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Asus VivoTab 810 - Review, Details, Hands-On

Current Details and Updates:

IN STOCK! Now available to order! The 64GB model is available for a price of $768 - Save $32 Right Now. You need to buy the keyboard dock separately so keep that in mind. The dock is being sold on for around $140. According to the ordering pages, the VivoTab is shipping now from and

In Stock - ASUS VivoTab TF810C-C1-GR 11.6-Inch 64GB Tablet (Grey) - from  

International - Canada - USA orders:

$763 - TF810C 64GB VivoTab and $174 - TF810C Keyboard Dock - - Free Shipping In USA


asus 810 digitizer penOverview of the Vivo Tab 810 tablet: Asus is breaking into the Windows 8 tablet space with two releases initially. The Vivo TF810 is the larger and more expensive model in comparison to the Asus Vivo Tab RT 600. There are a couple key differences which may sway you to spend a bit more money on the 810 model.

The Asus Vivo 810 comes with a somewhat unique 11.6-inch screen. Up to this point Asus has been sticking to the 10-inch screen size with their Transformer Pad tablets. Given the bigger size you get a slightly more roomy keyboard and trackpad.

The major feature of the VivoTab 810 is the Wacom digitizer stylus pen input. The digitizer stylus was a feature of the Eee Slate EP121 and B121 that people really enjoyed. The VivoTab TF810C is your only Asus tablet with this feature right now. The fact is there are a large number of folks out there looking for a great tablet with digitizer input. It's quite possible the 810 is right for you. The specifications of the digitizer input is that it uses a 1024-level Wacom digitizer stylus pen.

The Asus Vivo Tab 810 features the regular Windows 8 version as opposed to the Windows RT version. As mentioned earlier, the TF810C, indicates a Clover Trail processor. This is the latest and greatest Intel Atom processor which up until this point has been almost exclusive to netbooks. The processor inside the TF810C is the Atom Clover Trail Z2760 and is dual core at 1.8GHz. We can't provide any benchmarks just yet for the Intel Atom Clover Trail. What we do know is that it's a dual core processor and it's aimed at competing with the ARM processors. In other words the Clover Trail will opt for battery and power saving over raw computing power.

The VivoTab has a Super IPS+ display which is great for outdoor viewing. The resolution is excellent at 1366 x 768 with a 10 finger multi-touch display. It comes with the Asus SonicMaster technology so the sound is good and loud. Another nice feature is that it's NFC enabled. The camera on the rear of the Asus Vivo Tab TF810 is 8MP and the front facing camera is 2MP. It's ships with 64GB eMMC storage.

One disappointment is with the keyboard dock having 2 x USB 2.0 ports and not any USB 3.0 ports. Is this going to change in the last minute or was adding even a single USB 3.0 too expensive? The fact is though it's an incredibly thin keyboard dock and makes the combo very light and portable. Another noteworth difference with the VivoTab docking is that you now detach tablet from dock from the side. This means you don't need to open the mini laptop to detach it. I think this will be a very nice tweak to the design even though it seems minor.

Size wise, the Vivo Tab is 8.7mm thick and weighs 675g.

Battery life from early reports suggests the Vivo Tab will get 13 hours.

Excited yet? We will post many new details, photos, videos and hands-on in the coming weeks!

vivotab 810

Asus truly are the masters of the Transformer covertible style tablet. You want thin? You got it.

thin tablet




The photo above shows the new side locking mechanism on the new VivoTab Series tablets.
Detach from the side means that you no longer have to open it up to detach the tablet.


asus vivotab 810c

asus tf810c

[ click on image to enlarge ]


asus vivo 810 tablet


Asus Vivo Tab Hands-On Videos and Reviews:




More Photos:

tf810 wacom digitizer stylus

A key selling point of the VivoTab TF810 is the Wacom Digitizer Stylus. This will give this tablet
far greater capabilities and a strong selling point. This is the only Asus Windows 8 tablet with a Wacom.

wacom digitizer pen



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History of the VivoTab and Previous Updates:

Product naming: These are details of the Windows 8 based Asus Vivo Tab 810 which was first unveiled at Computex 2012. The original name used during the Computex show was "Asus Tablet 810". Since that time, Asus changed the name to Vivo Tab 810 which was unveiled at the IFA 2012 in Germany on August 2012. The brand has now settled on VivoTab (all one word) for this line-up of Windows 8 tablets.

Release date and pricing: The Vivo 810 passed through the FCC in the USA in August. In general a product that passes through the FCC can get to market in as little as four weeks. When the 810 tablet passed through the FCC, it showed Asus Tablet and TF810C. Breaking that down, the "TF" indicates that it will have a keyboard dock ala Transformer. The "C" indicates the processor which is going to be an Intel Atom Clover Trail. According to a leaked Asus roadmap document on September 17th, the Vivo Tab price is going to be $799 for the tablet and $199 for the keyboard dock. Although the leak is authentic, there is no confimation from Asus that the price is accurate and will be the launch date price.





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