What Is The Difference Between Plastic Surgery And Cosmetic Surgery?

when it comes to the difference between plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery not a lot of people know the details. If you are one of them, don’t worry as you probably fall into the bigger count of people that don’t know, but for that reason we have decided to explain what are the differences so you can know for your future reference, or if you decide you need to perform one of these two types of surgeries.


When it comes to the plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery, usually the doctors from the plastic surgery field decide to specialize in the cosmetic surgery area and for that reason, many people think they are one and the same.

However, the surgeons that know plastic surgery have to know all of its branches by heart, but the cosmetic surgery doctors not only have to know the whole plastic surgeon chart, but they also have to have special training and specialization for the cosmetic surgery part.

When we boil it down a plastic surgeon is responsible for:

–  Re constructive surgery

– Breast Reconstruction

– Burned skin repair Surgery

– Congenital Defect Repair surgery

– Trauma surgery

– Hand Surgery

– Scar Revision Surgery and others.

While the cosmetic surgeon is responsible for procedures such as:

– Breast Enhancement Surgery. Such as lift, reduction, and augmentation of breast implants.

– Facial Contouring. Such as Cheek enhancement, Rhinoplasty etc.

– Facial Rejuvenation Surgery. Such as neck lift, brow lift, facelift, eyelid lift etc.

– Body Contouring Surgery. Such as liposuction, tummy tucks etc.

– Skin Rejuvenation operations. Such as the use of Botox, laser resurfacing etc.

As you can see a plastic surgeon specializes in helping to reconstruct a body to its former shape or to fix a defective part or a disfigured part due to injury such as broken bones or burned skin. Also, we can see that the cosmetic surgeon is focusing on perfecting the outer beauty of its patient such as tightening the skin, enlarging certain body parts and overall working on the aesthetic look of the body more than on its performance.

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Both of these professions are highly sought out in the medical world and are very well respected. However, even if they are on the same branch of medical surgery table, their focus is completely different from one another. If you ever get into an accident and you need some part of your body restored to its former function thank the plastic surgeon, and if you want to enhance a specific part of your body than the cosmetic surgeon.