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  1. Paul Latin says:

    Team I am interested in purchasing a new ASUS Transformer but was wondering which unit supports a digitizer pen. Similar pen used in Toshiba, Lenovo & HTC Flyer tablets.

    I am not after a tablet that uses capacity styles pens like in iPad as these are found to be useless for business purposes.

    • admin says:

      Right now your option is the Eee Slate with digitizer pen. It’s quite possible that the Windows 8 Asus tablets will incorporate the digitizer pen. The downside is that October 2012 is the expected release date of Windows 8 tablets. Hope this helps.

  2. Jack Powers says:

    Looks like J&R has pulled their pre order on the TF 700.
    What gives?

    • ril3y says:

      Its would reason that they have a limited number of devices arriving. Once they sold X amount of pre-orders they pulled it so as not to keep selling something they will be backordered for some time. I got my pre-order in from them and it looks like they are suppose to get theirs in on the 15th of July. It would be awesome if they shipped on the 16th!


  3. Dario says:

    My Infinity is dead, 2 weeks are purchasing !!! Pressed power button this morning and nothing. Reset it and then received ‘touch panel firmware updating’, then it advised ‘update failed, power off to try again’ and then same happened. Then got to the boot loader and wiped the device and then touch screen was not responding to taps, called Asus and they advised to return it to place of purchase. NOT IMPRESSED !!!!

  4. olivia penrose says:

    Can you please inform me why is it that the TF300-DOCK- is not availeble in the Netherlands?
    Best Regards, Olivia.

  5. Lee says:

    Is anyone in U.S. selling TF300TL 16GB?

  6. freddy says:

    I just bought an asus memo pad smart ME301T 10″ tablet. Please tell me where i can order a hard sleave that is really made for this tablet. I also would like to buy an adapter that enable me to connect a usbstick to the tablet. Please help me with this because everhwhere they tell me that they can not help me.

  7. Ron says:

    When will the ASUS Tachi 31 be available for pre-order?

  8. jac says:

    which advantage to buy the infinity compare with toshiba Exciteâ„¢ Pro Tablet (32GB)
    AT15LE-A32 ?

  9. JAMES O' DONNELL says:

    interested in refurbished asus transformer pad INFINITY TF 700 T WITH DOCKING AND KEYBOARD

  10. JAMES O' DONNELL says:


  11. JC Medina says:

    I wonder if you could recommend a place to sell my TF700 and dock. I bought it almost a couple of years ago and haven’t really used it much. I love the tablet itself but the OS never worked for me well. What would be a fair asking price?
    Thanks for any advice,

  12. elliott says:

    I cannot find a dock for vivotab 810 11.6″

    part number


    any ideas?

    thanks, Elliott

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