MeMO Pad FHD 10 4G LTE is the ME302KL – Full Details

With the numerous tablets from Computex 2013, we’re starting to sort out what’s what. There has been a number of models going through the FCC recently in the USA which has added to the confusion.

We are seeing that the HD MeMO Pad 10-inch will come with either Intel Atom Z2560 with WiFi, or it will pack a Snapdragon S4 8064 with 4G LTE (ME302KL).

As is usual with 4G LTE or 3G Asus tablets, it’s going to see a release in Asia and Europe and no word on coming to North America. Asus is promoting and marketing the wifi version so the ME302KL seems like a limited release at this point. There is no official word on release date or price. My best guess is that the FHD 10 will be available Fall 2013.

What is becoming clear is that the MeMO Pad line-up is the budget and non transformer style tablets. You can use the nifty foldable folio cases and most likely there will be a smart cover aka the keyboard case.

Here are the specs of the new MeMO Pad FHD 10 LTE:

  • Android 4.2.2
  • 1920 x 1080 resolution
  • 2GB RAM
  • comes in either dark blue or white color
  • stereo speakers
  • 1.2-megapixel front-facing camera and a 5-megapixel rear-facing camera with autofocus
  • 9.5mm thick and 580g light
  • 16GB or 32GB storage
  • microSD card slot
  • TransCover available in black, pink and green
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