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Eee Pad Transformer Dock - Eee Pad Transformer Keyboard

About the Transformer Book Trio Keyboard Dock

The most mind blowing unveil at Computex 2013 was the Transformer Trio TX201. There is quite a bit to say about that, but we're here talking about the keyboard. Unlike other keyboard docking stations, the Trio keyboard is actually a full fledged PC with Intel Core-i7 processor inside. So in other words, you can connect the keyboard docking station to an external monitor and you then have a full Windows 8 PC. If you connect the tablet, you have Android or Windows 8 with the press of a button. Remarkable! Word is that unlike the traditional Transformer keyboards, this Trio keyboard will be quite heavy. No exact weight just yet, but those details coming in the near future when available!

transformer trio keyboard docking station

The New Keyboard Dock - New Transformer Infinity TF701

There was big news from Asus at Computex 2013. Fans of the Transformer Infinity will see an all new model coming very soon. The docking station has made a pretty remarkable improvement and that's saying something. You're going to get a USB 3.0 port on the new dock, plus an even more capable SDXC card reader. The new dock weighs just 450g. It's even thinner than the original Infinity dock.

new keyboard dock for infinity


usb 3.0 port


Photos and details of the new VivoTab and VivoTab RT Keyboard Docks:

Perhaps the most impressive design yet, Asus has really slimmed down the TF810C and TF600T keyboard docks. The nice design puts these at a higher price point of $199 suggested retail price, but already we're seeing them for around $130. The VivoTab dock has two USB 2.0 ports and the VivoTab RT dock has just one USB 2.0 port. First, here is an image of the VivoTab TF801C keyboard dock.

[ click image to enlarge ]


Next is the VivoTab RT TF600T dock which is very minimal for ports, but it does provide a super slim profile and light weight.

[ click image to enlarge ]


Update to the TF201 Prime keyboard dock vs TF700 Infinity keyboard dock: There was confusion regarding compatibility and labeling issues for the TF700T keyboard dock. There is a bit more clarity if you look at the current Amazon product description.

keyboard for tf500 transformer

" Note: The TF500 Mobile Dock is the newest version of the TF201/TF700 Mobile Dock. The TF500 dock incorporates subtle revisions intended to enhance compatibility with future devices, but is otherwise identical to the TF700 dock. It is compatible with ASUS TF201 and TF700 tablets. If you have any questions regarding this product, please contact ASUS Support at 1-888-678-3688. "
-- product description as seen on

Is the Transformer Infinity TF700T keyboard dock compatible with the Transformer Prime TF201? This is perhaps the most asked question out there. We can say that the Transformer Prime TF201 keyboard is compatible with the TF700 Infinity tablet.

The differences are internal and includes the TF700 dock having a smaller battery in comparison to the TF201 dock. It's unconfirmed whether the changes have been made for a better balance point but it may be feasible. Weve also just see some new information which shows both models have the same internals. It's simply not clear what is happening with this situation.

The fact is you can order a cheaper TF201 Prime keyboard dock for your new Infinity tablet. There is still a lot of confusion out there regarding why some of the TF700 tablet docks are being labeled at TF201 docks and if in fact they are the exact same item but in a different box. To say this situation is confusing would be an understatement. We hope more official statements from Asus are forthcoming so that customers will not be confused and or upset when they open their TF700 keyboard dock box only to find a product code on the back of the dock saying it's a TF201 dock.

What is my opinion on all this? After a lot of various information, I believe there might be a few different keyboard docks in circulation. Yes, there may be TF700 keyboard docks out there which have the different battery (smaller) and internal differences. Asus makes this claim. There may be older TF201 docks which ended up in the TF700 boxes as proof by a recent internal comparison with photos. Anytime you buy a product in a box that says TF700, yet the label on the back of the unit says TF201, it does cause concern which has been well documented from our site visitors. Stay tuned as we are following this situation closely. It's not over.

A real game changer for the tablet market has been the Asus Transformer with their impressive keyboard dock. It's understandable. It gives your tablet an incredible battery life, it charges your tablet and when docked, the tablet will use the battery of the dock first. Expect the Windows 8 Transformer to really make it the tablet to beat on the market.

With the current release of the Transformer Pad TF300, there are some detail that need to be clarified. We see often questions about cross compatibility with the keyboard dock. The TF300 dock will not work on the TF201 tablet. The TF300T tablet will not dock into the Prime TF201 dock.

The most common question is whether the upcoming TF700 tablet will dock with the Transformer Prime dock. We don't have an official answer for that question. When we can verify this officially we will post the details for you. One thing to consider though is the TF700 Infinity tablet will be different colors that the Prime TF201. Would you mix and match colors just to use your current Prime TF201 Keyboard dock? Not sure about that but who are we to judge?

The typical price of the Transformer keyboard is anywhere from a max of $149 to as low as $110 for the original TF101 Transformer keyboard dock. Even though the TF300T Transformer has just been released, we've seen prices on for as low as $132. So regardless of which model you're looking for, you should not be paying more than $149 for a keyboard docking station.

Photos of the Asus Vivo Tab RT Keyboard Dock:

The soon-to-be released Asus Vivo RT tablet is going to feature a "new docking mechanism". Here are some photos of the keyboard dock for the Asus Vivo RT. Although we don't have an early photos just yet for the Vivo Tab model, they are based on this same docking mechanism and overall will be very similar to the Vivo Tab RT version.

keyboard dock for asus vivo tab rt


Photos of the Asus Transformer Pad Infinity Keyboard Dock:

asus transformer keyboard dock



transformer tablet keyboard



Photos of the Asus Transformer Prime Keyboard Dock:

We've managed to get some nice images of the Eee Station dock keyboard for the new Eee Pad Transformer Prime. More coming, but we hope you enjoy these closer looks!

white transformer tf300

The above image shows a closer look at the chiclet style keys on the TF300 keyboard dock.


asus transformer 2 prime keyboard dock

The Transformer Prime keyboard dock is featured in the image set above. It's the gold
model show here. If you are wondering how thin the keyboard is with the tablet, one
of the profile images clearly shows just how thin the two parts together really is.


transformer 2 keyboard dock

Sure it looks purple, but the images above are the gray model of the Asus Transformer Prime
keyboard dock. The official name is Eee Station, but we know most people just refer to this as
just the Asus Transformer keyboard dock. We're fine with either!


asus eee pad transformer prime keyboard dock station

Here is a look at the amazing newly designed Eee Station keyboard dock. The color is Amethyst Gray.


asus transformer prime keyboard dock gold

Aluminum constructed Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime keyboard dock. The color is Champagne Gold.


eee station keyboard for asus transformer prime eee pad


Asus Transformer Keyboard Dock News and Updates:

We're starting to add news and updates about the Eee Station on our blog.

Update - Just this past week (November 1, 2011), Asus has gone live with an update to the Asus Transformer which has improved the battery management of the Eee Station dock. Asus is saying the battery life will now last longer with the keyboard dock. For some people there experienced a slow battery drain. According to Asus this has been corrected.

May 28, 2011 - As you are aware, the Asus Eee Pad Transformer TF101 has been selling out very quickly. In addition to that, it's been very difficult if not impossible to find the Asus Transformer keyboard. In the UK and in Europe you can buy a bundle which includes the tablet and Transformer keyboard together. Not so lucky for those living in North America. The Asus Transformer dock is sold seperately, at least for now. If you read around a lot of people want the Transformer keyboard in North America but it's only been showing up as a pre order item and nobody has it in stock. Well the wait is finally over! You can now get the Asus Transformer keyboard in North America, or at least in the USA for now. It's in stock currently at! Wow, stock lasted about 30 minutes. Do you really want to pay the inflated cost to get one? Sure you can get them but you will pay $50 to $100 above what the suggested retail price is.

No doubt the Asus Transformer dock is amazing. Great chiclet keys, more ports, and the best part is the "up to 16 hours battery life" that you can get from it. Additionally, if you dock your Transformer, the keyboard dock will charge up your tablet while it's docked! People love this Transformer keyboard dock and that's the reason you can't find it in stock.

If you're wondering a bit about the ports on the Asus Transformer keyboard, we think this image should provide the answers you are looking for.

asus transformer dock


asus eee pad transformer dockMarch 26, 2011 - As the lucky parts of the globe get their hands on the Eee Pad Transformer we thought it would be prudent to review and show the details of this impressive Eee Pad Transformer keyboard. On our main Transformer TF101 page I did mention a few thoughts about Android 3.0 Honeycomb and the lack of consideration that OS may have for keyboard/trackpad usage. Time will tell and obviously Android 3.0 is contantly being tweaked so if the experience isn't optimized right out of the gate, I would expect improvements to be made to the integration.

So, about this Eee Pad Transformer dock. The most impressive feature would appear to be the 16 hours of battery life that it gives the Transformer TF101. More reviews coming which will give clearer indications of acutal real usage battery life but still that's an impressive number even if it drops by a few hours. That to me is a big selling point and a big reason why it may be worth buying right away.

From a design perspective, Asus has a solid track record of quality keyboards. This Transformer keyboard will most likely have that same reliable Asus quality. It does come with Android Function keys so it's optimized for the Android 3.0 Honeycomb OS. If you're hoping for a good collection of ports you're in luck. The Asus Transformer keyboard dock has 3.5mm audio jack, two USB ports as well as a built-in SD Card reader. Remember the Transformer TF101 has it's own ports which are in addition to the ports just mentioned here.

Should you buy the Transformer and dock or just buy an Asus Eee PC netbook instead? Here are some thoughts.

Asus Eee Pad Transformer Keyboard Dock Photo Gallery

We hope these large detailed photos of the Transformer dock and keyboard give you a great impression of the build quality. As new great images are released we will add to this collection.


eee transformer keyboard


You can see in the image below that the Eee Pad Transformer keyboard is the popular chiclet style allowing space between keys. If you're familiar with the Asus Eee PC models I expect this keyboard to have the same feel.


transformer tf101 keyboard

side photo eee pad transformer dock

These are a couple fantastic photos which clearly show that the connector mechanism does not become an eye sore. In fact it's hardly even noticible from the side perspective.

eee transformer keyboard


asus eee pad transformer tf101

ports of the eee pad transformer docking station

side profile asus transformer tf101


lid eee pad transformer tf101

This is about the only perspective where you can really notice the hinge of the Eee Pad Transformer dock.

asus eee transformer

closed lid eee pad transformer dock

Certainly the Transformer docking station looks like a solid build quality and maintains nice lines.


close up view asus eee pad transformer tf101 keyboard



Should you buy a Transformer TF101 and Transformer keyboard instead of a netbook?

If you're on the fence about this question, that's understandable. The key question you must ask yourself is what operating system do you really need? If you are in an office, school or home environment that is very reliant on Windows, then perhaps an Eee PC netbook will suit your needs better. With the movement towards cloud computing and cloud storage, you may actually be able to work on any documents you like. In those situations the Transformer + docking station makes a lot of sense. Battery life will be a break even situation between the Asus Transformer and the Eee PC netbooks. Processing power will also be a break even situation. A netbook powered with either an AMD processor or an Atom/ION GPU processor combination will most likely give you the same video/gaming performance as the Transformer TF101.

So really outside of your preference of operating system, buying an Asus Transformer TF101 along with the keyboard dock will give you about equal computing experience as an Asus Eee PC netbook.


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The Evolution of the Asus Transformer Keyboard Dock

Here is a look back at some early Transformer keyboard docks that Asus brought to media events. Early prototypes you could say. It's always fun to look back at the original concept to what they have released today. Here are some previous news stories as we were all learning and guessing about what the Asus Transformer would turn out to be.

March 21, 2011 - It looks like we have an answer regarding the Eee Pad keyboard dock. The Asus Eee Pad Transformer TF101 aka EP101 model, the 10.1" tablet, ships with or without the keyboard. Indeed that means you can first buy the Eee Pad Transformer and pick up the keyboard dock at a later date when you have a few more dollars in your bank account. This is a great idea from Asus. Since the Eee Pad Transformer comes with Bluetooth, you maybe already have a bluetooth keyboard and don't actually need the keyboard dock. Also, you may have a netbook so the input aspect of the Eee Pad Transformer is not actually that important. We will break down and review the Eee Pad keyboard over the coming weeks so stay tuned!

January 10, 2011 - We will update this page with detail on the Eee Pad Dock hardware with the Eee Pad Transformer. We know now that the images that we've posted in the past, we essentially the dock for the current Eee Pad Transformer. Stay tuned for new updated photos and hands-on videos!

May 31, 2010 - Perhaps it's a bit hard to fully understand the Eee Pad dock or the Eee Pad keyboard unless you see it in action. For me, this is the best tablet docking system and keyboard that I've seen on the market. From what it looks like, the EeePad docking station comes in two varieties. One Eee Pad dock seems to be only a keyboard and stand. The other docking station makes the Eee Pad into a netbook computer. It's very amazing to see the netbook like docking station with the great looking keyboard. Well designed! I can't wait to get my hands on one of these!

I apologize for the crude photos of the EeePad dock, but something is better than nothing at this stage of the game. Obviously new press photos and videos will be coming out in the near future. But for now, check these photos out from Computex 2010.

docking station for asus eee pad

eee pad dock

eeepad keyboard





profile of the eee pad docking station

top eee pad dock

close up asus eee pad keyboard


small eeepad keyboard

detaching eee pad docking station

eee pad keyboard

top view of the eee pad dock

eee pad docking station










eeepad from asus