Germany gets first crack at Asus Transformer TF300TL 4G LTE tablet

If you live in Germany or Austria you’ll be the first countries to get the upcoming 4G LTE model of the Asus Transformer Pad 300. The specific tablet is the TF300TL and you can get it in blue, red or white colors. The TF300TL price currently is set at €554 for just the tablet itself, or you will pay €659 for the tablet + keyboard dock keyboard.

If you’re wondering about carriers, we are hearing that O2 will be selling the white model TF300TL to start. In fact you can see the official O2 product page here.

A question for a lot of you might be about the North American or USA market. Will you see the Asus TF300TL 4G goodness anytime soon? That’s hard to say. It could happen because it’s already passed through the FCC. Now it’s just a  matter whether Asus believes it makes good business sense to release it in the the USA market. In the past, Europe and Asia are the only markets in which Asus has released 3G tablets. It’s only a guess as to whether the USA will get the TF300TL. If you might also realize, the TF700 Infinity has been a hot seller so far and that model also has a TF700KL which is the 4G Infinity. I’m sure that’s also on the mind of Asus. I really doubt personally that Asus would release both the TF300TL and TF700KL into the North American market. Stay tuned for updates!

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4 Responses to Germany gets first crack at Asus Transformer TF300TL 4G LTE tablet

  1. Ralph Marc Balisco says:

    Good day :)
    I would like to ask where can I buy a TF300TL?
    Can you give me a link?

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