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Asus Transformer TF700 - Ultimate Buying Guide

asus eee pad transformer infinity tf700


Breaking News: The New Transformer TF701T available to pre-order in USA or International orders! Save $15 plus FREE SHIPPING IN USA. $499 - $439 (save $9.01) for the 32GB model in Gray color (no other colors available) - Click here - see details at . The keyboard dock is also available for $139.

Current News - Asus has just taken the wraps of a "new" model of Transformer Pad TF701! Trust me, it's impressive but we don't know the price or the release date. The highlights include: Tegra 4 processor 1.9GHz with 72-core GeForce GPU, 2560 x 1600 WQXGA IPS+ panel with 400 nits brightness, USB 3.0 port on the keyboard dock, 2 GB memory, 32GB storage, Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, SDXC card reader (1 in dock and 1 in tablet).

new asus infinity
The "new" Asus Transformer Infinity TF501


Deals on Transformer Infinity TF700 - If you are considering the Infinity, now is a GREAT time to buy. It is now selling for as low as $399. At one time it was selling for $499. Check out links below!


In Stock - Gray or Gold Color - $399 to $439 - Transformer Infinity TF700T - 32GB - 64GB - Keyboard Dock -


 $469 to $489 - Asus Transformer Infinity TF700 - 32GB - Gray - In Stock and Shipping From


 Asus TF700T Infinity - In Stock - $434 (32GB) - - International Shipping


Try and update your TF700 now because the Android Jelly Bean update has started! See the details of the update from Asus here.

UK finally has in-stock TF700 tablets! Links here.

- We recommend that you follow us on Twitter at AsusFanboy. We will keep you updated on when and where and if there are any deals happening.

All indications are that this is a very popular tablet which has been teased for months. It has been selling out quickly. The 32GB model is selling out faster than the 64GB model. There are 2 colors available but so far it appears that the Gold color is very hard (impossible) to find. We will tweet and update our listings as more retailers have the Gold Transformer Infinity for sale and start shipping.

asus transformer infinity reviewAbout the Transformer Prime TF201 Keyboard vs Transformer Infinity TF700 Keyboard: If you want to save money, you can buy the Transformer Prime TF201 keyboard dock instead. It's been verified by Asus and from many user comments that the TF201 dock will work with your TF700 tablet. If we didn't believe this was the case, we would not be suggesting this. With that said, we're seeing the TF700 keyboard dock for as low as $131 which means the TF201 dock won't save you very much money. We've seen prices as low as $124 so far for the TF201 keyboard docks. A number of site visitors are recommending buying the TF201 keyboard dock and there are a number of discussions on our blog about it. With this said, it's a very confusing situation. If you simply want to get the TF700 dock, it's available right now for about $131 (see link at the top of this page). If it was me, regardless of whether the TF201 dock might be compatible, I would most likely opt for spending about $10 more for the TF700 dock. At one point Best Buy had the TF201 dock for $99, but those are now sold out.

asus tf700- There is some AMAZING information in our comments section (367 comments at last check) from very knowledgeable folks like yourselves who are also shopping for or who have already bought the TF700T. Want to know about the TF201 vs TF700 keyboard dock? Want to know the best place to buy your Infinity tablet? We recommend you check out our blog post here and join the dicussion or read some helpful advice and information.

- The prices you should pay will be $499 for the 32GB (TF700T-B1) model and $599 for the 64GB (TF700T-C1) model. The Transformer Infinity Dock will be $149.

(Update from the official Asus North America Facebook page regarding the stock of Gold Infinity models: "They will be filtering in, more grey's than gold's were ordered so that one will be harder to find.") We're seeing the Gray model (appears almost purple in the photos) only on most retailer websites.

Thanks to our helpful visitor contributions, we're able to get quick updates on when and where pre orders and orders are available. We've just pulled down one retailer as they have sold out their units. Stay tuned for more updates as news breaks!

Germany In Stock and Shipping from! Check our TF700 and TF700KL Germany listings on our buy Asus tablet page for details. It appears that Germany is first up with units for sale with the Gold color TF700 tablets. Germany currently has some Gold models available for sale.

- New hands-on video that's 8 minutes! Watch it here. Asus has launched a brand new and very excellent showcase page for the Transformer Infinity here.

Release Date Update: This is the most common question we get right now. We understand the excitement. This is one heck of a tablet and people want it. We just learned (thanks to Bob) that Asus UK confirmed on their Twitter page that the Infinity TF700 will be released in the UK in August. If you live in the US, Canada or other area don't panic! The official information about a US release date is July 15th. Regarding other countries, please check will us during the week for the most updated information. Canada has just officially been announced by Asus to be getting the Infinity tablet in early August. Different areas of the world will get the TF700T before the UK release date. Updates coming to our site the second information is released from Asus. Asus has officially announced via their Twitter feed that the TF700 will be available on August 31st. The UK has been in short supply but now as of late September, it is in-stock and shipping.

4g transformer infinity tf700Transformer Infinity 3G / 4G LTE Details: The 3G / 4G LTE model of the Transformer Infinity will have the product name Asus Transformer Infinity TF700KL. The 3G model is going to be labeled as TF700TG if in fact there is going to be two seperate versions. We believe the KL is indicative of the fact that the 3G / 4G LTE model will use a Snapdragon and not Tegra processor. The image shown here from Computex 2012 in June clearly shows that the model exists.

If Asus is going to go into the North American market with a 3G / 4G LTE model, the Transformer Infinity is a wise choice. Nothing official but it seems quite possible that it won't come to market until the end of summer. One of the issues is that the Infinity 4G will be using a Snapdragon processor, the S4, which so happens to be is short supply. It's pushing many devices into delays. Because of this reality it's quite possible the 4G model will simply be delayed. This doesn't mean the non 3G / 4G LTE model is delayed should there be a 3G model released but we believe there will be only one version, the TF700KL and not also the TF700TL. If you're wondering about a release date in the USA, we can tell you that when a product passes through the FCC (required by Asus before bringing to market in the USA), it most times shows up on store shelves at least one month afterwards. And no, the TF700KL has NOT passed through the FCC yet. When it does, be assured we will provide those details.

A closer look at the Transformer Infinity TF700 tablet:


asus transformer infinity tf700tDimensions: 180.8 x 263 x 8.5mm

Weight: 598g

Overview: The Transformer Infinity Series is an tablet from Asus that essentially is an updated Transformer Prime. The Infinity will outright replace the Prime in the near future. One thing is certain. Asus had identified a problem in the Prime TF201 regarding wireless signals which affects wifi and GPS performance. The Transformer Infinity has a plastic strip along its back which you can see in the photos above. The strip of plastic is there to improve the wireless performance.

The other big feature of the Transformer Infinity TF700 is that the resolution is 1920 x 1200. This is a higher resolution than the Transformer Prime TF201 which has a 1280 x 900 resolution. Also the Transformer Infinity 700 has a 16:10 aspect ratio which makes a huge difference when watching HD content or connecting the tablet to an HD television. A Blu-ray quality movie on the Infinity will not lose any of the quality because of the HD resolution and aspect ratio.

What makes this Asus tablet a real premium product is with the Super IPS+ display which means better usability in sunlight or outdoor situations. Technically, the Transformer Infinity provides 600 nits. As a comparison, the Transformer Prime has the same max 600 nits and the Transformer TF300T has a max of 350 nits. Think of nits as being the maximum screen brightness. Just realize that with extra brightness comes more power usage and less battery life.

The front facing camera in the TF700T is 2MP which is an improvement over the Prime TF201. The rear camera is a 8MP rear auto focus camera with a LED flash. The LED flash is something you won't find on the Transformer Pad TF300 model.

Outside of the above mentioned improvements, it appears that the look, feel and size of the Asus Transformer Infinity TF700 is the same as the Transformer Prime TF201.

The Asus Infinity TF700 comes with either 64GB or 32GB storage. Expect the more expensive 64GB model to come to market first which is what happened with the TF300T tablet. What we like is that you will get 8GB of Asus WebStorage for life. That's a nice little bonus thrown in there and certainly 8GB extra and in a cloud is fantastic.

Looking To Buy Asus Transformer Infinity TF700? If you're planning on shopping for the Asus Infinity tablet, here are the proper product names and what you should be shopping for:

ASUS TF700T-C1-CG (64GB model without keyboard dock, color is Champagne Gold)

ASUS TF700T-C1-GR (64GB model without keyboard dock, color is Amethyst Gray)

ASUS TRANSFORMER PAD INFINITY TF700T-B1-CG (32GB model without keyboard, color is Champagne Gold)

ASUS TRANSFORMER PAD INFINITY TF700T-B1-GR (32GB model without keyboard, color is Amethyst Gray)

ASUS INFINITY TF700T-DOCK-GR (Keyboard docking station, color is Amethyst Gray)

ASUS INFINITY TF700T-DOCK-CG (Keyboard docking station, color is Champagne Gold)

The B1 indicates the smaller storage of 32GB and the C1 indicates the 64GB model. The colors of the TF700 are the same as the Prime TF201 which is Gold or Gray.

asus tf700

asus tabletPrevious Overview (before official details were announced):

June 25th is an interesting date. We don't expect any pre orders or availability to happen before that date but there is something happening. We say this based on some in depth recent videos of the TF700T that were pulled. Richies Room had about 4 fantastic videos of the Transformer Infinity which are now offline and they say to check back on June 25th. No reason given but obvious Asus didn't want them to post the videos and asked them to be taken offonline. Who knows why. It's obvious that June 25th is significant. Stay tuned!

In the USA, the Transformer Infinity has passed through the FCC. This makes a release date of late June or early July very realistic. When a tablet gets through the FCC, it's generally less than 4 weeks from release. Pre orders may start earlier than people think! Read more details here.

Expected Release Date: Here is what we know. First, nothing has been officially announced other than the UK release date. Previously an official Asus statement said that the Transformer Infinity in Italy would be released in June. That's gone and no Infinity in Italy.

Any other release dates are just guesses at this point. We will say that the TF300T Transformer Pad is out April 22 and later in some markets. We don't see the TF700T Infinity to be released during the TF300 phase. In that situation, our best guess is with a late May or early June release or pre order phase. Again, Italy is the only official date out there right now.

One other note worth mentioning is that Asus at last word, suggested the Transformer Pad TF700 would ship with either a Snapdragon S4 processor or a Nvidia Tegra 3 processor. We're not sure which, but the fact is there is a global shortage of the Snapdragon processor. Let's hope that this issue won't delay the TF700 tablet.

The Asus Transformer TF700 stole the show at CES 2012. This was a soft launch in that it was a display model and most bloggers and CES participants could look and not touch.

The naming of the TF700 is somewhat of a mystery. Asus has a tendency to throw up a lot of different names for their tablets and the TF700 is no exception. We've heard and seen this Asus tablet named the "Transformer 700 Series". We've seen other websites name this the Transformer Prime TF700. Is this a new Prime tablet? We haven't seen "Prime" in any official Asus documentation. We've seen the model number as TF700 and sometimes TF700T. We are certain it will simply be the TF700 because the "T" as we've learned, simply refers to the Nvidia Tegra processor. We don't see Asus marketing this model with the "T", but the MeMO 370T flies in the face of our theory. In addition, the 700 Series means what? We've never heard Asus referring to their tablet lineup as a series. Perhaps this is the new easy naming system they will be using. See what we're saying about Asus and their choices for tablet names and models? Confusing yes.

What you want to know is how this tablet improves on the current Asus Transformer Prime TF201. We we can say that it's got an amazing 1920x1200 pixel resolution. The TF201 has only a 1280x800 pixel display. With the upcoming Apple iPad 3 which is expected to have a super high pixel count, we can safely assume that the Transformer TF700 is the Asus answer to the iPad 3.

It's not known exactly what processor the TF700T will use, but leaks on the internet suggest it may be a Qualcomm processor which would be a departure from the Tegra processors in the other Eee Pad models. It looks to have a dual core 1.5GHz processor which is faster than the 1.3GHz processor in the TF201 Transformer Prime model.

Beyond the higher pixel count, the Transformer TF700T is a redesign of the Transformer Prime TF201. As you may not know, the TF201 has suffered from Wifi and GPS related signal issues. It appears that Asus identified a flaw in the TF201 design and has quickly revamped with the TF700. If you can wait, it may be worth your while waiting for the TF700T. They have gone with a plastic strip on the back of the tablet which will improve wireless signals.

asus tablet tf700
Photo of rear TF700. See this plastic strip? It's said to improve the wireless capabilities of the TF700 vs TF201

The TF700 will also feature a 2MP front facing camera which is high definition. Regarding battery life, it's expected to equal the TF201 which gets about 9.5 hours or 18 hours when connected to the keyboard docking station.

asus infinity
A new look at the impressive 8MP rear facing Infinity camera. Five lenses vs four makes this a great camera.

Price? More expensive than the Transformer Prime TF201. Sorry no specific pricing details to offer just yet.


New! Amazing 8-minute video of the Asus Infinity that goes in depth on the making of and the technical aspects of the tablet that make it one of the best on the market.



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Nothing special, but it teases us about the high pixel count of the TF700. Just released as the build up to MWC 2012 continues.




Hands-On video of the Transformer TF700T which does a great job of showing every aspect of this upcoming Asus tablet.



More Photos and Images of the Transformer Infinity TF700:

Which color do you prefer? Gray or Gold?

gray and gold color infinity tf700


asus tf700 infinity


keyboard dock for transformer infinity 700


Links and Resources:

Asus official features page for the Transformer Infinity official product page for Transformer Infinity TF700T

Asus new promotional page for Infinity 700




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