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VivoTab Smart ME400 Buying Guide - Expert Opinion

Overview: This is a 10.1-inch Windows 8 tablet that does not have an attachable Transformer style keyboard dock. This tablet is designed for on-the-go situations and over a unique experience compared to the other Asus tablet offerings. Most markets around the world are now seeing in-stock VivoTab Smart tablets. Reviews have been positive and this is a great option for an on-the-go Windows 8 tablet.

Release Date: The release of the VivoTab Smart ME400 has started in most major markets. Check and you will likely see them in-stock now!

Price: The price is starting at $499.

Specs and Details: This is a full-on Windows 8 tablet from Asus that is powered by the latest Intel Atom Z2760 dual core processor at 1.8GHz speed. It comes with 2GB of RAM and 64GB of storage. The screen size is 10.1-inches, has an aspect ratio of 16:9 and sports a resolution of 1366 x 768. It has a rear camera which is 8MP and a front facing camera which is 2MP. One unique characteristic about the VivoTab Smart is that it does not have a Transformer style keyboard dock accessory. The tablet itself weighs 580g and is 9.7mm thick.

Special Features: Unlike the existing and other tablets from Asus, the ME400 has a ceramic backing instead of a spun metal design which is common with the Transformer Pad models. This ceramic material provides a unique feeling tablet handling experience. According to an Asus promotional video, the Bluetooth keyboard is magnetic. It does seem that the keyboard can be tucked in with the TranSleeve and the same time while closed.

Expert Opinion and Commentary: The VivoTab Smart is an interesting stand alone Windows 8 tablet. The full version of Windows 8 is a good point but it really depends how productive you're going to need to be. If you add the cost of a Bluetooth keyboard or TranSleeve Keyboard Cover and TranSleeve Cover, how far are you from the VivoTab TF810C? You should add up the accessories cost into the purchasing decision. The cost is expected to be $499 and it's quite possibly that it will come with the TranSleeve Cover. That said you will want either the TranSleeve Keyboard or the Bluetooth Keyboard. It's somewhat unclear how the Vivo Smart will be bundled. From what I've seen the TranSleeve is an excellent smart style cover which provides a pretty simple and quick stand for the tablet. It's unclear to me how the Bluetooth keyboards play into the package. The TranSleeve cover snaps into place magnetically. I haven't see the TranSleeve Keyboard in action other than on a video and the Bluetooth keyboard isn't attachable from what I've seen although it's incredibly thin and light.

Hands-On Video Reviews:

Here is the first official promotional video by Asus. You get a few nice looks at the ME400 and check out the keyboard alternatives that you can get with this tablet.


Photo Gallery:

[ click on image to enlarge ]


This photo shows the point of connection between the tablet and the
TranSleeve cover. It pulls into place via magnets for a sturdy connection.


Some nice close-up photos of the keyboard for the VivoTab Smart.
It's unclear whether this Bluetooth keyboard is sold separately.
( photo credit: Pierre Lecourt via )


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