White color Transformer TF300 now shipping in USA

We’re heard from people in the past who were anxiously awaiting the white version of the TF300T tablet. If you’re one of those people then you will be happy to know that places like Amazon.com are now shipping and showing in stock product.

You will be looking for the model number: TF300T-B1-WH and for the keyboard dock, look for the model number: TF300T-DOCK-WH.

Prices right now, although they seem to fluxuate day to day, the tablet is going for as little at $386 USD and the keyboard dock a low as $134 USD.

Countries like Germany seem to have all three colors in stock these days. We’re still waiting on the red version of the Transformer TF300 to hit store shelves in greater numbers. If you’re waiting for the TF300TL aka the 3G TF300 model, there has been no additional information about a North American release. It has passed through the FCC which means it could show up or it may not show up. In Europe you can now get the TF300TL so check your local electronics retailers and you may be pleasantly surprised to find one.

asus tf300 white tablet

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