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Asus Eee Pad vs Asus Eee PC

I would suggest that Asus is heading for a slight dilemma. Having too much of a good thing is hardly a crisis, but I do think Asus is chewing off a portion of their own. To fully understand this debate, … Continue reading

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Android update coming to the Eee Pad Transformer TF101

If you haven’t been up on the latest tech news, we can assure you that Asus will be updating the Eee Pad Transformer OS to the newest build of Android. The update is Android Ice Cream Sandwich, or known as … Continue reading

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Asus Transformer vs Asus Slider – Eee Pad Comparison

With the upcoming release of the Asus Slider (currently in pre order status in North America), we thought a comparison page would be worthwhile. It’s quite possible that you’re looking to buy one of these tablets but you can’t really … Continue reading

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