:We’ll notify you via e-mail when we have an estimated delivery date for this item. It will ship separately. You can cancel at any time.
      1 “ASUS TF700T-B1-GR 10.1-Inch Tablet (Gray)”
      Personal Computers; $499.99
      Usually ships in 3 to 4 weeks
      Sold by: Amazon.com

  31. jonas says:

    Dont understand, is it in stores from today?

  32. Dreane says:

    Why is the time incorrect on these postings? I made the above postings on July 15th about 8am and it says July 15 3:30 pm? Does your clock need to be reset?

    • admin says:

      Hi thanks for mentioning that. I’ll look at the settings and see what I can do. If it does get changed to something else I need to make sure it doesn’t confuse people even more. But I do appreciate the mention of that.

  33. stephanie says:

    It is probably GMT time. It’s 12:01 where I’m at.

  34. Dreane says:

    Anyone know if these are upgradable to Windows 8 when that is released?

    • admin says:

      The way mod developers work nothing would shock me. I’m not sure how the Windows 8 RT version might be able to put on Android tablets. I’m still learning about the Windows 8 vs Windows 8 RT version differences and what that mod scene might be able to do.

    • admin says:

      That’s awesome! The buy now button has Amazon which lists “usually ships in 3-4 weeks”. That is quite bizarre. Perhaps this is encouraging in that if Asus lists Amazon as a retail partner, then it’s evidence possibly that Amazon has messed up their listing. Hard to believe, but heck I’ll grasp at straws. Think about it. Big launch date, the biggest retailer and… oops you have 3-4 weeks to wait? That’s haywire!

  35. Demika says:

    I just called my local bestbuy here in Alabama and he didn’t even know what I was talking about. Once I explained that its and upgrade from Transformer Prime then he claimed he just looked in inventory and they don’t have any & don’t know when it will be released… I think this has been the worst guessing, wondering, release date and preordering electrical product I’ve ever had to try and buy. I had a friend call best buy and she was told they would be in tomorrow and wont sale until 17th.

  36. D says:

    Local Best Buy told me it would be at least a month and a half until they had it in the store

  37. klas says:

    I´m gussing that best buy wont sell tf700 bc they have now put Asus Nexus 7 online but not the tf700? wtf?

  38. whaaa says:

    People who ordered on newegg/tiger direct, please update when you actually get shipping/tracking info. It would be good to see that at least some sites handled this well and didn’t do that shady tactic of acting like something is “in stock” so you’ll place an order and then a few days later “oh, well we don’t have it IN stock yet, but we’ll ship it as soon as we do!”.

  39. ben says:

    My order from newegg status has changed to shipped, no actual shipping info yet, but well it does say it wont go out until the next business day.

    Out of the warehouse and on the road! An e-mail will be sent to your account address with a tracking link (also available by clicking the Order Number above). Information may be delayed on the carrier’s website according to update frequency. Please note that if the Order Status changed to Shipped on a weekend, your purchase will not physically be shipped by shipping carrier until the next business day.

  40. matt says:

    So i woke up and read the site and decided to order from tiger direct and cancel my amazon order since they said 3-5 days (i also chose overnight shipping)

    I called tiger after my order and they said that these are shipping from the manufacturer directly so it will take 3-5 days to get it from them, THEN it goes to my overnight shipping….expected delivery date is JULY 24th (my birthday!)

    If ANYONE knows of IN-STORE sales any sooner please post!!


    ASUS TF700T-DOCK-GR Keyboard Dock – Gray 1 $ 149.99 $ 149.99
    ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity TF700T-C1-GR Tablet – Android 4.0 ICS, NVIDIA Tegra 3 1.6GHz, 10.1″ WUXGA Multi-Touch, 1GB Memory, 64GB Flash, WiFi, Dual Webcams, Gray 1 $ 599.99 $ 599.99
    Subtotal: $ 749.98

    Order Details:
    Product Total $749.98
    Shipping & Handling $20.54
    Sales Tax TX, SD, NC, IL, ID, GA, FL $0.00
    Order Total $770.52

    • admin says:

      Hi Matt. Thanks for posting that! Based on what you’re saying, the “ships in 3-5 business days” is a bit misleading. What the heck is going on with this release date? Either way it would be great to hear any updates you might have later on from tracking this thing. I see this is becoming a cat and mouse game on trying to figure out which retailers actually will deliver when they say they are going to deliver. Thanks again for posting!

  41. Dreane says:

    I HATE to pay shipping and tax!!! That is why I go with Amazon every time. I don’t mind waiting extra for it. Save the tax and shipping and that leaves more money to order something else. WEEEEEE!!!

  42. whaaa says:

    small change, but It makes the case stronger that amazon shiping estimates will probably be updated soon- prime logo is now appearing and it wasn’t before.

    • Shayne says:

      I noticed the Prime logo there also. Oddly enough the only shipping option is Super Saver (3-5 days). The 2 day Prime shipping was not a choice. I went ahead and placed an order because I like dealing with Amazon. We shall see.

  43. WeirdHarold says:

    Don’t know about anyone else that managed to order from Newegg yesterday but mine now says Shipped and I have a tracking number :-)

  44. WeirdHarold says:

    They still have some at TigerDirect.com only the Gray color however!

  45. matt says:

    SO i just officially canceled my order with amazon for my tiger direct order and when i spoke with amazon on the phone they are still saying it will take 1-2 months for the dock and 3-4 weeks for the tablet.

    My guess is that amazon is a huge company that does things by the book and over estimates times; I also bet that they have to get the stuff from asus, have it pass through their warehouse inventory process THEN ship it…all that combined with over-estimating to be sure and that is where i think you get 3 to 4 weeks.

    Considering that even though tiger says 3-5 days it will end up being more like a week and a half (damn weekend!!)

    Sucks that newegg only had the 32gig ….all their other ones they had listed were never available to purchase. Perhaps they struck a deal to have a few available the day of launch to gauge demand.

    • Dreane says:

      What is Tiger’s return policy? Is it as liberal as Amazon? That is important to me because this is a new, unproven item. I am more comfortable with Amazon.

      • WeirdHarold says:

        This is not as much a new unproven item as one might think, it’s the Prime with a newer version of the processor DDR3 memory and an HD screen. Other than that it’s basically the same and since the Prime was all in all a great tablet I’m fairly confident that this will be as well, especially since they fixed the WiFi and GPS issues that plagued the Prime.

  46. Duane says:

    I can also confirm that I received an email from newegg.com stating my gray 32gb tf700t has been shipped. I also have a tracking number. Glad I went with newegg. I’ll update tomorrow and confirm when the estimated delivery date will be.

  47. Shayne says:

    Love have Asus links to excaliberpc.com as a retail partner but when you hit the link it has this comment:

    Discontinued Product

    This item has been discontinued by the manufacturer or vendor and is no longer available. If you are able to view this page, you probably were referred here from another site or a search engine. This page is outdated and no longer valid on our site. Please inform the webmaster of the referring website to remove this link from their site.

  48. D says:

    I can’t imagine why Asus is calling today the “release date.” So far I haven’t seen a single place where I can legitimately purchase it with the knowledge that it will ship tomorrow (with the semi-exception of newegg). Hopefully something changes soon that would indicate the actual “release” of this product.

  49. mike says:

    Hi, I just called Tiger Direct and asked if they actually have the units int stock. I was told that they don’t, but now would be a good time to order. He said their first wave would have 500 units, and 74 are already taken. (75 if you count mine). It appears that nobody actually has them, and some companies are being a little dishones. I still oredered and consider it a “pre-order”

    • whaaa says:

      yeah, I figurd this was the case that’s why I held off… Tiger Direct is one of those places that does a lot of shady business, but still does people right often enough that they still are considered somewhat legit. Judging from the customer service complaints I’ve heard on them, they DO eventually right some of that shady stuff when called on it, but when it comes to expensive items and something I want to get asap, I’d rather risk having to go through the time and hassle.
      Good stuff to everyone that snagged one on newegg though! If I get one online it will be through them or Amazon (or at least somewhere like BB that has established B&M presence). The rest I don’t trust too much…

  50. nick says:

    Circuit City is also selling the gray 32GB & 64GB with keyboard, indicates shipping in 2-6 days. When you click on the availability link it says it ships from a 3rd party warehouse. I have seen this a few times and have also seen listings indicating drop shipping. It sounds like the retailers are submitting orders to Asus and they will ship direct from there. Ordered mine through Circuit City. Comp USA had similar link (looked identical) and is through Tiger Direct but had some availability.

    Spoke with several Best Buy reps and no one has seen or heard anything about it and it is not showing up as a upcoming inventory item. Maybe they won’t be carrying it at all. They are still charging full price for the 300….maybe they need to get rid of some of that stock first?

    Hopefully mine ships on Monday…I’ll update.

  51. WeirdHarold says:

    My Newegg tracking info now shows the origin scan in California, so that tells me that it is actually been shipped and it is on it’s way.

  52. Duane says:

    Just checked my tracking info from newegg after WeirdHarolds comment and sure enough…

    Date/Time Activity Location

    07/15/2012 10:20:00 ORIGIN SCAN[I] BALDWIN PARK, CA, US

  53. Duane says:

    Just checked my tracking number again. Estimated delivery date is 7/19/12…

  54. Steff says:

    I canceled the paid (pre) order I placed a week ago with ABT.com just today (15th) and ordered from Tiger direct who advised that they were expecting 1,000 units on the 21st and ordered units would ship on the 22nd & 23rd.

    Aside from MAYBE Newegg, no one actually has inventory on hand right now.
    We’ll see…hope I don’t regret canceling the 1st order. Impressed that NewEgg says they’re actually shipping..could have done that immediately after it showed on their site but wanted to use PayPal. Let us know if/when you actually receive.

    One thing is for sure; ASUS sure has had fun with us for months!

    • whaaa says:

      This is pretty crazy to me… I mean it’s not like the product was as anticipated as a hyped up Apple product launch or anything, it’s a bit under the radar, but still this was a highly anticipated product! They’ve been so stingy with the details on release, and now that it’s (supposed to be?) officially released it still feels that way : / For an official release of what is arguably the best Android tablet out right now, this should have been really well coordinated… pre-orders, good stock with all the major players both online and in-store day-of… Maybe I’m just frustrated at waiting for so long for this thing (in the dark on details for 90% of it!), but for a launch this is kind of disappointing to me.

  55. Duane says:

    Yea, my first thought was to go with amazon because I have an amazon store card where I can finance it for 6 months with no interest. When I saw the newegg post I just decided to pull the trigger. I will be sure to update everyone on when I actually receive it. I ordered a protective case from amazon for my tf700t which is confirmed to arrive 7/18/12 so I’m hoping to get lucky and receive both items on that date.

  56. matt says:

    Fuck new egg for not having the 64 gig, Ill wait a few extra days for double the hard space.

    Sure as shit circuit city does have both on their website for order….someone should order and post results!!

  57. ben says:

    Tracking number 1ZXxxxxxxxxxxx
    Ship date 07/16/2012 23:24:24
    Estimated delivery 07/19/2012
    Destination xxxxxxxx, US
    Service type 3 DAY SELECT
    Weight 2.90 LBS
    Status In Transit
    Date/Time Activity Location Details
    07/15/2012 11:09:00 ORIGIN SCAN[I] BALDWIN PARK, CA, US
    07/16/2012 23:24:24 BILLING INFORMATION RECEIVED[M]

  58. Debbie says:

    Called J&R today about my order which was placed on June 29. They do not have any in-stock, in fact they are still waiting for their first shipment from ASUS. I wished I had waited & ordered from Newegg, even got a email alert from them when it came in-stock on Saturday. I just hope my pre-order is not back-ordered. Might have to cancel & order from somewhere else. Been waiting too long as it is.

    • NKH says:

      I too placed an order on June 29 for the 64GB champage gold. I just called J&R and they said they were expecting shipment withing 7-10 business days, and might be earlier then that.
      I just want to know when I will recieve it!!!!

      • Debbie says:

        I ordered the gray 64GB. J&R was expecting to receive that shipment today. Just have to wait & see. Hope the TF700T is all it has been hyped up to be.

        • NKH says:

          Thanks! I never thought that the different colors would come in two different shipments. Its getting hard to wait anymore. I just looked at Tigerdirect and if ordered through that site wouldn’t receive until Jul 26th.

        • Brian says:

          Thanks for the info Debbie! I pre-ordered the gray 64GB from J&R on the 30th. My order is still showing as back-ordered as well.

          • Debbie says:

            I think if it doesn’t show as shipped on Tuesday, I am going to call J&R and see if they will give me Rush Shipping as a free upgrade, since it didn’t get shipped on July 16th.

  59. Vick says:

    Trying to get this for my Wife’s B-day which is on the 19th , you guys think any store will have it by then lol? Been waiting for wayyyyyyyyyyyy tooo long now in my opinion . If anyone finds a store that gets it in stock please share with us.
    Vick S.

  60. Shayne says:

    My Amazon order has just been updated. I can now select the 2 day shipping option for Amazon Prime and my delivery estimate now shows…

    Delivery Estimate: Wednesday August 8, 2012 – Tuesday August 14, 2012

    • whaaa says:

      are you serious?

      But you had to place the order first and then look at it in “my account” to change the shipping? The product page still shows 3-4 weeks, i’m not sure what to do! haha.. I guess I can always cancel it if it doesn’t ship before I find it somewhere else…

      • whaaa says:

        oops sorry, i’m dumb I didn’t read closely enough… so the shipping estimate is still in line with what the product page shows, you were just able to select the other prime shipping options.
        I didn’t think about it until after I placed my order, haha. Oh well, that’s cool I’ll cancel if I find somewhere else.

        My estimates are showing same as you, and aug 7-aug 28 for the keyboard dock…

    • admin says:

      I’m curious if you ordered the Gray or the Gold. I’m just trying to see if my observations about Gray being more available still holds true. I still think Amazon will surprise us with deliveries. If not, then this is truly bananas.

      • whaaa says:

        my order was for 64GB Gray

      • shamad1 says:

        Thanks for the heads-up. I checked my Amazon order and was able to see the normal Prime shipping options. Upgraded to 1-day for $3.99.

        Delivery estimate shows August 6, 2012 – August 23, 2012.

        Ordered the 64GB Gold at about 12:06am on the 15th.

        • stephanie says:

          I ordered both a gray & champagne tablet 32gb on Amazon and will cancel one after the other one ships out. I really want the champagne, but would rather not wait. I also went in and was able to change the shipping to one day after reading this post (which I could not do this morning, I have been trying LOL).

          The gray one says Delivery estimate: August 7, 2012 – August 13, 2012.

          The champagne one says Delivery estimate: August 7, 2012 – August 22, 2012

          I really hope the dates change.

      • shamad1 says:

        I agree, it’s probably a case of under-promise, over-deliver based on Amazon’s past experience with Asus. Hoping that we’ll be pleasantly surprised with early deliveries.

      • Dreane says:

        My order @ Amazon is for the 64GB Gold. It is showing the following now for ship time. Prime shipping.
        Not Yet Shipped:
        1 item – delivery estimate: August 7, 2012 – August 24, 2012

      • Shayne says:

        I ordered the 32BG Gray version. I really had my eye on the Gold one but my wife said it was too “flashy”, lol. So I went with Gray.

    • Dreane says:

      I updated my shipping option too, to Prime and then this appeared:
      Not Yet Shipped:
      1 item – delivery estimate: August 7, 2012 – August 24, 2012

  61. whaaa says:

    Hey, anyone seen this yet?


    Sorry if this was already called out, I do know BB had them online early a while back and then the pages got pulled. Last I searched I couldn’t find them at all on the site, but now they’re there. But looks like atm:

    – 64GB Gray – sold out online
    -32GB Gray – not available yet
    -Dock Gold – sold out
    -Dock Gray – add to cart button there, but unavailable online. Searched stores in my area and was unavailable at all…

  62. happy says:

    woohoo! Just ordered 32g Asus grey tablet from Office depot and estimated delivery date is 7/17! talk about fast! I canceled my amazon order too

    • whaaa says:

      hey thanks! ordered my dock through there and it says delivery 7/18. Looking for the 64GB though, so couldn’t order the tab itself.

      Really hope Office Depot is being straightforward about their stock/ship dates!

  63. Duane says:

    Hmm just noticed something… Just read Office Depots specs on the tf700t and it states it comes with a tegra 3 (t30s) processor. Thought these things were supposed to have a t33. Someone please correct me if I’m wrong.

    • whaaa says:

      you are right, probably just a mistake on their part. I’ve never heard of an infinity with T30, and I’m sure they aren’t selling knock-offs…

  64. Asfand says:

    So if you guys have noticed best buy has the tablet listed as “Coming Soon”, http://www.bestbuy.com/site/Asus+-+Tablet+with+32GB+Memory+-+Gray/5717344.p?id=1218686513247&skuId=5717344

    Also I saw Amazon has the option to order but like mentioned above random shipping info 3-4weeks!?!? Pffft! No Thanks! I called Best Buy and spoke to a manager and a sales associate from Office Depot, looks like they wont have them “In-Store” until sometime next month, I took my next best option and ordered from TigerDirect.com, I Opted for the next day delivery method for an extra $19.30, however estimated arrival date was Tuesday July 24th so Im guessing they wont ship from Tiger Direct’s source until monday the 23rd. I see what Asus is doing here, this is a guess, but it seems they are leaving all the promo up to the fans who have been anticipating this tablet for months! Its actually a great move, Hype the crowd for a few months, keep things quiet and release info discretely forcing fans to dig deeper, then release day comes and offer a limited amount through online retailers so that they sell out quick! Once all online retailers sell out it will def make news as the new Android tablet that sold out on Day 1!!! Then re-stock all stores and bring it out to store fronts, it will for sure drive the crowd to go get one. thats my .02

  65. Chris says:

    So the order I placed with Abt is now backorder several weeks according to their online chat, which is a bummer because I got an email just a few days ago saying that it would ship today. I am wondering if any of the abt orders shipped?

    Anyway, I was pretty bummed, but tired of waiting so I just got back from BB with the TF300 after holding off for several months. Not a bad little tablet, but I hope I don’t regret it later if any of the infinities actually end up in stock somewhere!

  66. nick says:

    I purchased a 64GB gray and dock through Circuit City with my business. A Tiger Direct business representative just called me to give me a status update (and sign me up for a corporate account). He said that they are completely sold out of the units they had on hand and the website shipping dates were not accurately reflecting the condition. They have another shipment coming in on the 21st and mine will ship from that shipment. They do not have any forseen inventory in the gold color, everything they have coming in on the 21st delivery is gray. Please note that this will likely apply if you buy from Tiger Direct, or Circuit City & CompUSA as they are all owned by Tiger Direct now. Did extensive research and seems like the best place to get one soonest right now since NewEgg and others are sold out.

    • Asfand says:

      Just spoke with a tiger direct rep as well to check on my order, and they too said they are “Expecting a lot” to arrive on the 21st, which will include my order in that shipment and since I opted for next day delivery I am still going to get the estimated arrival time of Tuesday July 24th, Lets hope Asus keeps up with the promises they made with Tiger Direct, All I can say is Asus really screwed this release up, horrible information and planning, they should have anticipated this especially after all those months of teasing the fans…

  67. D says:

    I felt like (after all the waiting already) I could wait a little bit longer and opted for the gold one from amazon. Estimated delivery date is anywhere between Aug 13 and Sept 1. I called them as well and the woman I spoke to told me that the estimated shipping date was indeed accurate and it would be closer to 1 month (she said it would probably be 4 weeks) and that it most likely wouldn’t be 2 months.

    I also called newegg to see what the deal with them was. I asked about both 32gb models and the guy told me that they sold about 100 of the gray ones but didn’t stock the gold ones at all. He also said they have no order history or inventory of them. Based on that it looks like newegg won’t have them in stock for probably another month as well. I guess TigerDirect is the only real viable resource for the tablet at this point. I’m willing to wait a little longer for that sexy gold one though.

  68. whaaa says:

    YO! Haven’t seen any update in text on this page yet, but he posted a new link to newegg for the 32GB gray version, still showing in stock!! Picked one up just now- one of the few places I trust to actually have in stock if it says so. If you want 32GB gray, get em while you still can!! Wanted 64GB, but I’ll either use external storage or sell it and upgrade later…. needed this quick for a vacation (looong plane ride) coming up soon :)

  69. whaaa says:

    B&H link now there too! Showing in stock for 64GB Gray!

  70. JakFrost says:

    Just ordered 2 of these Gray 32GB tablets from NewEgg.com as gifts before going on vacation in two weeks. Glad to catch them since none were showing available at midnight last night on release day.

  71. JakFrost says:

    They just sold out again in ~5-minutes. Luckily NewEgg’s Auto-Notify e-mail feature worked for me and I was sitting at a computer when my phone went off so I placed the order otherwise I would have missed it. I’ve seen this happen before with NewEgg during other computer product releases. What a life-saver this was since I wanted to give them these best tablets on the market as a gift instead of some older ones.

  72. mike says:

    Just order 64gb greg from B and H photo. I think they really have them in stock. If you choose one day shipping, estimated arival date is actually tomorrow. I choose 3 day shipping to California, I’ll have it Friday!!!!

  73. whaaa says:

    the amazon links are now pointing to ‘in stock’ availability from a 3rd party merchant (also at slightly jacked up prices). Probably not what anyone is looking for, but just a heads up.

    Wish I would have waited a few min for that B&H 64gb deal, my newegg order has already gone through, so I can’t cancel it now.

    • whaaa says:

      seems really weird to me- how does a 3rd party reseller like “Mobile Advance” have them, but Amazon doesn’t… really? Could indicate something shady (maybe they are selling international model or something?)..idk but seems weird.

  74. deepsix says:

    Tigerdirect.com says shipping, but after ordering they said it is backordered until around the fourth week of July( 64GB purple:) ).

    I called B&Hphotovideo.com and they said they have the 64GB gray in stock and shipping.

  75. Asfand says:

    Just Canceled My Order With TigerDirect.com since they had a delivery date of next tuesday so I went ahead and ordered from B&H with a delivery date of Wednesday July 18th 10:30am! Lets hope it actually arrives that day… I just felt more comfortable because a proper delivery date was defined rather than an estimate also not to mention Asus’s website recommended the purchase from a few retailers one of them being B&H, Best buy just had the 64gb model available for order online but just sold out in a few minutes.

    • Simon says:

      Hi, I am surprised you got given a delivery date by B&H. I bought mine just after midnight and it is showing as backordered. I spoke to them this morning and they advised that they haven’t actually received any stock and they don’t know when they will be getting any. This is just rediculous!

  76. Asfand says:

    Does Anyone know if the Keyboard dock TF201 fit the infinity tab?? Some people are saying they are, even in some of the product reviews, but they are selling tf700t keyboard docks as well so I was curious as to what the difference was…. I already have the TF201 keyboard dock and can test and verify if my infinity tablet arrives on time this wednesday.

    • whaaa says:

      from what I have read ASUS said the infinity will be backwards compatible with the old dock, but the new dock will not not be backwards compatible with the transformer prime. So yes, you should be fine.

      Someone please correct me if I’m wrong.

  77. Duane says:

    Early buyers got the tf201 dock bundled with the tf700t from Asus so it definitely should work with it. Only thing is the firmware you need on the dock is the latest firmware 207. Some reports state that when used with the tf201 dock, the tablet sits slightly more forward (around 3mm) when both are clasped together. I’ve also read that the gray version of the tablet is more gray than purple unlike the tf201 dock which has more of a purplish color.

    The tf700t dock has a smaller battery (19.5w vs 22w on the tf201 dock) but fixes some issues with the trackpad in the tf201. Not sure what issues those were though. Unsure about the colors but pretty positive its spot on with the tf700t.

    Of course some early buyers state that they have none of those issues stated above that had the bundled tf700t/tf201 dock aside from the slight color difference. I bought a tf201 dock from amazon and will try it myself because ultimately you have to be your own judge in the end. That’s about all I’ve read on it so far.

    • Asfand says:

      Thanks for the info! I bought the dock from best buy but if I am some what bothered by the slight differences I could always swap for the TF700T keyboard dock once they show up in the stores.

  78. matt says:

    Hey ASFAND ….I am pretty sure your old dock won’t work from what I remember reading.

    Did you ask B&H how long it would take for them to get the TF700 dock when you ordered? It looks like they are saying the TF700 dock is just a pre order right now eventhough they have the tablet instock

    • Asfand says:

      Yea there’s no word on them having the dock right now but they are taking pre-orders, they said my tablet should arrive on wednesday, and I just purchased a tf201 dock from best buy yesterday so I’ll try it out, if anything I can always exchange or return. I’ll let you guys know if it works and what not.

  79. stephanie says:

    Yay for Amazon! I selected one day shipping on the 64GB & it says delivery estimate July 19th. Wanted the 32GB but I’ll take what I can get lol.

  80. whaaa says:

    Man, amazon better update the purchases for the people who bought it first before they changed the shipping info! Mine still shows an august 8th delivery date >: (

    64GB is what I wanted, so now I’m not sure if I want to cancel the amazon order or not… looks like I may have 2 of these and a light bank account soon, haha.

    • whaaa says:

      LOL I just changed my shipping from one day to 2 day then back to 1 day…now my shipping estimate got updated to Jul 19th- woohooo!

      • cman says:

        I tried that, now it won’t let me change shipping. Also, I had to get rid of the keyboard to get it before August. Now July 20.

        • cman says:

          Got it switched back to free. Dock still says August 9th.

          • whaaa says:

            yeah, my dock still shows the original august date too. Not sure why you had to drop your dock, I didn’t have to do that…. My order was set to ship items “as they become avalable” though- maybe you somehow had it set to ship them together? I also have prime, not sure if that’s a difference.

            I will probably end up canceling the dock order anyway, I ended up ordering one here this morning. http://www.officedepot.com/a/products/296737/ASUS-TF700T-Dock-Gray/

            Looks like they’re still in stock, you may want to consider it. All I can confirm is that my order says “3 day shipping pending”, under status, and delivery date “07/18/2012″. I haven’t heard anything to indicate that won’t be the case, but I can’t guarantee anything obviously.

      • Dreane says:

        I tried this and it just changed the shipping date about 2 days earlier, but didn’t jump to July as you have described. You must have hit it at the right time.

  81. Somebody says:

    Someone knows anything about the 3G version?

    • Asfand says:

      3g/4g versions wont be out for a while I imagine around christmas time? I do know there is a shortage on the snapdragon s4 processors which will be included in the 3g/4g, sucks though because the snap dragon is only a dual core, may be a similar user experience as the tegra 3 t33 chips in the wifi model, but tegra 3 t33 quad core 1.6ghz FTW! not to mention that 12 core GPU! I also hear the tegra chipset is actually 5 physical cores, the 5th being activated during simple tasks and the other 4 cores in a sleep state until more tasks require the cpu bandwidth. I wouldnt care much for the 3g/4g version since I’ll be tethering if needed.

      • Somebody says:

        In my opinion a tablet has like the main funcion of acess internet anywhere, and I will not buy a tablet who can’t do this.
        I live in Brazil, and here we don’t have wi-fi everywhere, I don’t know if it’s thus where you live. Here I just have wi-fi in my house, not in the bus, not in the school, not everywhere, just at home. ‘Cause it I just will buy a tablet if it be 3G.

        PS: Sorry by my english, I don’t know speak english

        • whaaa says:

          if you have phones that can do wifi tethering you can have access wherever you are even of a wifi tablet though. That’s what I do tethering from my android phone. It doesn’t even have to be rooted. For a phone like iPhone I believe it does have to be jailbroken though. Not a solution that will work for everyone, but definitely makes wifi-only a better option for some. Device is cheaper and no extra data plan to use the same data you’re already paying for!

  82. TJ says:

    You can now get TF700t Transformer Infinity from Best Buy. Just go to your local store, tell the sales associate that you want to OMS TF700t Transformer Infinity, order it, pay for it, and wait few days for it to arrive.
    Give them one of these sku’s for the OMS order:
    32GB Grey – SKU 5717344
    64GB Grey – SKU 5568297

  83. stephanie says:

    32GB now showing in stock on Amazon :)

  84. whaaa says:

    Interesting update on the Dock for me-

    Product page still shows shipping in 1-2 months, but when my infinity got moved from “not yet shipped” to “shipping soon”, the dock’s shipping estimate change to July 19, 2012 – August 27, 2012

    It used to be August 8 – August 27, so something tells me these may be just like the tablets and are about to see an update. Dock is still “not yet shipped” status, but it’s a promising change.

  85. Debbie says:

    Best Buy now has the TF700T’s available for ordering, shipping to local stores for pickup in 5-7 days. Still not able to order the docks.

  86. Stacy says:

    Just placed an order with Best Buy. FINALLY! Estimated Arrival: 07/20-07/25/2012

  87. matt says:

    great now after canceling my amazon and ordering tiger direct i have to :

    cancel tiger infinity
    buy amazon infinity (again)
    Keep BOTH dock orders and cancel whichever one does not ship first….. Fuck if apple doesn’t do better launches.

  88. Paradox says:

    As of this morning (7/17/2012 – ~6AM EST) Amazon is showing the 64GB Grey version in stock and available for July 18th delivery. My order still showed the August 7th-28th dates (however, my order had a few other things on it and I had selected “group into as few shipments as possible).

    I removed the tablets (getting 2) from my existing order and placed a new order containing just the two tablets, 1-day shipping. It told me my guaranteed delivery date was July 18th and shows that date on the order status as well.

  89. Arthur Williams says:

    I just pre-ordered Asus 32GB TF700 for $499 at Bestbuy.com. It looks like stores will recieve it in 3-5 business days. Also, the 32GB tablet is the only one selling at this time. The 64GB is stil showing as “Sold Out” on Bestbuy.com website. Good luck to all!

  90. Arthur Williams says:

    Update: Best Buy estimated arrival at store 7/24/12.

  91. NKH says:

    Has anyone heard any updates about the champagne model?

  92. Arne says:

    Hi all,
    I was going to get a 64 gb model but now think that the 32 gb and a mini sd card will work out to be cheaper.. However I am confused about the mini sd cards. It seem that the 32 gb cards are SDHC… Is the SDHC model suitable for the tf700. or does it have to be simply SD? The same question goes for the keyboard/docking station. which is a SD not a mini.. It seem to me that the SD card is only available up to 2 gb If that is all I can get I may as well go and buy the 64 gb model. Bloody confusing (to me anyway)

    Thanks in advance.

  93. Arthur Williams says:

    Correction: The 64GB Asus TF700 is also now available at Bestbuy.com as well as the TF700 keyboard dock.

  94. AMD says:

    I ordered the 32GB Champagne TF700 from Amazon at 3:30 a.m. E.T. on Sunday morning. Today, my “delivery estimate” is August 8 – August 23. I’m really hoping they get stock sooner than that. I don’t want to wait another 3-4 weeks after already waiting 6 months for this thing.

    • Dreane says:

      I ordered the champagne 64GB on Amazon too. I am tempted to order the same in Gray from Amazon since that is in stock. Then I would leave the first one on back order. Tempting!!! I getting jealous of you guys getting yours within the week. UGH!!

      • Dreane says:

        Ok…gave in and ordered the Gray on Amazon 64GB. Still have the Champagne on order for August. Will just sell one or the other. One day delivery scheduled for tomorrow delivery. Will update here when I get a tracking number or hear something else.

        • Dreane says:

          Shipping soon…so excited!! 9:38 am 7/17

        • shamad1 says:

          Same here, waiting for champagne 64GB from Amazon, but tempted to just go for the gray instead. I’m just thinking if we hold out for a few more days there will be some more news and possibly an earlier ship date.

          • Dreane says:

            Yes, that is what I am doing. I will end up with two, but one dock for sharing between the two. I think that champagne is worth waiting for, but ordered the gray 64G to have in the meantime. Will just wait on Aug shipping for the dock and the champagne 64G.

          • shamad1 says:

            Ok, I gave in and ordered the 64GB gray from Amazon and keyboard dock from Office Depot. Keeping my champagne order for now and will figure out what to do if we get more info on when that will ship.

            Otherwise, it says Shipping Soon with delivery date of 7/18. So excited! :-)

    • Dreane says:

      I am still seeing “shipping soon” on my Amazon order. I am supposed to receive it tomorrow (1 day shipping) so it must be coming from somewhere local or close by. It has been showing shipping soon since I ordered it this morning. Hope Amazon doesn’t let me down.

  95. Debbie says:

    Cancelled my pre-order from J&R placed on June 29th, called again today, they still don’t have them in. Ordered from Amazon.com. 64GB gray in-stock, to be delivered July 19th. I’m wondering if the companies that were offering pre-orders too early are being penalized by Asus. Getting the dock later, seems no-one has that in-stock yet.

    • Brian says:

      I did that exact same thing too Debbie and opted for the next day delivery. I wanted to wait to receive the tracking number before I cancelled with J&R, but got over ruled by my better half. The “guaranteed” by date made it a softer blow so I caved :).

      • Debbie says:

        I had free 2 day shipping from Amazon Prime membership, plus I got to use my Discovercard cashback towards the purchase. J&R standard UPS shipping even if they got their order in today wouldn’t have gotten here as fast. They had no idea when they were going to receive their supply. Duh, what good is a pre-order? Besides I am off work, Thursday & Friday, so I will be here for the delivery. Yeah.

  96. whaaa says:

    Well I can confirm for myself at least that the newegg availability that popped up today is now shipping. Mine just changed from ‘packaging’ to ‘shipped’ some time around 8am this morning. Was hoping the 64GB amazon one would ship first and I could cancel it, but I wanted to be positive… Amazon order still in a “shipping soon” state w/ jul 19th delivery date.

    If stock happens to be dry when I get mine, I may have a 32GB available for someone… I’ll check back then, but sounds like stock will be widely available in the coming weeks.

    • whaaa says:

      Amazon order just shipped too- delivery date is tomorrow! Looks like a lot of orders are about to ship out to people today.

      Gotta give a big thanks to this site (and all the contributors)- between the admin and everyone here stock updates have literally been up to the minute! A lot of people who would have missed out were able to snag these because of this site- great work!

      • Dreane says:

        How long was it from the time that Amazon said “shipping soon” to the time that is said “shipped”? Mine is supposed to arrive tomorrow, but still says shipping soon.

        • whaaa says:

          maybe a little over half a day. It changed to shipping soon some time in the late afternoon last night, then to shipped early this morning.

          • Dreane says:

            Where did yours originate from? Where was it shipped from?

          • whaaa says:

            01:31:00 PM Sparks NV US Shipment received by carrier

          • shamad1 says:

            Thanks for the info. Items that ship from Sparks, NV always arrive quickly for me. As of 2:35pm PDT, mine still says Shipping Soon. Just placed the order this morning.

        • Dreane says:

          Mine finally shipped yesterday about 5pm. Went from Reno to Sparks. Then last night to Mather, CA (out in the forest) to Ontario. Out for delivery this morning from Ontario. I paid $3.99 extra @ Amazon to get overnight. Pretty good movement of the package once it got shipped. Will get it sometime today. EXCITED!!!

  97. matt says:

    So the main question now is….


    Dude who ordered it through office depot..whats your status?

    Whats the soonest arrival date anyone has for the dock from amazon?

    Or did anyone snag a dock through best buy ?

    Im about to go on the hunt, ill update

    • shamad1 says:

      Must have taken a wrong turn at Albuquerque. :-) I ordered a gray dock from Office Depot, and it currently says 3 day delivery pending for 7/19. I think someone was saying they may ship from local depots… I’m in the SF bay area if that helps.

    • whaaa says:

      I also ordered a dock yesterday through both Amazon and Office Depot.

      Office depot still in 3 day pending for 7/19 like shamad1, but my amazon dock which used to say aug 8- aug 27rd now shows jul 19 – aug 27.. that’s a huge window, but I’m betting that just like the tablets, there’s an availability update around the corner….

    • whaaa says:

      Office Depot dock just switched from pending to “ready to load” state and delivery estimate was moved up to 7/18.

      Actually just checked on it again to verify, and now the status shows “in warehouse”, but there’s also a 1 under “shipped”. Kind of confusing, I didn’t order 1 days hipping, so I really doubt it will be here tomorrow, but I hope so! Either way looks like Office Depot docks may be shipping today.

  98. nick says:

    Ordered a dock through both Office Depot and Amazon today. Office Depot shows delivery date of Aug. 23rd. Amazon Aug. 7th-28th. Searched around and couldn’t find one anywhere else. Am hoping the Office Depot one ships today….it said in stock.

    Has anybody who placed a preorder or ordered through NewEgg received their tablet yet?

  99. matt says:

    Hey Whaaaa

    How did you get your dock to update to july 19th? or did it just do it automatically? and when did you originally place the order?

    • whaaa says:

      I’m not sure if anything I did affected it, but I can tell you how it went:

      -placed my order for both tablet and dock yesterday, when shipping estimates were showing 3-4 weeks tablet, 1-2 months dock.
      -At some point in the day people noticed that the wait times for tablets were removed, and shipping estimates were now in the 1-5 day range. I checked my order and it was still showing Aug 8th as the soonest delivery for both products, so I changed my shipping time from 1 day to 2 day, then back to 1 day. The delivery estimate for the tablet updated to jul 19th, but the tablet stayed the same. (shipping estimate updated on the first change, but I wanted 1 day shipping so I put it back).
      -at that point both products were still in “not shipped yet” status. A few hours later the tablet updated from not yet shipped to “shipping soon”. It was at that point that the estimated shipping for the dock changed.

      Hope that helps

  100. Bill Severance says:

    Just ordered a 64GB (gray) unit online at B & H Photo Video. In stock with expected delevery in 5 to 8 days, though B & H usually ships more quickly than that. Dock not yet available for shipping but went ahead with pre-order. Card will be charged only when it ships. New Egg was still showing out of stock this morning.

    • Dreane says:

      Why didn’t you order from Amazon???? No tax or shipping and can get it 1-2 days….??? Just wondering.

      • Trey Waters says:

        I did the same thing as Bill. Had “pre”ordered it on Amazon shortly after their link went live.

        Last night, I thought about cancelling the Amazon order, but held off. Then today, after word that Amazon was shipping orders, and my order still unchanged from 1+ month delay, I canceled my amazon order and went with B&H.

        No tax for me, but I did spend $10 extra for 2 day shipping. I’ve had good experiences with B&H in the past, and the $10 was probably a waste vs. the free shipping option, but my impatience took over :-(

  101. matt says:

    Fuck….Do i order the dock from office depot and maybe get it july 19th but give money to office depot who sucks balls.


    Keep my dock order on amazon even though we have no idea if it will ship july 19th or way the hell in aug….

    decisions decisions …

    • Dreane says:

      No potty language, please.

    • whaaa says:

      Do what I did, just order on both- if Amazon says “not yet shipping” or “shipping soon” when office depot says already shipped just cancel -or the other way around. If you end up with 2 docks Amazon is the best on returns, you’ll get your money back for sure.

      • Dreane says:

        I’m not willing to pay the $35 or so in tax on Office Depot. I’ll stay with Amazon, no matter how long it takes.

        • whaaa says:

          ah, i see. Damn you people who keep saying “no tax” if you buy from Amazon, you’re lucky! It’s because you live in states where Amazon doesn’t have a business presence. I live in WA where they are headquartered, so I still pay tax :(

  102. A.K. Weber says:

    My Amazon order that I placed this morning for a 64Gb version has shipped. Will arrive tomorrow. Shipped from Las Vegas, to Atlanta! Keyboard still showing Aug 7th thru 28th Delivery.

  103. cman says:

    Why hasn’t my Amazon order I placed yesterday not shipped yet? I’m sick of seeing “shipping soon”.

  104. Dreane says:

    Here is an unboxing video that I found. It was just filmed yesterday. It comes from the UK, so we don’t get both the 700 and the dock in the same box. But it is cool to see…. Hope you are able to see it.

  105. brad says:

    bestbuy has them in stock for shipping

  106. Papichulo says:

    b&h has both 32 and 64GB in stock

  107. David says:

    I’ve successfully ordered a 64Gb from B&H. Live chat went and checked, and they had one left. Tracking email says it has shipped. UPS says it’s 2.70lb, so sounds like it’s on the way. Hopefully first one of the first to arrive in New Zealand.

  108. Duane says:

    Those who bought the tf201 dock with the tf700t, please update and confirm whether its working. Mine won’t arrive until Thursday. I’ll also update whether mine works or not and fits correctly, etc.

  109. Amber D says:

    Is the infinity going to have the same problem as the Prime with how easy it was to scratch the back of it? I plan on getting a clear skin protector, but that won’t come in until after the tablet.

  110. Duane says:

    I did read a review stating that no matter how much you baby it, the back will get scratches.

    I read about the colors being a little off but I’m willing to ignore it if it fits perfectly and works. Got my tf201 dock for $109 from amazon, but if I’m not satisfied I’ll send it back and just wait for the tf700t dock to become available.

    • Dreane says:

      Anyone know of a good case or cover that can be used in order to avoid scratches? A soft leather or material like that is fine. Most of the leather cases I am seeing are the hard leather that is rough. I want something softer that compliments the infinity. Know what I mean?

      • shamad1 says:

        I’m planning to use the Moko slim case when carrying just the tablet and the Casecrown sleeve for tablet & dock, both available on Amazon.

      • shamad1 says:

        By the way, I do have both of these already and am happy with the amount of protection they appear to provide. No infinity yet, unfortunately, but I do have the cases in hand. :-)

  111. Shayne says:

    My Amazon order has finally shipped. The estimated delivery even changed to one day sooner. Shipment originated from Sparks, NV.

  112. NKH says:

    J&R now has the grey 32GB, 64 GB and docking station in stock to order by phone or in store – expected to ship 7/18


  113. cman says:

    Amazon now says 3-4 weeks on the 32 and won’t respond to my email. Starting to tick me off.

  114. whaaa says:

    link at the top of the page now shows gray docks in stock at amazon. says 10 in stock, but looks like there’s 20 now. Do note that the default seller is 3rd party, so it looks like they jacked the price up a little…

  115. shamad1 says:

    My Amazon order of the gray 64GB shipped this afternoon 5:51pm from Fernley NV via Ontrac. Yay, hope to have some good news tomorrow!

  116. Duane says:

    Just an update for those who may not know… Best Buy is now showing ship to store for the gray tf700t dock (in my area anyways) http://www.bestbuy.com/site/Asus+-+Keyboard+Docking+Station+-+Gray/5495643.p?id=1218655167288&skuId=5495643&st=tf700t&cp=1&lp=3

  117. Duane says:

    oops, that has been stated already. sorry fellas…

  118. cman says:

    Still says shipping soon and I got a cut and paste response to my email. I’m so close to cancelling my order and never dealing with them again. Why can’t they tell me what’s going on?

  119. papichulo says:

    Can anyone recommend a protective clear hard case for the infinity? Thanks for any info….

  120. nick says:

    My 64GB grey from Amazon is out for delivery!

    My dock at Office Depot changed status from “3 Days Delivery Pending” to “In The Warehouse”…..not sure what that means. Showing a delivery date of July 23rd. No changes to dock status on Amazon.

    • whaaa says:

      That means it’s coming. Mine was in “warehouse” status for about a day then till went to shipped, so I think that’s normal. Weird that it didn’t move to shipped till last night but the delivery date is still showing as today. Unless it’s shopping from my city I dink know how likely that is…

  121. Troa says:

    Ordered yesterday morning from Amazon, 64gb grey, with $4 overnight prime shipping and just got it about 5 minutes ago.

  122. Debbie says:

    J&R emailed me today, after I cancelled my order yesterday, said they now have my order in-stock & call them if I wanted to re-order. I pre-ordered on June 29th. I ordered from Amazon after I cancelled with J&R, with it being delivered tomorrow. A little late, don’t ya think??

  123. Debbie says:

    Now cancelled the Amazon TF700T dock order 149.99 1-2 months wait. Ordered it from Adorama 134.99, in-stock, shipping now. Got to love how coordinated this Asus product launch was. Pre-orders my asus, without the u. LOL

    • Dreane says:

      Thanks for this…I just ordered one here too. Less than Amazon, even with standard shipping. Thank you very much.

  124. Tim says:

    Mine is sitting on the door step…

  125. Duane says:

    Damn $134.99 isn’t bad at all for the tf700t dock. May just order that one for the hell of it and compare it to the tf201 dock.

    • Dreane says:

      I ordered it this morning. I want the color to match the amethyst gray of the 700t. Good deal too. And it is actually in stock compared to Amazon.

      • Dreane says:

        Never mind…don’t order it unless you want to wait. Just received an email that it is on back order and will have to wait 10 days or longer. I cancelled my order. The order page said nothing about it not being in stock. Don’t like companies that are deceptive.

  126. Stacy says:

    Walmart has the TF700T!

  127. Jim says:

    I got hosed. Ordered a 64GB TF700T from Amazon on release morning of 7/15 when the page still said “3 to 4 weeks” for shipping. Received shipping notice on 7/17 saying shipped with delivery date of 7/20!! WTF Amazon!!?? I’m a Prime member so where is my 2 day shipping? And why are folks who ordered them after me getting them already!! Sighhhhh…

    • stephanie says:

      I ordered the same day as you, but had to go in and manually change the shipping to 1 day instead of 3-5 once it allowed that option. I do agree that is stupid on Amazon’s part

    • Dreane says:

      I think you should have gone back in to check on the shipping method because when they were first put up for sale on that day the Prime logo was not on the page. So it would have given you the standard shipping and not Prime. You would have had to go to your order and change the shipping method to two-day for Prime.

      • Jim says:

        But then again, is Amazon not a professional, customer service driven vendor? You would expect they would have had their act together in regards to selling one of the most highly anticipated Android tablets being released. It should not have been up to their customers to have to “click and guess, then click again and guess some more” Very shoddy.

        • whaaa says:

          Jim- let them know about this. They ARE a customer service driven vendor- if you catch them in time they will almost certainly change you to the 2 day free shipipng you wanted, and if you’re not in time I bet you anything they will give you some sort of shipping refund or credit for the mistake. I have only had a few poor things like this happen and every time they did me right when I contacted customer service. They really do try to keep their customers happy.

          That’s interesting to see your situation though- I had a feeling that when the availability was updated, people who ordered before that would still get their shipments on time vs what the estimate showed. But I never thought of the case where you have prime and the order didn’t get adjusted to take that into account… I bet you’re not the only one that happened to.

          • Jim says:

            I did contact them soon after I received the shipping notification. By then it was too late to do anything – so they gave me $10 gift voucher.

            I’ve been a happy Amazon customer for many years. It is surprising that a company like Amazon handled this in such a fashion. Either have you sales pages ready to go people or don’t throw anything up!

  128. stephanie says:

    Got mine today from Amazon :-)

  129. nick says:

    Got my 64GB grey in from Amazon today….everything I expected so far and more.

    I am trying to set up vibrate on touch or keypad and can’t seem to get it to work. I have checked the boxes in settings under Sound, Security, and the default Asus keyboard settings. Anyone else having similar issues or know what I’m missing?


    • Dreane says:

      Did you figure out the vibration thingy yet? Sorry I can’t help yet. Mine should be here in the next couple hours. Come on UPS….

      • nick says:

        No luck yet…..sent a technical inquiry to Asus. I’ll let you know what I find out. If I switch the keyboard input method to Android style keyboard, then it works, but not through the Asus style keyboard. Don’t really care about which one there, but like having the vibration feedback using the pad throughout. I’ll let you know if I hear anything…..thanks for the response.

  130. whaaa says:

    Keep it up with the testimonies everyone, I can’t wait till I get home to get mine, so hearing everyone’s stories of how they like it will have to get me through the day lol. In the unboxing video posted above (even though that’s the UK bundle version) it looked like they left out a wall plug w/ the charger. Can anyone confirm if the wall charger actually does come in the box?

  131. shamad1 says:

    Just took mine out of the box and charging now. So far it looks real nice, definitely a purple hue vs. a pure gray, but I think I can live with the color. It’s very slim and seems be as solidly built as my wife’s ipad 2.

    • whaaa says:

      I know a lot of people are feelin that gold color, but personally it’s all about that gray for me… I like the darker colors like that, never been big on gold. Glad that was the color they had it heavier supply.

      • Dreane says:

        I didn’t realize until a few days after release that the Gray that they were calling it, was actually a amethyst (purple) with gray keyboard. I LOVE PURPLE! and the one I should be getting anytime now should be beautiful. I still have the champagne gold on order at Amazon, so I will see how the availability is as it gets closer to shipping. I may just get it and sell it. I’m glad that I gave in and ordered what ended up being my fav color. Can’t hardly wait till it gets here.

  132. Dreane says:

    I think that they are doing themselves (Asus) a disservice in calling it gray. They should promote the amethyst part of the color. Gray sounds so dull.

    • whaaa says:

      I think they actually are marketing it as amethyst gray. You said “with gray keyboard”, I thought they were calling the kb amethyst gray too- is it not? Or did you mean the actual keys?

      • Dreane says:

        I meant the keys. It just seems that everywhere it is listed for sale they are using Gray as the color instead of Amethyst gray. But the amethyst is the beautiful color, not gray.

  133. cman says:

    Finally shipped.

  134. Asfand says:

    I just got my 64gb Tf700t gray tablet and wow!! This thing is amazing!! I signed into my gmail and all my apps just seamlessly installed on their own. Also wanted to mention the battery was not fully charged there was only 8% battery left , Also there was a firmware update available. I had already baught a TF201 dock from best buy and I can confirm it works flawlessly! The dock fits perfectly!!! And Color is a perfect match for me! Infact I am typing from my docked Infinity Tablet right now!!! So Far I am in LOVE!!!

  135. Eric says:

    I just received what I thought was the TF700T Gray Dock — however, I’m a little puzzled by the label on the back. The Model is listed as “TF201 Mobile Docking”, but the Customer P/N says “TF700T-DOCK-GR”. Without my new Infinity to compare the colors, and with the “TF201″ printed on the label and the user manual, I’m not sure if I actually received one of the new TF700T Docks, or if someone slapped a new sticker on a TF201 box and shipped it.

    This is from Office Depot, so I would assume it is legit. Am I just being paranoid, or has anyone else come across the confusing documentation?

    Here’s the Office Depot link I ordered through:

    • Dreane says:

      I would definitely call them and tell them that you received the wrong item. It says nothing in the description that you have linked here anything about it being TF201. Asfand said that he is using the TF201 (see the post right above yours here). Let us know what you find out. Thanks.

    • whaaa says:

      hooo I ordered from office depot too, I’m gonna be HEATED if they are sending people the prime dock marked as TF700 dock… In the early bundle shipments in Europe I think they were packaging the TF201 with the infinity, so I could see this happening.

      Anyone else that ordered through OD have their dock/can comment?

    • Asfand says:

      Honestly guys I think the TF201 dock is the only dock for this tablet, mine looks like it was made for the infinity tablet yet its a TF201 keyboard dock from best buy, I honestly dont think there is a difference, people say its off in color but I swear to you under a bright light even using a magnifying glass(I didnt really use one) the colors match exactly!, I have 20/20 vision and I swear there truly isnt a differene in color…

    • Asfand says:

      Honestly guys I think the TF201 dock is the only dock for this tablet, mine looks like it was made for the infinity tablet yet its a TF201 keyboard dock from best buy, I honestly dont think there is a difference, people say its off in color but I swear to you under a bright light even using a magnifying glass(I didnt really use one) the colors match exactly!, I have 20/20 vision and I swear there truly isnt a differene in color…

      • Dreane says:

        Well I hope we can find out for sure because I don’t want to have to pay $149+ if I can buy it for around $100.

    • Eric says:

      Huzzah — UPS just picked up my TF700T Dock. Kudos to Office Depot for organizing the return — hopefully they follow up with the full refund they promised.

      Now if Best Buy would just process my TF201 Dock order and ship it — should go out by the end of today…

      • droidm says:

        I ordered what I assumed was the TF700T Keyboard Dock from Office Depot, but they sent me the TF201 Keyboard Dock. So beware, the TF700T dock from Office Depot is the Tf201! They accepted my return for full refund so at least that is good news. I have yet to come across anyone who even has the mythical TF700T keyboard dock??????

  136. Dreane says:

    Well I can’t say because I don’t have mine yet, but I would say that if it doesn’t say TF700 on the back then it sounds like a switch-er-ooo. Because couldn’t you have gotten the TF201 at a cheaper price? I ordered mine from J&R this morning…they better not do that to me. Anyone else have this same problem?? I believe that it should work, but to sell it as the TF700 is not right, not cool.

    • D says:

      Based on this video, I think the “new dock” has the same model number, but the packaging is slightly different.


      • whaaa says:

        Check out the date on that video (plus he references US release date). He must have gotten a foreign model. From what I heard those early buyers were getting the T201 with it, but currently we’re supposed to be getting a t700 model dock. ASUS even said the old dock would work with infinity, but infinity dock wouldn’t work with prime, so… how can they be the same model?? Man, I hope this gets sorted out, cuz I don’t want to get screwed over here…

        • Dreane says:

          Yeah, I agree…this whole buying experience has been a real hassle. I have really enjoyed having you all to talk to about it all though. Glad you are all here.

      • Eric says:

        Mine is exactly the same as the one in this video. The label on the back says “TF201″, the sticker on the back of the actual dock says “TF201″… the only place that says TF700 is the customer p/n. So it appears that ASUS is just selling “TF201″ as the “TF700T” — otherwise, they’ve made a poor (imho) decision to keep the TF201 label on the dock.

        I contacted Office Depot, and they were no help. I convinced them that the description on the website does not match the label on the dock, so they are returning the dock on their dime for a full refund.

        Now the question is if I can actually buy a TF700T dock — if I’m going to get a TF201 dock either way, I might as well buy the $109 off Amazon…


        • Dreane says:

          I still haven’t received a return reply to J&R about my dock purchase. I agree that if it is the same dock, then we should buy the least expensive version. Let us know what you may find out.

          • Eric says:

            I’m trying to Live Chat with ASUS Support. We’ll see if I can get a straight answer out of them.

          • whaaa says:

            left a post on the ASUS NA page too, but no response yet. I feel like it might be possible that they made minor physical changes and just kept the model number on it, but I don’t know how likely it is….

            On my way home to finally get my stuff now, excited but from what I’m reading I’m sure I’ll end up with the same 201 wondering what rout to take…

    • Duane says:

      Yep, I got my tf201 at amazon for $109. Glad Asfand said his is working perfectly and the colors match. I’m getting my tf700t tomorrow and will also confirm if it works. I’ve seen the tf201 as cheap as $98 bucks on ebay brand new.

    • Dreane says:

      I have emailed J&R about this to make sure that it is the TF700t dock and not a switch. I ordered because of the link on this website (up at the top) so I hope that the admin verifies what they are recommending before they post it.

      • whaaa says:

        every place I’ve seen that has this (J&R, Office Depot, Amazon etc) all are showing the manufacturer part no, as TF700T-DOCK-GR, so I don’t think we can fault the Admin if something shady is going on- everyone should be expecting to get the ‘new’ dock. If it turns out that that part number describes something different and “TF700T-DOCK-GR” really are supposed to be labeled T201 but with some slight changes or something, then that would make sense… but if they are literally selling people the exact same dock at a higher price, and/or pulling some sort of other switch on people then they are definitely going to have some problems…

  137. Dreane says:

    I compared with what Amazon is listing for the TF201 and it definitely says TF201 and not TF700T. Even though it is the same listed color.

  138. Dreane says:

    I see that there is a new entry here where we can talk about the TF700t once we receive it. Happy with your Transformer Infinity purchase? Your Reviews and Testimonials. It is where it says “Recent Posts” above and to the right.

  139. whaaa says:

    Hey guys- got an interesting response to my question on the ASUS site although not from them directly. But this person said:
    “My understanding is that it’s down to the firmware that’s present on the keyboard dock. The TF700T needs firmware 0207 to work i.e. more recently manufactured ones. You can check the firmware when it’s docked by going into settings, about tablet and looking at the details listed at the bottom for ‘mobile dock version’. I think the docks are identical other than running different firmware.
    2 minutes ago · Like”

    I will be home in about 20 min to check, but if someone else can check the fw sooner and let us know this might provide some insight.

    • whaaa says:

      I guess even if this is correct it’s still pretty weak that ASUS is charging people more for the same hardware with an updated firmware… if the old dock is compatible, then what is the advantage of this new firmware?? Just to make it non-backwards compatible with prime? lol makes no sense if everything else about the dock is truly the same.

    • Asfand says:

      Makes sense when mine was docked there was a firmware update for it.

  140. Dreane says:

    Mine just arrived!!! Will report later….

  141. matt says:

    Really need to get to the bottom of this dock issue… I have office depot calling Asus right now….gunna cancel my depot order if it’s a bate n switch like Eric said…. anyone else order from depot and get it?

    Ps… got my infinity today from amazon and it’s amazing

  142. whaaa says:

    Ok, so basically I think this is the deal. Now that I have it I can see that the P/N TF700T-DOCK-GR is physically printed ON the box (didn’t fully understand from the coments ,but you probably all knew this).

    I’ve had the ‘switcharoo’ issues before with retailers, but usually you will see the ‘fake’ model number printed on some sticker they slap on the box, or on the receipt or something. Seeing this leads me to believe that retailers aren’t screwing anyone- this is the dock you should be getting, but ASUS kept the same model number. Most likely because the physical differences are negligible. I think one difference is a slightly smaller battery…not sure what the other difference would be that would stop the T700 dock from being backwards compatible with prime- hopefully someone can compare them at some point.

    If there is anyone that has an argument against them for doing something shady it would be ASUS though, not the retailer. They’re selling a barely (if at all) different dock, same model, but selling it under a new part number at a higher price. This is the dock we ordered though, if you return it and try to buy again you’re going to end up with the same dock, i’m like 99.9% sure.

  143. matt says:

    Hot off the presses…….

    I just spoke directly with Asus on the phone…

    1. There is no difference between 201 and 700 dock other than them running a different firmware.
    2. The only reason there is a different firmware is to make them compatible with the new 700 tablet
    3. They have not heard of a 201 dock being able to work with a 700 tablet
    4. They said it is possible that some 700 docs are mislabeled 201
    5. They also said that if your 201 labeled dock works with your 700 it is actually a 700 dock

    What I took away from this long conversation is basically what we have decided here on the blog which is that they are just trying to charge more for a new doc that is exactly the same and that the firmware difference only makes it not backwards compatible with a 201 tablet

    However I still think Asus has no damn idea what is really going on which is troubling but if the reports of old 201 docks working with 700 tablets are true then it seems like a scam

    Can people using 201 docks check to see what the docks identify as in settings?

    • whaaa says:

      I think the customer service guy you spoke to might have not even totally known what he was talking about haha. Cuz another user here already confirmed that their old dock worked with their infinity…I think it’s above in the comments. Plus there is at least 1 physical difference which is the battery size….
      I don’t think they are mislabeled, I think ASUS just was dumb for changing the part # without changing the product model #….

    • Asfand says:

      Yup I am docked right now with a TF201 keyboard dock, I can confirm:
      Color Match: 100%
      Size/Fit: 100% not a millimeter off.
      Works/All buttons functioning: 100%, Tested each key on the keyboard, USB, SD Slot, Charging port. Everything is perfect as if it belongs to only the TF700.

      When I docked I was only then prompted for a Firmware Update, This update was for the keyboard, it installed the firmware and prompted for a reboot, once rebooted everything was fine.

      I am looking under Settings>About tablet:
      Pad EC Version: PAD-EC20T-0216
      MobileDock version: TF201-DOCK-0207

      The 0207 at the end of “MobileDock version” indicated the new firmware version which installed when I first docked it.

  144. matt says:

    a s u s also asked for this website url so they are now watching our comments for help lol…..sad

  145. matt says:

    I did mention in my post if you read it about reports of old 201 docks working with 700 tablets….. hence my conclusion.

    However Asus claims there is no hardware difference which would mean no battery size difference

    • whaaa says:

      that’s what I mean, you mentioned in your post that they said they /hadn’t/ heard reports of the old dock working with the new one. I’m saying I think that rep must not have totally known what they were talking about, because ASUS released a statement that the old dock would work with the infinity, and one user above already confirmed that it does:
      I had already baught a TF201 dock from best buy and I can confirm it works flawlessly! The dock fits perfectly!!!”

      All specs show that the new dock does have a smaller battery too…so my guess is that this person might have been uninformed

      • Debbie says:

        What is weird is the ASUS company spec page on the Infinity TF700T says the Prime TF201 dock is NOT compatible with the Infinity TF700T. That is why everyone thinks you have to run out & buy the new dock to get it to work.

        • admin says:

          Debbie great point. When that information went up on June 25 or 26th, I have been asking around about what the deal is. It’s not uncommon for companies to have some misinformation posted. In this case, I’m leaning towards 99% certainty that the TF201 dock is compatible with the TF700. I’m still not going to say that it IS compatible until Asus says it themselves somewhere in print online.

      • Asfand says:

        I also added another comment I’ll post again below in regards to the TF201 dock.

  146. matt says:

    Link to these specs being different please.

    Also agggain i know as i put in my post i understand dude was able to use 201 dock with 700

  147. whaaa says:

    ANYWAY… what really sucks is there was some crazy crap going on and I had to keep working immediately when I got home… my infinity and dock have been just sitting next to me wrapped up this whole time and I couldn’t play with them… but now I’m free! Time to unwrap my presents!

  148. Matt says:

    Whaaa which dock did you get and from where?

  149. whaaa says:

    I got the TF700T-DOCK-GR from Office Depot. And yeah like everyone else said, the box shows that for the P/N, but TF201 for hte model # There’s also the black sticker on the side that says “compatible with: TF700 Series/TF201. They are definitely re-using the old dock boxes and just putting stickers on them, haha

    • Debbie says:

      I am so thankful there is this forum to find out what is really going on. It really helps a lot. Thanks whaaa for the info. Bet there is going to be a run on the cheaper TF200 dock now.

    • admin says:

      This is definitely what I would consider as being bizarre. I hope by midday I can dig up some info regarding this. It’s very strange especially IF people can buy a TF201 for much less money and it works. Asus still needs to officially address this and hopefully they do.

    • Asfand says:

      Got to settings>and on the far bottom left select “About tablet”, can you tell us the MobileDock version?????? It should be the very last bit of info on the bottom. I have the TF201 dock and here is what mine reads:
      Pad EC Version: PAD-EC20T-0216
      MobileDock version: TF201-DOCK-0207

      • Asfand says:

        This will tell us everything we need to know!!! If my keyboard dock info under “Settings” on my infinity tablet shows that same as your TF700 keyboard dock does, We can conclude they are one in the same 100% and this all was just a marketing scheme..

  150. Matt says:

    Ya this site is invaluable, lets keep it going for updates in the experience section and hopefully the admin will make a forum for all the myriad of questions to follow

    • admin says:

      Thanks Matt. You guys have been amazing and helping a lot of people out. If you have suggestions, definitely let me know. I have started a post for new Infinity owners to discuss their new purchase. Tips, likes, dislikes, reviews, etc. Thanks for visiting the site!

  151. Amber D says:

    So unfortunately I really want the gold model with a clear skin so I can see it, so I will be waiting a little longer. But can anyone with a dock tell me whether or not I should should also get a skin for the dock? Is it as easy to damage as the tablet its self?
    I’m ALMOST glad that the skin I want isn’t coming out for a couple of weeks, because hopefully by then my tablet will be available and wouldn’t have had the time to get scratched.

    • papichulo says:

      Amber D, what clear skin are you getting for the tablet? can you recommend good ones…thanks!

    • papichulo says:

      Amber D, what clear skin are you getting? Can you recommend good ones? thanks!

    • admin says:

      Are you getting the Zagg skin? I’m interested in those also. From what I know, they should have a HD protector which is more expensive but obviously works better for a pristine HD tablet display. Hopefully soon they get those made!

      • papichulo says:

        Thanks admin. Do you know if there are available hard clear cases for the back?

        • admin says:

          I haven’t seen any so far, but let me check. There should be a flood of accessories soon. It appears the Infinity is going to be a huge success for Asus and that means lots of accessories.

    • Amber D says:

      I plan on getting the Skinomi one (still going between this and the Zagg). If you go on their website, you can look at the clear versions they had for the prime. If you do it right then its as if it isn’t there and you don’t have to worry about scratches from handling (which I am very worried about). I e-mailed the company and they won’t have the infinity version I want for a couple more weeks. I just don’t know if I should get the clear skin for the dock or not as well. It has a lifetime warranty and I’ve seen great reviews about the customer service so it definitely seems worth a shot.

      If I was just getting a normal tablet case, color wouldn’t matter. But I want my tablet to still look sleek and thin without any added bulkiness and it seems like it will be a bit of a pain installing at first, but totally worth it in the end.

      • admin says:

        I was just in store checking Zagg skins for my smartphone. Talk about confusing! Long story, but they have about 3 different options for each device and stores don’t carry those 3 options. Order these online! Not sure if the Skinomi are of the same grade of material as the Zagg. I’ll have to check. I was going to get a gelaskins, but then noticed Zagg and that they have a way tougher build quality. I did see Zagg on best buy for the TF700, however I question that because Zagg doesn’t even list the TF700 products yet.

        Amber I totally agree with you about bulk and cases. I love the feel of the device in my hand, not a case in my hand!

        • Amber D says:

          Let me know which one seems better on your end after your research! I just recently learned about these since I knew I didn’t want a case but with the scratching problem I would need something. If it seems like a better build quality, I may jump ship.

          • papichulo says:

            Thanks to you both. I also don’t want anything to add bulk, just looking for somethin simple, clear and easy to install.

          • Duane says:

            LOL, I just received my case yesterday. After seeing the clear skins, I agree I would rather have the tablet look without worrying about scratches. I guess the only downside would be dropping it.

        • whaaa says:

          I’ve only used a zagg shield once and I’ll never go back…it was horrible. I don’t know if others have had better experiences, but I used one back with my iphone, and dispite it being relatively thick for protection (this was a screen protector + back), the clarity was terrible compared to the thin crystal screen protector I got from a different company before that. That one you couldn’t even tell anything was on the screen, but with the zagg you could tell there was a thick slightly dimpled looking plastic over it. Im’ not sure what it is, but the consistency of the stuff was not uniform… It bubbled up super easily, and was was a realy ‘floppy’ material. The other screen protector I had was more ridgid. I gues it was ok for protecting the back. These devices that use gorilla glass probably don’t even need anything for the front.

          I’m the kind of person that is not such a big fan of cases and skins and stuff though. The logic never made sense to me… people put these ugly cases or skins on a slick looking design, and the reason is “so I can keep it looking nice”. But… if it’s always covered up by an ugly case, you’re not getting the effect of how nice it looks! hahaha. idk, me personally I’d just rather show of that nice design, and take the risk/let it age as it will. At least I get that unfettered beauty in the mean time :) I do try to keep it in something soft when I’m not using it during travel though.

  152. Justin says:

    Just an update for those people like myself who had been holding your breath for B&H orders. I was one of the unwise who submitted an order on the 15th (12:04am) through them for both the grey 64GB pad and dock; the foolish part was assuming the two units might end up in stock at the same time. With no change in the dock status up to this morning (9AM EST) and the 64GB pad now no longer listed as ‘in stock’, I decided to give them a call.

    In short, they do still have the 64GB pad in stock (at least according to the sales rep) but there is no word as to when they will be getting the docks. At that point I cancelled my order for both items and jumped ship to J&R. As noted by others, both are in stock and I was able to get the dock and 64GB pad ordered.

    • admin says:

      Thanks for the update. I think retailers should have been a bit more prepared/organized for a flood of orders. Oh well. Hope you’re unboxing soon!

  153. Asfand says:

    I am docked right now with a TF201 keyboard dock, I can confirm:
    Color Match: 100%
    Size/Fit: 100% not a millimeter off.
    Works/All buttons functioning: 100%, Tested each key on the keyboard, USB, SD Slot, Charging port. Everything is perfect as if it belongs to only the TF700.

    When I docked I was only then prompted for a Firmware Update, This update was for the keyboard, it installed the firmware and prompted for a reboot, once rebooted everything was fine.

    I am looking under Settings>About tablet:
    Pad EC Version: PAD-EC20T-0216
    MobileDock version: TF201-DOCK-0207

    The 0207 at the end of “MobileDock version” indicated the new firmware version which installed when I first docked it.

    Can Someone with the TF700 dock check their MobileDock version under, Settings>About Tablet??????

    This will prove to us if there really is any difference as far as the firmware version and keyboard ID. Other than that from plain sight there is no differences physically, unless there is a difference in internal hardware, and I am def not willing to open up the keyboard dock and see…

    • Duane says:

      Thanks for that Asfand. My tf700t is on the ups truck right now so I can’t wait. Glad I went with the tf201 dock early because it was rumored to be working with it, but supposedly the colors were off for the amethyst gray version anways. I will test it also once I receive mine.

    • Debbie says:

      Question is, does anyone actually have a TF700T keyboard yet??? So far seems to be a TF201 keyboard re-branded as the TF700T model. If only difference is a firmware update?????? What are the specs on the battery size between the two models?

    • whaaa says:

      Mine says
      Pad EC Version: PAD-EC20T-0216
      MobileDock version: TF201-DOCK-0207.

      Same firmware, but your battery is bigger than mine and I payed 40 bucks more.


      • Asfand says:

        Hey whaaa, our keyboards seem to be identical then, to verify the battery difference, there is a small clear sticker on the back of your keyboard dock, Can you tell me what the Model says in small print, and also the “input”, this is the power input.

        Mine reads:
        Model *Random Japanese letters* Eee Pad TF201 Mobile Dock
        Input/*Random Japanese letters*: +15V 1.2A, 18W

        • whaaa says:

          that sticker doesn’t reference the battery it references the specs on the ac adapter. It’s the same for both of ours, but that just means it uses the same power input. I don’t think there’s a visual way to tell the difference in battery sizes, we’ll just need further clarification from ASUS (or someone to take both apart lol)

  154. Duane says:

    “comparing the specs at Asus’ website it seems the new dock will be 1cm thinner but 20g heavier AND has the smaller battery”

    • Amber D says:

      So is it not worth getting the new dock then, and just getting the one for the prime? Is the battery life the same?

      • whaaa says:

        unless there’s some sort of internal hardware changes that make more efficient use of the battery, it sounds to me like the old dock should actually have LONGER battery life, haha. 22Wh for the prime dock, vs 19.5 for the infinity.

  155. Matt says:

    Asfand , do you know anybody that has the old tablet model 201? If someone could plug an old 201 tablet into one of these rebranded 201 updated firmware docks we could confirm if the firmware simply makes the dock not backwards compatible.

    As far as difference in hardware on docks … Asus told me no difference, whaaa told me the old dock had a slightly bigger battery…. can anyone confirm this?

    Has anyone got a dock that shows up in the settings as a 700?

    • Eric says:

      My only other thought about differences is where Duane mentions above that the TF700 Dock fixes issues with the trackpad. Whether this was a hardware fix, or if this was in reference to the 207 firmware update, I don’t know.

      All I know is that I am in the process of returning my “TF700″ expensive dock, and ordering a TF201 dock in its place. I was cheap and went with the free shipping on my Infinity, so I would guess the tablet and dock will arrive at the same time for me.

      Until then, I’ll just enjoy reading your stories… :\

    • Asfand says:

      I do know someone, but honestly driving to that individual isnt worth it, I am sure some rich guy doing a review online will compare the two tablets and docks side by side some day soon. Also like Eric mentions the touch pad fix, I’ll be honest I dont notice any issues whatsoever with the touch pad.

  156. JEo G says:

    For the TigerDirect preorder people , Just got notify 7/20 delivery , 1 day shipping option , 32gb gray!!!

  157. Duane says:

    Finally got my tf700t. I had to have it shipped to my job but I’m still gonna check that bad boy out.

  158. Debbie says:

    ***Right now Best Buy has the TF201 docks on sale for $99.00.*** That is the best price I have found. Possibly in stock at your local store. I ordered mine last night, decided to have it delivered instead. Free shipping. Got tracking info on it today. And if there is an issue I can return it to my local store.

  159. Duane says:

    Man this tablet is sexy :). OK I finally got everything up and running. My tf201 dock I purchased from amazon nearly 2 weeks ago already had the updated 207 firmware so everything worked flawlessly after docking my tf700t. Colors seem to be the same on both dock and tablet as Asfand stated. I suggest everyone get the tf201 dock and spend that extra $40-$50 on some accessories.

  160. matt says:

    So i too got the office depot tf700 dock and it arrived as a 700/201 compatible ….definitely a “throw a sticker on it and call it new” situation. Oh well I paid a little more..;.at least i got it; the time it would take me to send it back wo uldn’t be worth it.

  161. matt says:

    One thing i am noticing is that the dock is a little bit darker color grey than the tablet…it is pretty slight though.

    The real question is did anyone actually get a full on 700 dock? I dont think so from the looks of it….do i cancel my amazon dock order now? from all the reports it seems like the 201/700 compatible dock has slightly better battery life anyway yea?

    Admin…maybe we can get a accessories section going? I am dying to know the best case etc to get

    btw on a full charge today after the initial charge…with barely any use it lasted from 10 am to 1:40am with 86% battery….so the idle time is VERY good!!!

    • admin says:

      Hi Matt. Yes for the accessories! In fact I have a draft page already which I’ve been meaning to put up. I’ll do that this morning and have it live in an hour or so. Thanks for mentioning that and hopefully it will be useful to the new Infinity owners!

      • papichulo says:

        Hey Admin, did you put this accessories page up? Or is this page the testimonials page that’s already been going for a few days? thanks….

  162. Duane says:

    I bought this netbook bag with handle from amazon. It’s cheap, fits the tf700t/dock perfectly and has extra compartments for charger, etc. Very nice imho http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B002VPE1Q6/ref=oh_details_o01_s00_i00

  163. VRS says:

    Saga of ordering through Best Buy. Ordered the TF700 the morning of 7/17, keyboard was not available until morning of 7/18.

    Initially Tablet was to be delivered Monday 7/23. Later my order status changed to “Back Ordered” Keyboard was still in teh pipeline for delivery.

    7/19 emails from Bestbuy stated “The items below are on their way to the “my store” Best Buy” for both the tablet and the keyboard. I believe they may arrive 7/25….with any luck.

    Thanks for the site and helping me follow and jump on the initial sales.

  164. rolias says:

    B&H simultaneously announced the TF700 docking station is ‘now in stock’ and that the TF201 docking station is ‘discontinued’ and no longer available.
    Clearly they are now selling the same keyboard for $40 more. Bloody crooks.

  165. JEo G says:

    thank for the link , picked one up , should be available today * infinity JUST came in :)

  166. Debbie says:

    My local Bestbuy has the TF201 dock back in-stock today. Ordered it Thursday from the warehouse (not in-stock locally at the time) with free shipping because I was afraid it was going to be discontinued, once they got the TF700T docks in stock. The TF201 dock is still on sale for $99.99 probably till Saturday. New sales usually start on Sundays. Hopefully this helps anyone still needing a dock for their new TF700T tablet.

  167. Paul says:

    Got the TF700 32GB grey on Friday and just picked up the TF201 dock at the local BestBuy today for $99.99. The dock already had v207 firmware on it and everything works perfectly. Nice $50.00 savings, thanks for the tip guys!

  168. upen says:


    Does anyone know if TF700 is now available in store or still not?

  169. droidm says:

    I ordered what I assumed was the TF700T Keyboard Dock from Office Depot, but they sent me the TF201 Keyboard Dock. I have yet to come across anyone who even has the mythical TF700T keyboard dock? I just want the TF700T keyboard dock is that too much to ask ASUS??

  170. Misael says:

    Canadian Memory Express pre-order now online:


  171. Amber D says:

    Amazon just changed the gold infinity from 3-5 weeks shipping to 3-6. *sigh*

  172. Tim says:

    Hey Admin,
    Did you put up an accessories page, if so where is it?

  173. arthur says:

    My experience with this table has been mixed. It has build quality problems – Gorilla glass is not seated well, and the table is sluggish and browser is slow. I wonder how many people are returning it? I need to be convinced to keep it…what are the reasons I should keep it and not opt for an iPad or Nexus 7??!

    • admin says:

      Hi thanks for your comment. To be honest from most customer reviews that I’ve read I don’t see many negatives. I’m wondering if the browser or sluggish issues are because of Android. The Infinity should be getting the Jelly Bean update in the near future which would most likely resolve those types of non hardware issues. Regarding iPad? Different animal all together. The Nexus 7 is only 7-inches and as a budget tablet you are missing out on the beautiful aspects of the Infinity. Hopefully it works out for you in the end. Thanks for visiting the site.

      • arthur says:

        Thanks for answering, Admin. I agree that with Jelly Bean things should get better. As far as the quality I’ve read extensive reviews on other forums and a lot of folks seem to have the issue with the gorilla glass not properly seated or attached and the creak noise in different places of the tablet as a by product of that. I will live with it…but a $500 tablet should not have those quality issues, don’t you agree? Thanks again.

        • admin says:

          Yes I totally agree with you about the glass. Thanks for that info. I’m wondering if that’s something you could use for a getting a replacement via warranty. With the internet, word will spread fast on this if it becomes a widespread build quality issue. Thanks.

  174. Albino S Silva says:

    I need help, my asus TF 700 turns, not power. It was working perfectly then hung up and not want to start.

    Please help

  175. Albino S Silva says:

    Hello everyone, I just want to know if my tablet is dead. I did some research on the forums before posting, but could not find any solutions that worked for me. Basically, I bought the TF700 when it was released. Using it perfectly, stopped suddenly worked. After nine months I bought, pressed the power button and nothing happened. I held it for about 30 seconds and he was thrilled, but still no image. Press to ~ 20s vibrates and nothing happens. So, I read the forum posts. I try to hold it in for 30. I try holding on Vol Down + Power. None. Help please , Help please….iiii

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