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Asus Eee Pad MeMO 370T - Asus Nexus 7 Details

Update: The Asus MeMO 370T is officially known as the Nexus 7 which is a co-branded Google/Asus 7-inch tablet. This has proven to be a very popular tablet and is about the best 7-inch Android tablet you can get for the price.

We have an update to the mystery surrounding the fate of the MeMO 370T. Read below for more explanation of the mystery, but we do have an answer to the FCC submission and labelling and how it relates to the Google Nexus 7 tablet. The fact is we've just seen a photo taken by The Verge of the back of the Nexus 7 and clearly the MeMO370T label is there. Yes just as you see below in the FCC submission, that's the label on the back of the Google tablet. So it's quite clear that there won't be an Asus release of the same tablet. If you believe what reported a month ago, then Asus has a very cheap 7-inch tablet coming which will start at $159 USD and up to $179 USD. How is that possible? Who knows. I tend to believe that Asus will take the design of the Nexus 7 and create something a bit cheaper that the Google branded version. It's just a guess however. I think for now we can let the hopes of the 370T as we saw at CES 2012 rest.

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Update: The mystery deepens on the fate of the MeMO 370T. There was a leak today as found by about the Google Asus tablet, the Nexus 7. I'm not sure to post this information here or not as our website is about Asus tablets and nothing else. Does this qualify? Not sure to be honest. Whatever it ends up being, it's going to have Android Jelly Bean operating system on it. That's a certainty at this point. Price of the is expected to be $199 for the 8GB model and $249 for the 16GB model.

I have to say I'm completely baffled by this. The FCC label says MEM370T. Would Google actually have the label on their Nexux 7 tablet if that's the official name? Or is the official name of the Google tablet going to include MeMO Nexus 7 or something similar? Check out the Gizmodo image followed by the FCC label location. It's obvious that the Gizmodo leaked image is 100% authentic. Thing is, what does this mean for an Asus only version. Does it even exist? One piece to the puzzle is that the FCC does not show "nexus" on the device but it clearly shows "ASUS" on the device. There is still hope that there will be a 7-inch Android tablet from Asus coming soon.

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Previous Updates: It does appear that Google will be unveiling their co-branded Asus tablet. Name is unknown. Nobody can say if the Google tablet is the MeMO 370T and that Asus won't have their own model to release. The FCC submission from Asus clearly shows the product label and product name.

Label from an Asus FCC submission listed at ME370T

Wouldn't that mean an Asus device will be coming to market regardless of what Asus built for Google? I'm sure everyone is hoping that the 370T is coming to market. Oops, forgot the mention the possible release date. The Google I/O conference is set for June 27-29. It would make sense that Asus isn't going to break news about one or two different MeMO styled tablets. If Google can spill the beans on June 27, I would expect the tablet to be available for pre orders or possible for sale days after the unveiling. So if Google shows off theirs, Asus would be able to show off theirs if the MeMO 370T is a seperate tablet all together. Who the heck really knows right now. We will know soon enough. Let's just see how many rumors come out as we near this Google I/O.

Breaking News: The Asus MeMO 370T has just shown up at the FCC. This is huge news and means the release date may be within a month. That would indicate a late June release date. We are trying to gain more information about the MeMO 370 submission to the FCC but what we know is the model name is going to be: ME370T.

Update: We are hearing on March 24 from a report that the co-branded Google and Asus tablet will be shipping in June available to buy in July. We will have additional details coming soon. It's still not known if the MeMO 370 will be released as the Google version is released at the same time. It's quite possible that the Google tablet will have reduced features or storage leading to a cheaper price. That would allow Asus to release the 370T with more premium features and more storage and maintain a slightly higher price point of perhaps $50 more that the Google model. Details should be coming in the next few days!

Update: What we know there are 2 different MeMO models. The Asus MeMO 370 is the cheap model and the Asus MeMO 171 is the expensive model and includes the MeMIC bluetooth headset. It appears the the MeMO Pad 370T is in hot demand. Wherever you look, people are asking about it and when is the release date. There is a great deal of misinformation also because the rumor is that the 370T is going to be used for the Google tablet. Nothing official on that. Don't believe the rumors. It's unknown what the arrangement between Asus and Google is and whether the 370T will be released as both a Google tablet (slightly modified hardware) and as an Asus tablet. We know that Google wants to have a tablet prices $200 or less and as is, the 370T MeMO was being called a $249 tablet by Asus the last time we saw it. Stay tuned everyone for news!

Hands-On Video Asus MeMO 370T - CES 2012:


January 10, 2012 - The Asus Eee Pad MeMO 370T specs so far include: Tegra 3 processor, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system, 7-inch screen, 1280 x 800 resolution, capacitive touchscreen display, sim card slot, audio jack, Bluetooth 2.1, aGPS, rear autofocus camera, microSD slot, mini HDMI port, micro USB port. It's 7.8″ x 4.6″ x 0.5″ and weighs about 14.2 ounces. These specs may change so we will know more details as the official launch nears. The release date is expected to be mid 2012.

Official Asus Press Release:

Also available is the Wi-Fi-enabled MeMO 370T, a 7” tablet PC that features the NVIDIA® Tegra® processor.

January 9 - This is breaking news! At CES 2012 Asus has unveiled the 7-inch Eee Pad MeMO 370T. More details to come! Read our latest blog post here. We don't know yet the future of the MeMO ME171 model.

Price: $249

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