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Asus VivoTab RT 600 - Review, Details, Hands-On

asus tablet 600


Current News and Where To Buy:

Officially this tablet is named VivoTab RT TF600T. It's one of the very first Windows 8 RT tablets to hit the market and it's available right now to buy. No pre order waits. It's shipping now! In fact the prices are extremely cheap.

DEAL ALERT: Get the VivoTab RT for $364 (regular price $599) and the keyboard dock is $76 (regular price is $199) until the end of the year!

What we know so far about the upcoming Asus Vivo Tab RT 600 (TF600T):

asus vivo tab rt tf600Price Update: Official prices are as low as $364 for the 32GB model which does not include the keyboard dock. The price is $425 for the 64GB model without keyboard dock. The keyboard is selling for as low as $76.

$699 USD (regular price) for TF600T-C1-GR (64GB)
$599 USD (regular price) for TF600T-B1-GR (32GB)
$169 USD (regular price) for TF600T-DOCK-GR (Keyboard Dock)

Release Date: As of December 2012, you can buy the VivoTab RT. With that said, you can only find the 32GB model being sold and it's not including the keyboard dock.

Details: The Vivo Tab TF600T is an ARM based Windows 8 tablet which will run Windows RT. For the sake of clarity, there will be 2 different versions of Windows 8. One is called simply Windows 8 and the other is Windows RT. They are essentialy the same, but there are differences. I don't want to get technical here so you can read a Microsoft article here which lists differences between the 2 versions of Windows 8. An ARM processor is considered "made for mobile devices" which means a better battery life in general. Examples of ARM processors are the Nvidia Tegra and Qualcomm Snapdragon. As the launch of Windows 8 nears, expect many FAQ type articles which will help explain the differences between the two versions. If you want the non Windows RT tablet from Asus, then look into the Vivo Tab which runs Windows 8.

With the operating system details out of the way, we can tell you that the Asus Vivo RT is a 10-inch tablet which features a 1366 x 768 resolution. As with the Transformer Infinity, the TF600 will feature the Super IPS+ technology which means a super bright display setting which is ideal for outdoor viewing. The VivoTab RT has 600 nits brightness.

It has 2GB RAM and comes with 32GB or 64GB eMMC storage. For cameras, it has a 8MP rear facing camera with auto focus and LED flash. The front facing camera is 2MP. It features a built in NFC sensor which allows you to tap and sync with other NFC enabled devices such as smartphones. The color of the Vivo Tab RT is Amethyst Gray which is used for the Transformer Prime and Infinity tablets. Audio wise, it has the Asus SonicMaster technology which is widely used in other Asus tablets.

The Asus Vivo Tab RT 600 is super thin at just 8.35mm compared to 8.5mm for the Transformer Infinity. The Vivo Tab RT weighs 520g.

Battery life from early reports is expected to be around 15 hours on the Vivo Tab RT.

One point worth mentioning with this RT based tablet is that it comes with Microsoft Office 2013 preinstalled.

Will there be a 3G or 4G LTE Vivo Tab RT?

All indications are that yes, there will in fact be a 3G model and a 4G LTE model. In fact AT&T came out with a press release on their upcoming Windows 8 tablets and the VivoTab RT was listed as coming soon before the holidays 2012. Currently in December 2012, you can get the 4G LTE model from AT&T for $599 with free keyboard dock with a 2-year contract. Details can be found here.

If you're shopping, these should be the models numbers that you're looking for:

3G: TF600TG-B1-GR

There is no current price announced for these models.

Image Gallery of the VivoTab RT:


asus vivo rt review


side dock latch on vivotab rt

Here is a sample of the new docking mechanism in the VivoTab RT and VivoTab TF810 tablets.
You can detach the tablet from the keyboard dock on the side now. This means you don't
need to open up the laptop to detach. This is a nice update to make life a bit easier.

detaching tablet from keyboard dock

keyboard dock for asus vivo tab rt tablet


asus vivo rt tf600t tablet


vivo rt tablet from asus



Asus Vivo Tab RT Hands-On Videos and Reviews:




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Previous Updates, News, and Rumors:

  • Official Product Name History: Asus Vivo Tab RT is the official name of this tablet. Previously it was known as Asus Tablet 600. From what we've seen in the FCC submission, it will be using the label Asus Tablet TF600T. With the recently changed name to Vivo Tab RT, this label may change. You may see this tablet referred to as the Asus TF600 also. The "T" at the end of the product naming is because of the processor which is Nvidia Tegra 3. It will take some time before we know what name will be widely adopted by consumers. Although the Asus Vivo RT 600 appears as a Transformer Pad and uses the TF600 naming scheme, Asus has not been referring to this tablet (or any other Windows 8 tablets) as being part of the Transformer Pad family.

    Note: When the Tablet 600 was shown at Computex 2012 it was shown with a Tegra 3 processor. With every other Asus tablet, such as TF300T, the "T" refers to the Tegra processor as we understand it.

  • According to a leaked Asus roadmap which lists prices, the Vivo Tab RT price is going to be $599 and the keyboard dock will be $199. No official statement from Asus regarding the accuracy of the information on the leaked document. (September 17, 2012)
  • The Vivo RT 600 appears to be primed and ready for the October 26 release date for Windows 8. It will be one of two Asus tablets featuring Windows 8 at launch.





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