Asus Transformer Infinity 4G LTE (TF700KL) shows up in Germany


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I get a lot of questions regarding the Asus Infinity 3G / 4G LTE. Most of these questions are from people living in the United States. The reason a story about the TF700KL showing up in Germany is good news for North Americans is because there is movement. It’s still unclear whether Asus intends to release a 4G LTE Infinity in the USA, but at least one market is getting it soon. That should mean other markets are coming soon. If the US is to get the Infinity 4G, it first has to pass through the FCC. After it passes the FCC it would take around four weeks to hit store shelves. The only recent Asus tablet with 3G / 4G LTE to hit the FCC was the TF300TL. And no, the TF300TL hasn’t been available anywhere for sale. In the past Asus has kept 3G tablet as limited releases to Europe countries or Asia.

What we’ve seen of the TF700KL is a few reviews and unboxing photos. It’s obvious from that perspective that the launch in coming any day now. It’s likely to be available from Vodafone in Germany. If you want to see about 60 photos of the TF700KL unboxing, you can visit here. For a translated to English TF700KL review, check here. Also there are a number of new photos on here.

If you’re wondering if there are differences between the TF700T vs TF700KL there are a couple. First, the TF700KL is slightly heavier by about 15 grams for the tablet. The processor in the TF700KL is a dual-core Snapdragon Krait at 1.5 GHz instead of the Tegra 3 which is found in the TF700.

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  1. Robin says:

    Do you know when it will be orderable from Australia?

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